Recovering from addiction, with medical, specialist and emotional support will offer many benefits. Safety and comfort are expected, along with experiencing the most effective recovery tools to carry forward.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edgbaston

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Substance misuse is a serious problem throughout the UK and beyond. Abusing drugs and alcohol can destroy your physical and mental health and tear families and other relationships apart. It can have a negative impact on your work, it can wreck your finances and have a serious negative impact on every other aspect of your life.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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One of the defining elements of a drug or alcohol addiction is that you will continue to use drugs or alcohol even when you know there may be negative consequences. This compulsion makes it very difficult to quit without expert help, but professional addiction treatment programmes have a very good track records in helping people to go on and make a full and lasting recovery.

If you’re struggling with any of these issues, attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Edgbaston could be your best chance of breaking free from the cycle of addiction.


Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Options

The first major choice if you decide to seek treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction is whether to look for an inpatient rehab or treatment delivered in the community as an outpatient. This type of outpatient rehab is the kind you will usually find available on the NHS.

It can certainly be valuable for some people but there are also limitations. When attending outpatient treatment you will have to be organised and attend appointments at different clinics, which can be difficult enough in itself when you are struggling with an addiction and substance misuse issues. You will be surrounded by all the people, places and situations that are associated with your addiction and you will have to go through drug or alcohol detox with minimal supervision and help.

When attending a drug and alcohol rehab you will be in a safe, tranquil environment where you can focus on your recovery away from all those triggers and temptations. You will have access to the finest evidence-based treatments delivered by experienced professionals.

Your fellow residents will be on their own journeys and it can be very valuable to share your experiences via group therapy or more casually in your free time. You will have support whenever you need it and you will be able to undergo the difficult detoxification process in a medically supervised environment.


Rehabilitation and Detoxification in Edgbaston

Most programmes in a private drug and alcohol rehab begin with a period of alcohol or drug detox, which is where you flush the drugs and alcohol already present out of your system. Some people do attend alcohol or drug rehab having not drank or taken drugs for a while but this tends to be uncommon.

One reason for this is because quitting drink or drugs alone can be very difficult and even dangerous, depending on the withdrawal symptoms involved. Alcohol or opioids can lead to severe physical symptoms such as cramps, tremors and even seizures, for example.

The withdrawal symptoms associated with cannabis or cocaine addiction tend to be more psychological in nature but they can still be very serious and difficult to deal with. At Asana Lodge you can make the process easier by undergoing a medically supervised detox that is both safer and more likely to be effective.


Various Therapy Options at Rehab

You will get rid of the alcohol and drugs in your system during detox but there is still a lot of work ahead. In order to maintain your recovery moving forward, you will need to address the psychological and mental aspects of addiction.

This is primarily done through a range of psychological therapies, which could include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), group therapy, trauma and abuse therapy and family intervention therapy. At Asana Lodge we can also offer a number of cutting edge therapies such as Satori Chair therapy.

We also believe in a holistic approach to recovery and can also offer well-being therapies including art therapy and mindfulness workshops. Relaxation, sleep therapy and nutrition are also important steps to adopting a healthier lifestyle, which can help with relapse prevention moving forward.

Every programme of therapy and treatment is tailored to your own individual needs, with the structure being planned based on a thorough screening and admissions process. Personalised aftercare plans can also hep you to avoid the dangers of relapse once you leave, by providing a support network just when you need it most.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many people suffering from mental health conditions also suffer from substance misuse and addiction problems, and vice versa. Asana Lodge can offer dual diagnosis treatments for those suffering from substance abuse and a mental health condition which may impact the likelihood of recovery.

See more information about drug and alcohol rehab in the Birmingham area here.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is when an addiction issue and a mental health condition are present at the same time. This is quite common and there can be a complex relationship between mental health and addiction, with each influencing the other. They can often be treated together with dual diagnosis treatment.

How do I know when to start Rehab?

If you are struggling with an addiction it is never too soon, or too late, to seek help. If you think you or a loved one may have an addiction problem, call or message us today to receive expert, friendly advice in complete confidence.

What are the main Signs and Symptoms of Addiction?

Addiction often goes hand in hand with denial and sometimes you might not be aware or admit to yourself that you have a substance misuse problem, much less an addiction. There are many signs of alcoholism and drug addiction but some of the main ones to look out for are: excessive consumption that increases over time; inability to reduce consumption; needing to take more for the same effect; withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink or take drugs. If any of these apply to you, call us today and find out how we can help.