Admitting to your addiction can be a daunting step to take, let alone finding the right treatment. Most residential rehabilitation centres will provide you with invaluable support and guidance that throughout your treatment programme.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northfield

Addiction recovery, as a process, can be unpredictable. You can however make some suitable decisions around your recovery process to gain some structure and expectations of what’s ahead.

Your decisions will direct the delivery of addiction treatment, whether that’s through an inpatient or outpatient programme. They will also influence whether you opt for free yet usually delayed NHS treatment, or immediate, private addiction treatment.

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Selecting the most suitable delivery and types of treatments, therapies and support will help to plan your next steps of recovery. Plan with our guidance at Asana Lodge, to visit a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Northfield.

Our services are bespoke to make sure that individual needs can be accommodated and respected, whilst also working through an effective addiction recovery process. Reach out for more information on how we can plan your recovery from our local rehabilitation centre.


Addiction Treatment Options in Northfield

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol is a big decision. Some additional, impactful decisions will also follow, such as the treatment that you accept and the amount of time that you’ll dedicate.

You’ll be faced with a choice between free addiction treatment, or services via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Northfield. With the latter, you’ll also need to decide between inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab, both following a different course.

NHS treatment services are free and will be accessible in your local hospital. Although an affordable option, if you are looking for urgent treatment, the usual delays of free treatment will be tough. A time-sensitive process can be experienced via private drug and alcohol rehab.

An immediate programme and admission can be arranged, ready to kickstart addiction treatment. To gain from specialist support, treatment will need to be paid for.

Your needs, availability, urgency, budget, and addiction type should help you decide between both. At Asana Lodge, we promote private rehab, as it helps to treat addiction at a proactive and safe rate. Addiction treatment can be benefitted from in 28 days. Yet it isn’t suitable for all, which is why you must select the most feasible for your needs. We can help you with your selections by reaching out.


What’s the difference between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab?

By selecting private rehab, you will be welcomed with a bespoke programme. Yet it’s also important for your programme to fit into your lifestyle and the level of commitment that you can make.

Inpatient rehab is the most effective treatment programme for addiction. You’ll select a drug and alcohol rehab in Northfield to check into, which can be averagely completed here through a 28-day period. You’ll have support, tools, home comforts and additional resources to guide and motivate your recovery for your stay.

Privacy, comfort, and safety will be paramount whilst working through daily addiction treatment sessions. You’ll also be exposed to the best possible environment, to recover from, by blocking out your current influences.

The key difference when considering outpatient rehab is that you’ll complete your day to day from home, whilst visiting private rehab for treatment. Treatments will be arranged following your schedule, making sure that weekly sessions are at least completed.

Due to this change, it can take a number of months to benefit from outpatient addiction treatment. Yet it’s a cheaper private option and works well for clients who require flexibility.

Outpatient rehab is generally advised for those with mild symptoms and irregular triggers. Otherwise, inpatient rehab is the most recommended, for its progressive, tailored, and quick services.


Therapy Options through Rehab

Treatments and therapies work to withdraw the body and mind from drugs and alcohol. We make use of traditional services here at Asana Lodge, along with including some holistic therapies.

Detoxification will be one of the first steps, to detox the body from drugs and alcohol. They will be eliminated, to work through the withdrawal process. Medically assisted, a safe and comfortable process is expected.

Psychological therapies are found to follow, focusing on outlooks and emotional responses. The likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, family therapy and individual sessions will be recommended. Positive coping strategies will also be developed through this step.

Holistic therapy options are also offered throughout the entire process, such as mindfulness sessions, sleep management, art therapy, and sauna detoxification. The aim is to restore physical and psychological health, to rebalance wellbeing.

Relapse prevention planning will also have a role to play whilst treating addiction for the long term. Planning will take place to understand and prevent possible relapse risks.

Each treatment session will be bespoke through our rehab clinic, including suitable and safe therapies. By committing to the process, great change can be encountered.


Dual Diagnosis Treatments and Support

Mental illness is a common cause and/or response of drug and alcohol abuse. Due to this, it’s essential that mental health is also improved whilst treating addiction.

Our evidence-based dual diagnosis treatments are in place to do just that. Mental clarity and stability will be improved alongside drug and alcohol withdrawal.

As they are co-occurring disorders, the recovery of both will benefit overall symptoms and triggers. Dual diagnosis treatment will also help to reduce relapse risks post-rehab in Northfield.


How long is Aftercare available for?

Aftercare is available for 12 months once you’re discharged from private rehab. It’s in place to help our clients through the initial challenges of sobriety.

Offering weekly Zoom meeting commitments, therapy and support group services will be conducted, free of charge. Known to increase motivation and focus, we will make sure that aftercare sessions can fit into your new lifestyle and routine.

Your impending decisions will impact your next steps of addiction recovery. Decide on reliable, immediate, and private support to benefit from bespoke drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You can access support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northfield by reaching out here at Asana Lodge.

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How do I know when to attend Rehab?

Attending rehab is a personal choice. You’ll likely experience an inclination to commit yourself, as your addiction and its circumstances worsen. Concerns of loved ones can also motivate the idea of rehab.

You should attend once you are ready to commit. Rehab can support people from all backgrounds and addiction types. No matter how mild or chronic symptoms may be, addiction treatment will be available through private rehab.

Once you’re ready to recover, this is the right time to enter and either visit/reside in drug and alcohol rehab.

What treatment is available?

There are a wide range of addiction treatment services, which help to treat and manage drug and alcohol abuse. As their effectiveness can differ for each person, depending on their addiction type, available options will be recommended for you.

Detoxing is available and mostly recommended, to remove drugs and alcohol as ongoing influences. Therapy is also effective for most, followed by relapse prevention planning. The likes of stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy and holistic therapies can carry effect through recovery.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis is where both problems with drugs and alcohol, and mental illness are experienced alongside one another. They are known as co-occurring disorders, which fuel and aggravate each other.

It’s very common to suffer with, whilst experiencing addictive behaviours. Treatments are available to help with your recovery of a dual diagnosis, to reduce relapse risks and to improve health.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northfield, we can help you access dual diagnosis treatments here at Asana Lodge.