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Accessing a private drug and alcohol rehab in Kingstanding is possible through a straightforward admission. Whilst assessments and arrangements will need to be completed, an urgent process can be expected.

Reaching out to our team at Asana Lodge can get the ball rolling. Here on a 24/7 basis, our admissions team can help you plan for and secure your own rehabilitation journey.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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By completing a self-referral, or accepting a family and friend referral, an admission can begin, offering time-sensitive access into private rehab. This level of urgency will only be available through private rehab, also offering proactive treatment programmes.

Recover over the next 28 days or get clean over a number of months, possible through a private drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation plan. We’re here to make sure that your addiction recovery journey is feasible and productive, making the most of your time with us.

Accessing Private Rehab

Instead of waiting for NHS treatment over the upcoming months, a quick admission can instead be completed into private rehab. An admission can be worked through in as little as 24 hours, suitable for those who require urgent addiction treatment. Also accommodating those who need to plan, hand over responsibilities, and save for private rehab, a pre-arranged admissions date can be set.

To access a private drug and alcohol rehab in Kingstanding, all you need to do here at Asana Lodge is complete a self-referral. A referral will begin the process for you, resulting in a confidential and free chat. If rehab is a suitable next step for you, once we’ve shared your available rehabilitation options, we can press ahead with your admission.

The admissions process is an important time for you, as it’s an opportunity to ask questions, share concerns and collect more information on private rehab. It’s also a beneficial process for us, providing personal information to form our tailored rehab programmes.

With greater awareness on both sides, an admission date can be set, securing your place at private rehab. Either outpatient treatment or residential treatment can be arranged for you. Highly beneficial, a more comfortable, positive, and suitable addiction recovery journey can be expected through a private admission.

Private Drug and Alcohol Detox

Rehab is broken up into a number of phases. The first focuses on drug or alcohol withdrawal. Withdrawal involves eliminating drugs and alcohol, cutting off all exposure and breaking the cycle of consumption.

Withdrawal is possible through a detoxification process. Offering either an alcohol medical detox or a drug medical detox, at Asana Lodge, we can help you overcome the physical effects of addiction.

Getting clean prior to the rehabilitation phase is very important. A clean slate can help to increase motivation and focus, whilst reducing cravings and urges.

Best completed through private, residential rehab, we can help you advance through withdrawal symptoms with comfort and safety in mind. We make use of prescriptions drugs and replacement therapies to ease withdrawal.

Personalised Rehabilitation

Your tailored treatment plan will also involve a rehabilitation phase. Rehabilitation services help to heal the mind. We are extremely passionate about brain health and recovery here at Asana Lodge, known to improve physical wellbeing.

Rehabilitation is aimed for through various therapy sessions and holistic methods. We work to uncover personal triggers. We help you digest your emotions and control them for the future. We motivate healthier choices, attitudes, and coping techniques. We also provide the tools to improve mental health and your overall quality of life back in Kingstanding.

A treatment plan mostly includes mindfulness sessions, family therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dual diagnosis treatment such as depression treatment, stress management, exposure therapy and NAD+ therapy.

Our rehab facilities are also equipped to offer social healing sessions, family visits, group activities, support groups, wellbeing management and educational sessions.

Especially by checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingstanding, an all-round recovery journey can be expected.

How to Develop a Relapse Prevention Plan?

Relapse prevention is the last prevalent phase of rehab, which works closely with aftercare. Relapse prevention is a planning tool, which helps to educate clients on relapse risks, by providing advice on coping through relapse and preventive measures to follow.

Plans can be developed here at Asana Lodge following a personalised approach. We will understand your post-rehab circumstances. We will be aware of your triggers and influences. We will also work around your expected routine and lifestyle. A plan can be developed to fit into your everyday life, helping you manage drug and alcohol exposure.

Aftercare services, which we also offer, compliment relapse prevention throughout the first 12 months of recovery. A plan of action can be formed to remain on track, post-rehab.

If you’re hoping to avoid the waiting lists, reach out here at Asana Lodge. We can work to your availability, helping you access a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingstanding. Our private rehab clinic is equipped for personalised rehab programmes, ready to guide you through addiction recovery.

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How will I pay for rehab?

Private rehab must be paid for. Various budgets can be catered to via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingstanding. You should set and communicate your budget on admission, to make sure that rehab is a doable process for you. Rehab will usually be paid for through savings, financial support of loved ones or payment plans. Each situation is different, where some clients can even benefit from insurance claims. You should look into your policy if you do have health insurance, to gauge whether addiction recovery is covered.

Can I request family therapy?

Yes, you can request family therapy sessions. There’s a high chance that sessions will be recommended for you, throughout the rehabilitation phase. Family therapy is very important, helping to build bridges, increase mutual understanding and also support loved ones. If you’re happy for your family to be involved through addiction treatment, this can be arranged.

How can I access support groups?

Support groups are mostly accessed on an aftercare basis. They are included in post-rehab programmes, offering access into Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous sessions. Group therapy sessions will be offered through rehab itself. Yet support groups will help with your post-rehab transition and adjustment phases, offering peer support and greater perspective.