Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation services available in Castle Vale, Birmingham.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Castle Vale

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Inpatient rehab is the most recommended, beneficial process to work through whilst battling an addiction. Although the idea is unfamiliar for most, it’s a welcoming, private, and effective form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Structured over a 28-day timeline, inpatient rehab provides a comprehensive, progressive experience which can tackle early addiction recovery. Providing access to our specialist team, scientifically driven treatment services and our holistic approach, at Asana Lodge, you can experience inpatient rehab.

Find out the benefits of checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Castle Vale, helping to transform health, outlooks, and realities. We will be here to support you, facilitate your experience and help you benefit for the future.

Reach out to arrange your inpatient stay through our specialist treatment centre.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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What to Expect from Rehab?

Rehab is an effective process to embrace. Although it’s unfamiliar, can come across as unnerving and can also seem invasive, it’s a recovery designed service. Through a reputable and caring rehab clinic you’ll instead experience a welcoming, fully involved, and planned process.

Completing rehab can help in a multitude of ways. Not only can it motivate drug and alcohol withdrawal in a safe way, but it can improve health and wellbeing, increase quality of life, and offer a sustainable recovery experience.

By making the most of rehab, its addiction treatment services and recovery steps, you can expect to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. You can also expect to feel equipped and confident to continue on the road of sobriety, towards long-term recovery.

The most beneficial form of rehab will be available through a private, specialist and fully equipped rehab clinic. Designed to help on holistic, physical, and mental levels, rehab can influence lifechanging results.

Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Castle Vale, to reflect your expectations will be important. With both a rehab clinic and programme in place, you’ll be ready to make the most of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment can be experienced here at Asana Lodge. From our specialist rehab clinic, you can look to complete daily treatment sessions, whilst residing in our private and state of the art rehab facilities.

Residential treatment has many benefits which help to ease the recovery experience. Such benefits also increase the likelihood of addiction recovery success. A key benefit is the pace of inpatient rehab, which can be arranged over a 28-day programme. It’s a quicker process than outpatient rehab, allowing for full commitment, focus and dedication. Energy and time can be invested into addiction treatment sessions and recovery steps.

A further benefit is that 24/7 medical assistance will be available. Throughout the challenges and milestones of addiction recovery, instant support, encouragement, and praise will be offered. Due to this, residential treatment is the safest process to work through in order to detox and recover from substance abuse.

Due to the various services, resources and treatments which are included in inpatient rehab, it’s also beneficial when aiming for long-term recovery. It can provide a comprehensive recovery journey, help to improve wellbeing, promote self-development, and truly plan for the long-term.

Inpatient treatment at Asana Lodge will mean that you have a dedicated team to support you, a wide range of treatments to heal you, and the opportunity to leave alcohol and drug free.


Inpatient Treatment Options

If you select inpatient treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Castle Vale you will have immediate access to our services. On admission, a personal treatment programme will be devised by assessing your needs. We will focus heavily on your mental health and how your brain responds to drug and alcohol exposure.

Treatment options will mostly work to improve mental health, stabilise the mind and disassociate all forms of exposure. The likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, family therapy and dual diagnosis treatments will be recommended.

Detoxification will also be a prevalent treatment service, especially beneficial on an inpatient basis. A 7–10-day detox process can be expected, safely working through withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Withdrawal will be important, to remove all traces.

As our approach is scientifically backed at Asana Lodge, we also combine holistic therapies into our treatment programmes. Proven and safe bouts of holistic sessions will be arranged, offering exposure of mindfulness, NAD+ therapy, sauna detoxification, HRV biofeedback therapy and satori chair therapy.

Treatments can be arranged daily, can be intensive and can be fully embraced through inpatient rehab. Lifelong tools, attitudes and associations can be made through such a strong treatment programme.

Long-term Recovery Results at Asana Lodge

Results at Asana Lodge are for the long-term. The quality of our treatment programmes and recovery experiences help to cement sobriety as a lifestyle. To strengthen this some more, we promote relapse prevention planning, exposure therapy and local aftercare services.

Ongoing planning, therapy and support are recommended, to ease the post-rehab transition, to develop personal coping strategies and to prepare for relapse. With the right tools and a schedule of recovery designed sessions, long-term recovery goals can be set and aimed for.

At Asana Lodge we offer the most beneficial service of inpatient rehab. Reach out for more information on how you can check into and work alongside a drug and alcohol rehab in Castle Vale.

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How much does rehabilitation cost?

The costs of rehab are calculated by considering your choices. The specialism of your chosen rehab clinic, your location, your chosen rehab programme, and the type of treatment that you complete will all impact the cost of your rehab experience. Costs can start from £4,000 and can continue to increase depending on your expectations and needs. We can help you recover via rehab with affordability in mind at Asana Lodge.

What’s included in dual diagnosis treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatments are recommended to treat substance use problems and mental illness. Treatment programmes incorporate a wide range of services, helping to treat both disorders in tandem. Treating addiction will include detoxification, talking therapies and relapse prevention planning. Treating mental health issues will involve therapy sessions, management tools and lifestyle management. Both will also benefit from holistic therapies. Exact recommendations will depend on your needs and degree of dual diagnosis.

How welcoming is residential rehab?

An equipped and reputable residential rehab clinic will be extremely welcoming. At Asana Lodge you can expect to reside in your own space, have access to 24/7 care and also a wide range of rehab facilities. Private rehab is the safest and most beneficial place to recover from. You can expect a friendly, warm welcome via our private rehab clinic.