If you need help with a drug or alcohol addiction, reach out to our friendly and professional team today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sutton Coldfield

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Here at Asana Lodge, we deliver industry leading, scientifically proven techniques in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Our handpicked team of addiction specialists have helped individuals overcome their drug and alcohol addictions, allowing them to lead happy lives free from addiction.

Our luxurious facilities are second to none ensuring that all of our clients are as relaxed and as comfortable as they can be whilst undergoing their residential addiction treatment.

Each individual’s treatment is bespoke to their needs as we work together to achieve your long-term recovery goals.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to a life free from addiction, then call our friendly team at Sutton Coldfield on 01908 489 421 or email us at info@asanalodge.com.


Attending drug and alcohol rehab for addiction treatment

Accepting that you have a problem which requires professional support can be extremely difficult. However it is important to reach our for help if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction.

Some common signs to look for which could indicate you need to visit a rehabilitation centre.

  • Consuming alcohol or drugs during the day or at other inappropriate times
  • Craving alcohol or drugs
  • Increase in your consumption to get the desired effect/high
  • Missed an important event due to excessive drinking or drug taking
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you’re not using the substance
  • Strained in relationships with family or friends
  • Keeping your drug or alcohol addiction a secret from your loved ones

If the above feel familiar, it’s likely that you have a drug or alcohol addiction and should contact a private drug and alcohol rehab like ours in Sutton Coldfield to get professional advice.

You may also be experiencing symptoms such as nausea, the shakes, sickness, skin sores, weight fluctuation, the sweats, redness of the face, insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

These are all common symptoms for those who abuse alcohol or drugs. Remove these nasty effects from your life by giving up substance abuse once and for all.


What are the benefits of a private drug and alcohol rehab?

Whilst there are other options when it comes to seeking out drug and alcohol rehabilitation, a private facility will always give you the best chance of succeeding in your long-term recovery.

Unlike free local health services such as the NHS or local outpatient services, our private drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton Coldfield provides each client with an entirely personalised residential addiction treatment, significantly increasing your chances of success.

There’s no other addiction treatment that generates such a high success rate as our evidence-based holistic therapies.

When you join our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, you’re certain to receive the utmost care, attention and compassion whilst undergoing your drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

When going through rehab, it’s highly beneficial to remove yourself from your familiar environment of home.

Attempting to rehabilitate at home significantly increases the risk of drug and alcohol relapse as you’re surrounded by distractions and potential temptations.

By physically removing yourself from this setting and staying in our residential centre, you’re allowing your recovery to be your sole focus with no disruptions.

This also gives those you live with a much-needed break from the negative impact that your addiction has on them.

Our fantastic team ensure you have all the home comforts you could wish for. We take care of your laundry, housekeeping, and home-cook delicious, nutritious meals fresh each day.

Every client can enjoy the privacy of their own room in addition to organised social activities to participate in during your down time.

We arrange group walks or runs, film nights, quiz nights and family visits to help you relax in between therapy sessions.


Drug and alcohol rehab aftercare

Normally, our residential addiction treatment programmes last around 28 days. After completing this stage, you’ll receive 12 months of free drug and alcohol aftercare to aid your recovery upon returning home.

The first year after leaving our rehab in Sutton Coldfield is the most challenging as you leave the constant reassurance and structure of rehab behind, meaning you need to adapt what you’ve learnt to your daily life; our dedicated aftercare team can help with that.

We ensure that you receive plenty of advice and ongoing support as you continue your recovery journey. One of the main focuses is drug and alcohol relapse prevention as this becomes more likely once you’re back at home.

You’ll need to now put into practice everything you’ve learnt with us to ensure you don’t relapse. It’s also very useful to encourage your loved ones to be involved in your relapse prevention so that they know what triggers to look out for and how to help you avoid relapsing.

Once you’ve completed our residential addiction treatment and our drug and alcohol aftercare programme, you’ll have the best chance possible to succeed in your long-term recovery goals.

Contact our admissions team today to get started on your journey to recovery. You can call us on 01908 489 421 or email at info@asanalodge.com.

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Local NA & AA Support Groups in Birmingham

It is recommended that you attend Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous support groups as part of your aftercare programme. The support groups take place regularly in meeting locations throughout the Birmingham and West Midlands area. We have created the below interactive map to showing all AA meetings taking place locally, you can view what NA meetings are taking place by clicking here.