If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Coseley, then reaching out to Asana Lodge may be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coseley

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We represent a world-beating rehabilitation centre where the addiction treatment is based purely on scientific evidence. From our detox clinic to our holistic treatments, everything we offer is grounded in the science and is professionally handled by our team of highly qualified doctors and nurses.

Our treatment programmes are specifically tailored to give you the best possible chance of overcoming your addiction, so there is no better way to begin your journey to recovery.

Many sufferers of addiction are beginning to turn to paid residential clinics rather than using the services offered by the NHS. While there are drug and alcohol services available through the NHS, it is an unfortunate fact that these programmes are severely underfunded and overstretched.

This means that most public addiction treatments are outpatient in nature and they often have extremely long waiting lists. In serious cases of addiction delays can be detrimental to recovery, and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is generally much less effective than residential care as you do not get the kind of constant, readily available support that we can offer.

Asana Lodge an affordable alternative of the highest quality.


Reaching out

The most important step in overcoming an addiction is often the most difficult one- admitting that you have a problem and reaching out for help. Addiction is considered to be an illness, a disorder of the brain, and it is one that gets progressively worse as time goes on.

It is critical that you remember there is no shame in admitting that you struggle with a disease. Equally, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional assistance. It is an incredibly hard battle to win on your own, and there is no one better suited to help you than a specialist.

Of course, we know that not everyone is ready to make that step. Self-denial is common in addicts, and sometimes it can be tough to even realise when a substance dependency has developed.

If you are worried that someone you love is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, we also offer a family and friend referral service. Addiction rarely has just one victim, and as an addict’s personality begins to change those around them can be affected just as badly.

Addiction can drive rifts can be between loved ones, sometimes permanently. It is always better to act quickly in order to avoid worst case scenarios.

We cannot force someone who is unwilling to stay in our clinic, but we can offer you advice as to how to help your loved one reach that critical point of acceptance.


What to expect at our clinic

At Asana Lodge we recognise that every addict is an individual and every case is unique. Therefore there is no singular answer to overcoming dependency, and treatments will vary from patient to patient.

That being said, a stay in our clinic generally begins with drug or alcohol detox. Detoxification is the period and process whereby your body gets ride of the toxic substances within, metabolising them and flushing them out of your system.

This is the part that most people will probably imagine when thinking about rehab. It can be a painful process. Once the system is clear of toxins you must deal with the drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

These can manifest as both physical and psychological problems, ranging from mild mood swings and headaches to more serious issues like seizures and hallucinations. The withdrawal period is uncomfortable at the best of times, and dangerous in the worst.

Undergoing this process under the watch of professional, specialised doctors and nurses is the safest and most painless way to get clean.

Not only will you have ready access to the best medical care and support, but the insulated nature of our facility means that acquiring drugs or alcohol will be nearly impossible- making it far harder to fall off the wagon.

While detox is a vital step, it is far from the end of the journey. At Asana Lodge we are committed to helping you achieve a long-term recovery. In order to make sure that you don’t fall back into old habits, the root causes of your addiction must be addressed and challenged.

To this end we offer a range of therapies and other holistic treatments. As aforementioned, not every patient will undergo the same treatments, but we can offer you a brief overview of the kinds of services that we provide.


Therapies and Counselling

One of the most common methods of combatting addiction is cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT for short. CBT is a talking therapy based on the idea that your thoughts, emotions and actions are all interconnected, and that your negative feelings can trap you in a vicious and harmful cycle of destructive behaviour.

Through CBT we can help you adapt the way in which you approach these negative emotions- by breaking overwhelming problems down into smaller, more manageable parts, it becomes easier to process and respond in a calm, healthy way.

This type of therapy is most often used to help sufferers of anxiety or depression, but it has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of substance addiction too.

In addition to CBT we also offer art therapy. It has been shown that art, both the creating and viewing of it, can help people to explore their emotions, develop self-awareness and process and cope with stress.

Through art therapy, we can enable you to explore your own self-expression and develop safe, healthy coping mechanisms. While art therapy is not recreational by any means, many patients find it enjoyable and it may be that it suits you better than talking therapy.

You will also have the opportunity to undergo more traditional counselling, either in isolation or as part of a group, so that you can discuss and address the root causes of your addiction, identifying and resolving your triggers.

Whatever your individual circumstances and needs, we will be able to find a treatment programme that works for you. So please, if you or someone you love is struggling, do not hesitate.

Get in touch with Asana Lodge as soon as you can and begin the journey to recovery.

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