More often than not, we see people in denial about their drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Of course, this is only natural, worsened by the fact that many people still see addiction as a weakness as there’s still a stigma surrounding it.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Yardley

We want to reassure you that there’s no need to feel ashamed of your addiction, it’s extremely brave to acknowledge that you need support and to take the right actions you need to get help; this initial step forward will help to turn your life around for good.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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It’s possible that you might not even realise the significant impact which drug or alcohol addiction is having on your life, especially if you’re experiencing denial. It’s true that drug addiction or alcohol addiction has an impact on every aspect of your life, it’s simply unavoidable.

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the effect it has on your physical and psychological well-being as the toxins within drugs and alcohol can deteriorate your well-being fairly quickly. The physical impact could result in you experiencing sudden weight changes, looking pale or unwell appearance, having bloodshot eyes, skin sores, and being more prone to developing heart disease, liver disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Just as your physical health deteriorates, so will your psychological health, in many cases even quicker than your physical health. You may experience increased depression, anxiety, bipolarity, stress, loneliness, paranoia, and even suicidal thoughts.


Damage caused by Addiction

In addition to your physical and psychological health being drastically impacted, the same effects will impact your relationships with loved ones as you struggle to open up about your addiction and they struggle to accept what they can do to help you. In our years of experience, we’ve seen so many relationships break down and so many families torn apart as a result of drug or alcohol addiction.

These devastating effects can also transfer into your work life as your performance at work is likely to take a hit as a result of your physicality and mental health deteriorating.

All of this puts you at risk of dismissal, leaving you with additional pressure to fund your expensive addiction. It’s a vicious circle that is difficult to remove yourself from, but with the help of our drug and alcohol rehab Yardley, we can help you to create a future to look forward to.


The benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Although there is the treatment option to receive addiction treatment at a low cost or even free, funded by local health services, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best treatment option for you.

Most people will find a generic addiction treatment programme offered by local health services to be ineffective and ultimately a waste of time as they leave unsuccessful in their pursuit of recovery. We strongly recommend avoiding this experience of feeling disheartened by any failed attempts at rehabilitation and coming straight to our private drug and alcohol rehab Yardley.

Offering both outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab, we have treatment options to suit all budgets so don’t be put off by the word private. We have an exceptional team of recovery workers who dedicate their time to helping you along your road to recovery by delivering evidence-based therapies within state-of-the-art facilities.

We’re extremely proud of the calming and motivating environment we’ve created at our rehabilitation centre. With a high rate of successful long-term recoveries, we’re confident that we can help you to overcome your alcohol addiction or drug addiction once and for all.

One of the main differences between private drug and alcohol rehab and addiction treatments provided by free local health services is that with a private rehab centre, you’ll receive an addiction treatment programme that has been tailored specifically to your unique needs.

We believe this is a huge contributor to our high success rate as you’ll be receiving therapies that are most beneficial to you rather than following a ‘one fits all’ approach. It’s essential that your progress is consistently monitored and amended as needed to ensure you reach your goal of long-term recovery.

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What are your Rehabilitation facilities like?

Set within a secluded location, our private drug and alcohol rehab Yardley is the ideal setting to relax and remove yourself from the pressures of everyday life. When you choose inpatient rehab, you will stay overnight at our rehabilitation centre whilst you undergo your addiction treatment. We’re very proud of the homely environment we’ve created as we welcome people from all walks of life into our drug and alcohol rehab. You can enjoy our private gardens where we hold yoga, meditation, art workshops and other group sessions to promote healing and recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

How does fitness and nutrition aid Addiction Recovery?

The process of rehabilitation is extremely complex with multiple goals to work towards. Fitness and nutrition are key focuses within our drug and alcohol rehab treatment programmes as they’re very beneficial when it comes to coping, preventing relapse, and boosting the quality of life. Taking care of your physical and psychological well-being is essential when you commit to a healthier way of life. Fitness and nutrition have the natural ability to boost your productivity and motivation whilst undergoing your addiction treatment.

What are the long-term effects of Cannabis Addiction?

Many people consume cannabis as they believe it helps them to relax and forget about their worries for a short period. Particularly people who are suffering with mental health problems, will turn to cannabis as a way to cope with their psychological trauma. However, once this short-term relief wears off, mental health problems will still be there and in most cases, will be more severe than before. The long-term effects of cannabis addiction can quickly take hold, these may include impaired judgement, it can alter your senses, significantly change your mood, develop respiratory problems, create a dependence on cannabis, and change your brain development.