Admitting to your addiction can be a daunting step to take, let alone finding the right treatment. Most residential rehabilitation centres will provide you with invaluable support and guidance that throughout your treatment programme.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Glebe Farm

To withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and to recover from their effects, a range of treatments and therapies will need to be completed. Through the recovery process, there are different types and levels of treatment programmes to consider.

Addiction treatments can be completed for free via the NHS or can be paid for via private rehab. Varying in urgency and quality, each programme will offer a different type of recovery experience.

Selecting the experience that will meet your expectations and deliver your needs is very important. Recovering from an addiction is a personal process, which will play out differently for every client.

To make sure that treatment plays out as effective for you, weighing up your local rehab options will be wise. At Asana Lodge, we offer inpatient treatments and holistic therapies to treat addiction through an evidence-based approach.

See how you can benefit from our approach by experiencing the services of a private drug and alcohol rehab in Glebe Farm.

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Addiction treatment programmes available in Glebe Farm

General addiction treatment services can be completed on the NHS. High levels of care and medical assurance are linked to such services. Although you can expect to feel supported and move towards sobriety, initial uptake of treatment can be delayed. With delays come disruptions which can be difficult to digest whilst withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

Instead of waiting for free support, you can pay for private rehab, helping you immediately access addiction treatment sessions. Although a financial commitment is required, a one-to-one, personalised programme will be formed, ready for you to start post-admission.

Private rehab will be available to you through an inpatient offering and an outpatient offering. You’ll be able to select between both, to meet your budget and the type of commitment that you can make. Inpatient rehab is mostly recommended through professional addiction recovery, as it’s a faster process, which provides a safe, progressive, and comprehensive approach.

Yet unaffordable for some clients, outpatient rehab is a cost-effective form of private rehab, still offering privacy, guidance, and a bespoke programme.

Programmes should be formed by considering your needs, which is what we will do here at Asana Lodge. Through an assessment, the most effective treatments and therapies will be narrowed down, to treat your addiction. All will be recommended to follow your budget, accessible via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Glebe Farm.


What’s involved in inpatient treatments?

Inpatient treatment programmes are designed to offer consistent exposure to treatments and therapies. Possible to complete in 28 days, suitable treatments are recommended and scheduled across the timeline.

Selecting inpatient rehab is a safe, secure, and private process. All treatment sessions will be observed and assisted by medical teams. Personal discretion will be experienced throughout the process. Health, wellbeing, and progress will all be monitored to make sure that treatments are working.

A typical inpatient programme will begin with detoxification, to promote drug and alcohol withdrawal. The detoxification process will be comfortable and controlled, due to our medical input. Moving through the programme, treatments are focused on therapeutic recovery.

Therapy sessions are prevalent, to help heal the mind and restore mental health. All sessions will be supported by leading psychiatrists and mental health specialists. Therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy and group therapy will be encouraged.

Inpatient rehab also offers support through additional services, focusing on holistic healing and planning. Due to the intense and progressive nature of inpatient rehab, various issues, obstacles, and worries can be addressed with professional support.

Treatments are recommended to advance our clients towards sobriety with a clean slate, a strong mindset, and useful coping tools. Completing a programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Glebe Farm will provide access to such value.


Holistic therapies here at Asana Lodge

Alongside our traditional treatment services, at Asana Lodge, we promote holistic healing. We are passionate about offering safe and sustainable tools, to restore balance.

Our holistic therapies focus on healing the mind, on rebalancing the body, on grounding our clients and on promoting positive outlooks. The type of therapies that we use include NAD+ therapy, mindfulness sessions, art therapy, meditation, nutritional therapy, sleep management and satori chair therapy.

Depending on your needs and coping strategies, a range of holistic therapies will be added into your inpatient programme.


Cost and length of inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab is mostly favoured for its pace. The average programme is organised over a 28-day period to follow an urgent and intense approach. Yet due to the 24/7 care and services that come with such a comprehensive programme, the cost of inpatient rehab is higher than outpatient rehab.

Both the cost and length of inpatient rehab can fluctuate, depending on your personal needs. Before your admission, all details will be set out, to make sure that rehab can be completed on your budget and within your available timeframe.

Your location and the type of treatment that you require will impact both. Yet to make sure that rehab is feasible, we will offer a bespoke programme here at Asana Lodge.

Outpatient rehab can be completed if affordability is important. Yet with outpatient care, recovery timelines are known to expand, making treatment a longer process to work through.


12 months of aftercare and relapse prevention planning

Aftercare and relapse prevention planning are follow-on services through private rehab. Both help to reduce relapse risks and strengthen long-term recovery rates.

12 months of aftercare will be available to you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Glebe Farm. Support groups, therapy sessions and 12 step programmes will be recommended. Relapse prevention planning will also assist, to educate clients, to prevent relapse and to work through any possible risks.

Both are invaluable services, which are included in the cost of private rehab. Personalised programmes of each will be offered for your post-rehab journey.

Finding the right addiction treatment programme, for your budget and needs is important. Experience it here at Asana Lodge, a specialist centre of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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How long does recovery take?

Initial recovery, to reach sobriety, can be achieved through rehab. By completing a 28-day programme or a monthly outpatient plan, sobriety can be achieved.

Yet recovery is an ongoing focus, meaning that you will need to commit to a sober lifestyle and further self-development in order to remain clean. Although a life-long commitment, it will get easier, possible to aim for long-term addiction recovery.

What are the main signs and symptoms of addiction?

Signs and symptoms of addiction can vary depending on personal responses, existing health, and the drug in question. Yet in the majority of diagnoses, changes to health, psychological stability, behaviours, and social commitments can indicate a possible habit.

Common changes, recognised as signs and symptoms of addiction include:

  • Incapability to stop consumption
  • Withdrawal symptoms between consumption
  • Poor mental health
  • Withdrawal from everyday life
  • Prioritising drugs, alcohol and everything that comes with them
  • Financial hardship due to ongoing consumption
  • The inability to change

If you spot any changes, linked to drug and alcohol abuse, it’s time to consider professional support.

When should I attend rehab?

Attending rehab is a personal choice. It should be made when you feel ready to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and to change your life. No matter the strength of your addiction, you can attend rehab. A bespoke programme will be formed for you, to treat your addiction type.

If you do spot any changes, linked to substance abuse, attending rehab should be your next consideration.