Drug and alcohol problems can unpredictably develop for a number of different reasons, from social pressures, genetics, and influential environments. Once an addiction does develop, drugs and alcohol can disrupt, shake up and flip life upside down.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Great Barr

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Unpredictable and impactful, addiction is also a recurrent condition, and it can be caused and triggered by common stimuli or aggravated by a personal, unique cause. The effects of addiction also range from unforeseeable to extremely common.

Addiction is compulsive, impulsive, and irregular; addiction should be treated and managed personally. From the completed treatments to the recommended strategies, the entire addiction recovery process should be tailored to the person, rather than commonalities and expectations.

At Asana Lodge, we offer just that through private rehab. Available to experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Great Barr, scientifically proven treatments, techniques, and guidance can be benefitted from through a personalised plan.

Treatment services can also be encountered via the NHS. Yet outpatient treatment is much less effective and is much less targeted whilst treating addiction and behavioural problems with its broad offering.

To understand your problems with drugs and alcohol, and to realistically overcome and manage them, contact our team on 01908 489 421.

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Addiction help in Great Barr

Some clients at Asana Lodge will experience the most predictable signs, symptoms, and effects of addiction, and diagnosing and treating common conditions are expectedly much easier. Yet, at the other end of the spectrum, further clients experience unpredictable triggers, uncommon symptoms, and complicated consequences, making addiction recovery a more complex process.

Addiction also affects people from all walks of life and lifestyles. Some of our clients will have supportive loved ones, others will reside in a toxic environment, others will have grave financial problems, and others will struggle from co-occurring mental health issues. Our clients have diverse needs and circumstances, so addiction should be treated through a one-to-one, individual journey.

Addiction help and treatment to such a personal standard is available via residential rehab. Accessible via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Great Barr, a 30-day programme can be worked through, fully accommodating your needs. Following a holistic approach, scientifically led treatments will be recommended, found to improve success rates.

In Great Barr, NHS outpatient treatment can also be experienced. Yet, programmes are either delayed or generic, ineffective whilst treating addiction due to a lack of availability and funding. Outpatient plans are primarily suitable for mild, uncomplicated, and standard drug and alcohol addiction diagnoses.

Addiction treatment programmes that are effective will consider how addiction has started, the impacts that it’s having on the brain, and how its presence is disrupting daily life. At Asana Lodge, we provide our clients with the knowledge to overcome and manage their battles with drugs and alcohol.


How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Rehab is the optimal recovery process to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. From its setting and standard of care to the treatments it promotes, drug and alcohol rehab motivates all-round recovery.

Led by a handpicked team of medical professionals and therapy specialists, rehab provides safe, high-quality, compassionate care. 24/7, dedicated support is available through residential rehab, along with tailored services, sessions, and resources.

Rehab environments are clean of drugs and alcohol, professional, and relaxing, offering comfortable facilities and accommodation. It provides distance from everyday routines and influences, as well as drugs and alcohol.

With drug and alcohol rehab in Great Barr, industry-leading addiction treatment services will be available. Scientifically accredited and backed by the latest technology, addiction treatments are proven to heal the brain and body from substance abuse. Treatments and therapies are selected here at Asana Lodge based on how they will benefit our client’s brain and body through addiction recovery.

Our treatment plans also focus on the mental health of residents, their wellbeing, and routines. With long-term recovery as an aim, services are in place to elevate mental health, set boundaries and prevent relapse.

By reaching out and completing an admission, assessments can be completed to understand your needs. A personalised rehab programme can then be formed and arranged, ready for your admission into a private rehab.


What happens during rehab?

By checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Great Barr, your treatment plan will be ready for you to work through. Plans will include the most beneficial treatments, services, and resources to help heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Addiction treatment programmes include individual, group and holistic therapies to work alongside the detoxification phase. Through private rehab, uninviting effective and safe treatments, progress, comfort, and positive results can be expected.

Over a 30-day timeline, detoxification will kickstart the process by eliminating drugs and alcohol. A medical and private setting will be available through residential rehab, offering full assurance throughout the detox process. With the help of specialists, supportive techniques and replacement therapies, withdrawal symptoms can be worked through to reach sobriety.

Personalised and handpicked treatment services and psychological therapies will then follow. Individual and group therapy sessions will advance rehab, following an evidence-based structure. Taking into account personal relationships with drugs and alcohol, we help our clients become mindful of their emotional triggers, responses, and coping methods.

With balance comes the chance to work through any mental health issues by completing dual diagnosis treatment. Physical health issues can also be worked through our various nutritional, wellbeing, social, and holistic therapies.

Once residential treatment has been successfully completed, relapse prevention planning, stress management, and 12 months of aftercare via weekly Zoom sessions will be offered to take action. Our focus is on providing our clients with the best chance to change their lives by providing inclusive long-term recovery tools.

Post-rehab, our clients can begin to return to life in Great Barr with clarity, individual coping strategies, and a support network to rely on.


Addiction treatments and therapies at Asana Lodge

Our therapies are proven to treat the cause of addiction, manage it, and prevent relapse in the future. We combine the most effective treatments and therapies to heal the mind and body by assessing and gauging your individual needs and diagnosis.

To break the negative cycle of addiction, treatments will manage feelings, responses, and outlooks whilst promoting drug and alcohol withdrawal. Below are some of the services to expect within your treatment plan.

Treatment plans will treat the cause, symptoms, and responses of addiction. Your plan will also help you prepare for sobriety and certain high-risk situations. We will consider your circumstances whilst forming your plans. Sustaining recovery is essential, which can be expected at a greater rate through long-term support.


How long is rehab?

If you select to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Great Barr, a 30-day programme can be arranged for you. Over a month-long period, rehab and its timeline can be worked through. Motivation and focus can also remain through the progressive nature of inpatient rehab.

Understandably, the length of rehab will change between our clients, and the most realistic timeline will be arranged through the admissions process.

Outpatient treatment will offer greater flexibility through addiction recovery. Yet as it can take 6 months to complete, it can be harder to remain on track whilst working through a long-winded process.


Cost of rehab

Private rehab provides access to a wide range of services, education, and support, all-inclusive of its cost. For short stays, some clinics will charge £4,000 for such services, whilst others will quote £10,000+ due to their offering. Affordability will be kept in mind whilst forming your rehab programme.

On admission, you should also consider rehab funding and whether you’ll personally invest. Private rehab can be paid for through savings, insurance policies, and the input of loved ones and your method must be sustainable.


How to find a rehab in Great Barr?

You can expect a personalised and residential rehab programme here at Asana Lodge. The most beneficial rehab programme will be devised and facilitated for you.

Reach out to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Great Barr through a quick admissions process.

See more information about drug and alcohol rehab in the Birmingham area here.

How serious are delirium tremens?

Delirium tremens can be very serious. They are a sign of imminent alcohol withdrawal, where an addict has abruptly stopped consumption. Mild withdrawal symptoms can be challenging to work through and demanding on the body and brain. Delirium tremens are even worse, possibly life-threatening without treatment. Due to such risks, alcohol detoxification and withdrawal should always be completed with medical assistance. Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Great Barr, 24/7 assistance will be available to safely detox and work through any symptoms.

Is it hard to withdraw from drugs?

It can be very challenging for an addict to give up drugs. The body and brain will be accustomed to regular consumption. Once lowered or stopped, withdrawal symptoms are expected, displayed as shock. Withdrawal can cause a physical and psychological battling, between ongoing consumption and pushing through. With professional input, you can push through drug withdrawal, to continue on through additional addiction treatment.

Why is therapy an important part of addiction recovery?

Therapy is essential to heal the mind throughout addiction recovery. Emotional responses must be understood and adapted whilst withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. The mind must also be strengthened and stabilised, ready for sobriety. Therapy, which is available in various forms, will help to stabilise, balance, and clear the mind.