Although chronic drug and alcohol consumption is on the rise, in correlation with mounting life pressures and mental health issues, many individuals are in the dark when considering the severity of their substance misuse. Understandable to a degree, with the clouded line between abuse and addiction, it is vital that comprehension is present; helping to gauge the necessity of addiction treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Birmingham

With this in mind, if you’re abusing high levels of drugs and alcohol, we urge you to consider the damage experienced in your body and brain. We also encourage you to consider the opportunity to recover from addiction, by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham.

Although located outside of Birmingham, here at Asana Lodge, we are rehabilitation specialists. We’ve helped many individuals acknowledge their addiction and understand the underlying causation, while recommending effective addiction treatment. Through our non-traditional approach to treatment programmes, we can improve sustainable recovery rates, significantly.

Recover from your drug and alcohol addiction, while improving the health and functionality of your mind; helping to maintain long-term recovery.

Are you experiencing a drug and alcohol addiction?

As many individuals do struggle to differentiate substance abuse and a drug and alcohol addiction, here at Asana Lodge, we’ve provided a breakdown below.

Substance abuse is where drugs and alcohol are commonly used inconsistently, with little connection. Although negative impacts can be experienced, physical side effects are usually standalone. Through this degree of substance abuse, recovery can be achieved through outclient treatment at a rehab centre.

However, for those who are living with a drug and alcohol addiction, the negative impacts will increase by tenfold. An addiction is where impacts will be experiencing both physically and mentally.

Chronic withdrawal symptoms will be experienced in between consumption. Associated mental health issues are likely, including depression and paranoia. Negative impacts to life will occur, linked to increased drug and alcohol consumption. Reducing or stopping drug and alcohol consumption will feel impossible.

If you unfortunately fall within the addiction spectrum, advanced treatment services will be required through a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham.

If you’re still unsure of how your drug and alcohol consumption is affecting you, feel free to contact our team here at Asana Lodge. We can help you gauge the severity of your relationship with drugs and alcohol, while recommending the next best rehabilitation steps.

Finding help through a drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham

Whether you’re struggling with substance abuse or a drug and alcohol addiction, we can help you here at Asana Lodge. If you’re keen to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham, please be aware that our treatment centre is a short stone’s throw away. Still offering convenience, this small distance will provide you with the privacy and time to focus on your drug and alcohol rehabilitation efforts.

Although residential rehab may feel like a big step to take, which we understand, it can offer a worthwhile recovery process. Individuals who commit to residential rehab will likely boost their recovery rates, along with decreasing future relapse opportunities. This is down to the targeted approach offered while residing from a rehab centre.

As rehab programmes as a whole may be new to you, we understand how this may feel like an overwhelming time. With this in mind, we are happy to make initial evaluations, helping to pinpoint the degree of necessary treatment services. This will differ for all individuals, depending on the severity of their addiction, mental health issues and brain health.

What to expect from rehab here at Asana Lodge?

Through our rehab facility here at Asana Lodge, you can expect to experience an invaluable rehabilitation journey. Following non-traditional approaches to treatment plans, we provide realistic opportunities to recover from addiction. We uncover the initial causation fuelling your drug and alcohol abuse, helping to put things into perspective.

Before starting addiction treatment, we will firstly evaluate your drug and alcohol addiction, along with the impacts this has had on your brain. Although addiction affects both the mind and body, there is a high correlation between brain activity and behavioural habits.

With this in mind, we will complete an initial evaluation through SPECT imaging, helping to define the chemical imbalance in your brain. This can help to understand the initial causation of addiction, whether internal or external factors have contributed to this habit.

From here, once we have a clearer picture of who you are as a person, along with any associated mental health issues, we can recommend suitable treatment options. Within your treatment plan you may experience traditional options, such as a drug and alcohol detox and cognitive behavioural therapy. Yet, non-traditional therapeutic therapies may also be included, helping to realign your being both physically and mentally.

Our personalised approach to addiction treatment is highly favourable. An addiction is classified as a behavioural condition, impacting all individuals differently. By considering biological, psychological, social and spiritual impacts, surrounding your drug and alcohol abuse, greater likelihood of rehabilitation is on offer.

Post-rehab aftercare services

After completing a residential rehab programme and your own treatment plan, our support will continue. Transitioning back to home life can result in vulnerabilities. This is understandable, as you revisit old triggers and influences. We will continue to support you through aftercare services, available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham.

Although completing a comprehensive residential rehab programme will commonly resulting in sustainable recovery, we are passionate about helping clients reach optimal health levels. Through our continuous support, this is achievable, maintaining your drug and alcohol-free future.

To benefit from our approach to addiction treatment and rehabilitation, get in touch with our team today. We can complete the initial evaluation process, along with running through your rehab admission. We can also answer any concerns you may have by considering a facility beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham.

Consider the value you can experience by completing a highly personalised rehab programme, followed by ongoing specialist aftercare. Find out more about how we can personally help you recover by reaching out to our Asana Lodge team.