Inpatient and outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addictions in Gravelly Hill, Birmingham.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gravelly Hill

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Known for its accommodating services and programmes, private rehab is the most beneficial form of professional support. Offered through two different avenues, both outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab can be completed with private care.

Providing the chance to recover through the most convenient and suitable programmes, private rehab is a tailored service, taking into account your circumstances and commitment levels.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravelly Hill, both avenues can be considered, helping you recover through a comfortable and feasible process.

Reach out here at Asana Lodge to complete the admissions process, helping to arrange your selected rehab programme. Our rehabilitation and detoxification programmes are personalised, offering the most beneficial recovery experience.

Outpatient Rehab in Gravelly Hill

In Gravelly Hill, you can experience outpatient treatment. Offered as a private rehab programme, you can plan to visit a treatment centre across a number of months, whilst also maintaining your day-to-day life.

Understandably, for some people, committing to a residential programme can be tough, due to a lack of funds and time, and high responsibilities. Outpatient treatment provides a flexible approach, making private rehab an accessible option even for those who cannot fully commit.

Via a local rehab clinic, you will have the chance to visit for pre-arrange treatment sessions. Consistent sessions can be mapped out, to speed up recovery. Accommodating treatment plans can be expected, to work into your routine.

Post-treatment, you’ll have the ability to return home with a wealth of resources and outpatient services to hand. You’ll have goals to reach, plans to follow and future addiction treatment sessions to aim for.

Inpatient Rehab in Gravelly Hill

A drug and alcohol addiction can also be treated through inpatient rehab. Residential treatment is arguably the most effective avenue, when comparing the time and intensity of treatment. Yet, again for some people, balance is required, reducing the suitability of inpatient rehab.

If suitable, you can check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravelly Hill. Mapped out over a 28-day period, you can work through daily treatment sessions, activities, goal-setting sessions, and recovery steps. A comprehensive rehab process can be advanced through, helping to treat a multitude of symptoms, damages, and habits.

After completing a month’s worth of addiction treatment, aftercare will be a necessity. Helping to strengthen the foundation of recovery, ongoing treatment, effort, and focus will be required to increase the sustainability of your lifestyle.

Inpatient rehab is the costliest form of private rehab. Yet it’s also the most motivating and successful, due to its structure and offering. Depending on your needs, budget, and timeline, selecting between both options will be essential, prior to your admission.

Private Rehabilitation and Detoxification Programmes

Through both forms of private rehab, we offer rehabilitation and detoxification programmes here at Asana Lodge. We focus heavily on brain health and responses, which adapt through addiction. We also make use of evidence-based treatment services to heal the body in a holistic way.

Our rehabilitation programmes are prioritised, due to the impacts that psychological recovery can have on actions, physical wellbeing, feelings, and responses. Our treatment services include family therapy, stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, mental health support and group therapy. Sessions will focus on understanding addictive behaviours, whilst moving on from their impacts.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction also aims for full detoxification. A withdrawal process will be arranged through private rehab to remove alcohol and drugs from the body. A safe process is expected, to get clean, work through withdrawal symptoms and reach sobriety.

Our programmes also include additional services to ease rehab, relapse prevention planning to reduce future substance abuse, and aftercare support. Following a personalised treatment plan, both rehabilitation and detoxification can be fulfilled, whilst developing some healthy tools for the future.

How Asana Lodge can help you Overcome your Addiction

At Asana Lodge, we can help you in a wealth of ways. We’re here to firstly help you find the right programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravelly Hill. Our admissions team is here to guide you and provide direct access to our treatment programmes.

Moving through your rehab experience, we can facilitate your recovery journey, by offering access to addiction treatment services and recovery steps. A wide range of recovery milestones can be achieved through our care.

Our rehab programmes are also designed with long-term recovery in mind. Not only are we here to help you get clean and heal, but we’re here to provide you with the skills to continue on as sober.

Through a private, comprehensive rehab process, you can benefit from our specialist help. Reach out to begin the admissions process, also kickstarting your chance to recover.

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How challenging can withdrawal be?

Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can understandably be challenging. They are both extremely addictive substances which can be difficult to detach from. A detoxification process is in place to help ease and manage withdrawal. It’s designed to slowly eliminate drugs, alcohol, and their effects from the body. The most challenging part of the process are the expected cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They are a direct sign of shock, as consumption levels will drop below everyday exposure. Some people can struggle, whilst others can manage the process. Through private rehab, withdrawal can be managed through a medical detox process, offering comfortable treatments and replacement drugs.

Why is therapy an important treatment?

Physical withdrawal is essential, as is psychological withdrawal. Therapy helps to withdraw the mind from habit-like consumption and associations. It also helps to heal the mind, improve mental health, and offer greater strength through coping. Various forms of therapy are available through addiction treatment, each type offering a different approach. The most suitable will be recommended for you via drug and alcohol rehab.

How soon can I start aftercare?

How soon can I start aftercare?