Stay in rehab to overcome your drug or alcohol addictions in Stirchley, Birmingham.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stirchley

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Rehab will be a beneficial step no matter the timing. By that, we mean that no matter how new, mild, severe, or long lasting your drug and alcohol problems may be, rehab will be an effective process to complete.

Before attending rehab, you should however consider your readiness. Private rehab is a big commitment, dedicating your time and money to addiction recovery. You’ll want to experience a worthwhile recovery journey.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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By preparing for rehab, becoming aware of what’s expected of you, and by approaching with an open mind, you can feel ready for a valuable experience.

Reach out here at Asana Lodge to consider your readiness. We can help you prepare to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Stirchley, to begin the beneficial and long-term journey of rehabilitation.

The Right Time to Attend Rehab

Feeling ready for rehab is very important. It’s a process of change, which will require full commitment. You’ll be changing your habits, consumption levels, outlooks, coping strategies and lifestyle choices, all through a private rehab programme. You’ll also change physically and mentally throughout the journey.

If you are ready to change, you’ll therefore be ready to attend rehab. Otherwise, there’s no right or wrong time to consider professional support. It’s such a personal decision, which can be made at any point.

Understandably, the sooner that you attend rehab, the sooner that you can embark on a road towards sobriety. Rehab services will be ready and waiting, available for your self-referral. No matter how irrelevant, major, or daunting your addiction may seem, drug and alcohol rehabilitation services will be accessible.

If now is the right time, you can attend rehab by completing our efficient admissions process here at Asana Lodge.

Attending a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Stirchley

You can attend local rehab and seek treatment to private and professional levels here at Asana Lodge. Offering high-quality programmes, facilities, and recovery plans, you can benefit from a personalised experience.

To begin the process, we will assess your needs to understand the cause, triggers, and consequences of your alcohol or drug addiction. With insight, we can arrange a comprehensive rehab programme, along with your admission date.

You can look to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Stirchley through outpatient treatment. Yet through our rehab clinic, we mostly offer residential rehab treatment plans due to their safety and speed.

For motivation levels to remain, for focus to sustain, and for progress to continue, rehab must be engaging, positive and proactive. Inpatient addiction treatment helps to deliver a purpose-driven experience which can be completed in 28-days. Our recommendations help to engage our clients for longer, whilst dedicating all of their time and energy into rehabilitation.

Our offering of private drug and alcohol rehabilitation is flexible. We can devise the most appropriate rehab programme for your needs. Yet the consensus is that we will offer consistent exposure to our safe environments, we will make use of the most effective treatment services, and we will ensure that you are safe throughout rehab.

What Happens During Addiction Treatment?

Long-term effects are aimed for through addiction treatment as quick fixes can cause vulnerabilities and high risks of relapse. At Asana Lodge we aim for sustainable recovery by combining versatile treatment options.

Treatment plans include a range of steps, helping clients recover on physical and psychological levels. Detoxification will be an expected treatment option via your plan, helping to remove drugs and alcohol from sight. An alcohol detox or drug detox will commence treatment, suppressing cravings, withdrawal symptoms and mental urges.

Addiction treatment services are also designed to treat the brain and mind. We offer rehabilitation services, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and support groups to process the mental symptoms of addiction.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stirchley, you can also expect to have support around the clock. Our plans are devised with dual diagnosis in mind, offering services which aim to address depression, anxiety and further mental health symptoms alongside substance abuse treatment. Improving your mental health will be very important, found to support sustainable recovery goals.

Treatment plans through either outpatient and residential rehab will end with relapse prevention planning and aftercare. A range of services will be mapped out across the next 12 months to normalise sobriety. A personal schedule will be arranged to fit into your lifestyle and routine.

Starting Rehab with Asana Lodge

Local rehabilitation can be accessed here at Asana Lodge. Start the process by reaching out, to complete an admission into private rehab. We can prepare you for your transition over to a drug and alcohol rehab in Stirchley, ready for your treatment sessions to begin.

If you’re ready to change and recover, reach out to our rehab admissions team.

See more information about drug and alcohol rehab in the Birmingham area here.

How can I select a rehab clinic?

You’ll need to prioritise your needs whilst selecting a rehab clinic. Everything from your available funds to the amount of time you can dedicate should be considered. You should also think about the type of care and treatment that you’ll benefit from the most, based on your drug and alcohol problems. With awareness, you’ll be prepared to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Stirchley which can deliver the type of support that you need. You’ll also have full reassurance that rehab will be a feasible option, possible to fund and commit to. A private rehab clinic registered under the CQC will likely support you. Keep this in mind through your selection.

Can I access 24/7 support?

24/7 support will be available through residential rehab. As you’ll check into a private rehab clinic, you’ll have access to a dedicated team, at your disposal. High-quality support can still be accessed through an outpatient programme. Yet access may not be instant or as consistent.

Will I benefit from rehab?

Rehab is structured to progress clients through addiction recovery. Being exposed to the services, support and treatments of rehab will benefit clients who struggle with substance abuse/poor mental health. You will therefore benefit from rehab if you are suffering and require professional support. Making sure that you’re fully committed and aware of what’s ahead is important, to increase your opportunities to recover.