Are you looking for a reputable, and effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in the Bilston area?

Are you struggling to stay in control of the amount of drugs or alcohol that you are consuming? Are you looking for a friend and family referral?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bilston

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If the answer is “yes”, then Asana Lodge can help you to get your life back on track. With a 28-day course of residential rehab, you can be free of addiction and move forward with a new purpose in life.

Private rehab is not the cheapest option, but unlike local charity facilities and the NHS, there is no wait for our services.

Due to government cuts over the last ten years, waiting lists have spiralled for the NHS and in the time you’re on their waiting list, your addiction will likely worsen.

We are competitively priced, and we will organise a treatment programme that suits your budget.

Our team is compassionate and friendly. Why not call us today on 01908 489421 for a no obligation conversation about your addiction?


A variety of  Treatment Options

The way your treatment programme will be implemented is dependent on numerous factors. Every person is different, and Asana Lodge will treat you as an individual, as we do all of our clients.

Factors we will consider include the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction, your health history and your recovery goals. A significant factor is whether there’s a dual diagnosis of any underlying mental health conditions as we will treat that.

Mental health conditions that have not been diagnosed are often the root cause of an addiction.

Unfortunately, outpatient treatment is not suitable for most of our clients. Because many of our clients have long term drug or alcohol addiction, live within a negative environment and suffer with mental health conditions, a 28-day commitment to residential rehab will be the best treatment option.


The Benefits of Residential Rehab

Although a private residential rehab is not the cheapest option, it allows you to immerse yourself in your recovery experience.

By checking into our comfortable, supportive rehabilitation centre, you will be able to remove yourself from negative influences and in complete privacy.

When you are attempting to overcome a chronic drug or alcohol addiction, it’s essential that your treatment sessions are focused and consistent.

As such, by being treated as an inpatient as part of a residential rehab surrounding, your treatment can be monitored at all times.

You will also be able to undergo a thorough physical and psychological assessment, where Asana Lodge will determine whether you require dual diagnosis treatment.

Our industry leading addiction treatments will stand you in good stead for the rest of your recovery journey. With a commitment to our residential rehab, your recovery will be medically assisted, and your health and safety maintained.

We will continually observe and monitor your progress to ensure that your investment into this treatment is worthwhile.

Our goal, as it is yours, is to return you to your normal life in Bilston with your addiction treatment successfully completed and with you on the path to a sober future.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The first step you need to take is to admit you have a drug or alcohol addiction. This is a very difficult step to take, but our dedicated team will be on hand to help you as you describe your experiences with drug or alcohol addiction.

There’s no need for a GP or NHS referral and you can be assured of maximum discretion, confidentiality and compassion.

When you have been assessed, we will create a bespoke treatment programme. This will be created with your recovery goals in mind and will start with a visit to our detox clinic.

This is to ensure your body is cleansed of the harmful toxins that build up as a result of sustained drug and alcohol abuse. This is not an easy part of your treatment and the withdrawal symptoms you will experience will range from mild to fairly dangerous.

However, our staff will be on hand to provide prescription medication to ease your suffering when this is necessary.

You’ll be able to continue your treatment with more therapeutic elements upon conclusion of your detox. These include traditional therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), individual therapy, motivational therapy and group therapy.

However, at Asana Lodge we’re proud to offer additional holistic therapies, such as stress management, exercise and yoga classes and art therapy.

Our clients have highlighted the usefulness they have found in partaking in group therapy in particular. Some people are initially hostile to the concept of sharing their problems in front of their fellow recovering addicts, but this allows you to build up a support network from when you leave our care.

Additionally, it allows you to learn coping mechanisms and this will aid you during your recovery journey.



Upon completion of your rehab in Bilston, we will ensure a robust relapse prevention plan is in place. In order to reinforce this, a year of aftercare is free as part of your treatment.

We will give you all the experience and knowledge you need to reject drugs and alcohol for the rest of your life, but the emphasis will be on you to ensure you maintain sobriety.

It’s a sad fact that you are at the most risk of suffering from a relapse within the first 12 months following your drug and alcohol rehab. There’s no cure for addiction, but you can overcome it and learn to manage it, and Asana Lodge will show you the way forwards.

We are proud of our high success rates and our team is first rate. We will provide you with the most effective path to a life free of substances. Please get in touch with Asana Lodge today on 01908 489421 to discuss what you want to get from your recovery.

Our helpline staff are highly trained, and many are themselves recovering addicts who will understand your position.

We understand that making that first call is difficult, as is admitting you have a problem. But once you do, Asana Lodge are here to help you take a new direction in life.

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