PTSD & Trauma Therapy Clinic

Asana Lodge is a PTSD trauma therapy clinic which specialises in the treatment of mental health conditions using evidence-based stress-related therapies and treatment methods that are scientifically proven.


The Effects of PTSD and Trauma

Here at Asana Lodge, we understand how difficult living with PTSD must be. Your quality of life has been subsidised by an anxiety-controlled disorder. With this in mind, we understand how important receiving support and the opportunity to heal is.

From therapy sessions to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), we have treatment programmes in mind suitable for people living with PTSD & trauma.

Are you or a loved one living with an anxiety-driven disorder? Have you recently experienced trauma, influencing long-term side effects? If so, sourcing treatment for PTSD would be advised. Seek support to control your symptoms greater.

PTSD can be treated. Get in touch with our specialised team today. We are passionate about helping individuals with mental health issues recover in the right setting.


PTSD & Trauma Therapy Clinic


Industry Leading Therapies & Treatments to Aid Recovery

PTSD is a serious, daunting, and difficult condition to live with. It is difficult to get up each day and relive traumatic events.

Here at Asana Lodge, we can help you through this difficult time by offering industry leading treatment to aid recovery.

You may believe that treating PTSD is impossible. You’re living through the traumatic, exhausting side effects. If you believe that recovery is impossible, please be reassured that with the right support, PTSD can be treated to motivate long-term recovery.

Here at our residential treatment centre, we work with the best of the best, evidence-based treatments to slowly reduce your side effects. Each are designed with your needs in mind, promoting the ability to heal effectively.

If your symptoms have only just occurred, a watchful waiting approach will be followed. This is an initial assessment to gauge whether your symptoms are developing, leading to a PTSD diagnosis.

When symptoms surpass a month, a clinical diagnosis may occur, leading to the requirement of specialised treatment. If you are at this stage and knowingly living with PTSD, a variety of effective treatments will be offered.

See a breakdown of our recommended methods to treat PTSD below:


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

This is a highly effective treatment method, helping clients get to the stem of their post-traumatic stress effects. One form of CBT tailored for individuals with PTSD is exposure therapy.

This is where clients will be exposed to trauma in a safe, controlled environment, helping them conquer their fears. Reactions to exposure will be observed, helping gauge suitable additional treatments. The main goal of CBT is to transform connected feelings and perceptions to resemble positive, safe outlooks.


Medication for PTSD:

Depending on the severity of an individual’s PTSD diagnosis, suitable medication may be recommended. This will help to reduce the connected levels of stress and depression, helping to increase happy chemicals within the body. We will ensure that the type of medication recommended is discussed with you prior to treatment, ensuring your needs are met.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy:

This treatment option is highly successful when considering PTSD. It is commonly used to boost our client’s confidence, by returning back to the traumatic event and viewing it in a different light. You will be provided with an unbiased, specialised therapist who will listen to your story, and help you adapt your view on trauma.


Group Therapy:

While working through PTSD, it is important that you receive a strong support network. With this in mind, group therapy is an effective method, helping to boost confidence, trust and positivity.

By discussing your experience, and how PTSD has affected you, mutual feelings will be presented, building a strong team to conquer any psychological side effects.


Aftercare Support:

Additional to residential PTSD treatment, here at Asana Lodge, we offer each of our client’s aftercare support. This will include regular support groups and advice to ensure you are healing from previous traumatic events.

We will ensure that the above treatments experienced are promoting recovery, while implementing your own personalised recovery plan. If you are still struggling post-treatment, our service is available for you and your loved ones.


Other Unique Therapies & Treatments Offered Include:

Throughout PTSD trauma therapy treatment, you will receive a combination of treatments tailored to help you heal.

We will follow your lead, ensuring you feel comfortable through each step. We understand how PTSD affects all individuals differently. We understand how traumatic events and memories are interpreted differently, along with the following side effects. We will take this into consideration when treating your PTSD.


PTSD & Trauma Treatment


Specialised Support Through This Difficult Time

Whether you are struggling with PTSD, mental health issues or addictive behavioural conditions, here at Asana Lodge we can support you.

We offer a home from home residential treatment centre, ensuring that comfort is a priority while you complete this time of transformation.

You will receive expert support, industry-leading treatments and the experience of our specialised team to slowly reduce your PTSD symptoms, helping you lead a controlled future.

We understand how difficult this time is. We understand that a long road to complete recovery may be on the horizon, however, each step taken will relieve your symptoms.

We will continue to support you with our empathetic and compassionate guidance, ensuring that you have all of the support to work through PTSD treatment.

We will continue to support you and your family residential treatment to ensure that your PTSD is slowly diminishing, helping you see a positive light at the end of the recovery tunnel.

If you are living with PTSD or are watching a loved one suffer, we can support you. We also offer family and corporate interventions to help affected individuals to acknowledge the degree of related anxiety.

Get in touch with our team today to see how PTSD and trauma treatment can promote long-term recovery.

We will listen to your story, following a non-judgmental approach to ensure that appropriate treatment is offered, helping you live a life free from trauma.