Here at Asana Lodge, we often see people who have tried to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction on their own and ultimately failed.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dudley

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When home attempts are made, you’re trying to beat your addiction without the required support or tools, meaning you’re really setting yourself up to fail.

Attempting to end your drug or alcohol abuse without the guidance of a professional team is extremely difficult, ineffective, and potentially dangerous.

The risks involved are due to the withdrawal symptoms you’re likely to experience which can be quite serious; it’s vital that your entire drug and alcohol rehabilitation is overseen by a team of addiction specialists.


Why should you go to Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

By undergoing residential addiction treatment at a private drug and alcohol rehab like ours in Dudley, you’re giving yourself the best chance of succeeding in your long-term recovery.

You won’t get such a high rate of success through any other form of addiction treatment, as you would at our drug rehab for substance abuse. This is because, only at private drug and alcohol rehab centres will you receive a unique treatment programme which has been personalised to suit your specific needs.

There’s no other addiction facility as luxurious, comfortable, and welcoming as ours, nor is there anywhere else where you’ll receive such unparalleled support from a team of addiction experts.

It is possible to seek treatment at other rehab places for drug and alcohol abuse, either through an outpatient service or with free local health services like the NHS. However, as mentioned above, you won’t be getting an effective addiction treatment.

As the NHS are so overstretched and underfunded, they’re unable to design bespoke treatment programmes like we can.

They’re also unable to admit clients onto a treatment plan for weeks, even months, meaning you’ll spend more time on a long waiting list, with the potential to talk yourself out of it which is detrimental to your recovery.

At our drug and alcohol rehab in Dudley, we can welcome you into our centre within 48 hours of your initial enquiry. Our comprehensive, residential addiction treatment programme typically lasts around 28 days, when you will then move on to our dedicated drug and alcohol aftercare programme for 12 months.

This aftercare programme is free of charge and essential in continuing your recovery journey at home.


Do we offer counselling?

At our private drug and alcohol rehab, we offer a wide variety of addiction therapies to suit all different conditions. Counselling is a hugely beneficial therapy for most people so it’s quite common that we’ll integrate this into your treatment programme.

Counselling can either be done on a one-to-one basis, in a group setting or even with your family. Each method is advantageous in its own way, we’ll select the most suitable therapies for your unique needs.

In addition to counselling, we also deliver cognitive behavioural therapy which is another highly effective psychological therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, helps you to learn how to manage your feelings when you’re in a negative cycle so works very well for those suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Other psychological therapies we offer are stress management, bereavement, trauma and abuse counselling, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, mediation therapy for disputes, reflections and hope group therapy, NAD+ therapy, and Satori therapy.

The best way to approach drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to implement a holistic treatment programme featuring a combination of psychological and well-being therapies, as well as a drug and alcohol detox.

With this in mind, we deliver a variety of well-being therapies including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art, drama, and music therapies, self-help sessions, relaxation and sleep management, nutrition therapy, low level laser therapy, and Indian head or full body massage.

Not only will these well-being therapies help you to relax, but they also take care of your physical health. Self-care for your body is integral to your mental health and staying on track with your long-term recovery.


How does Satori therapy help?

You may not have heard of Satori Chair therapy before, it’s also known as the ZRO Touch Wellness System. It’s undertaken in a purpose-built room with lighting which has been designed to create a sensory, soothing environment.

The chair allows you to sit back, relax, and enter an almost meditative state of relaxation. Satori Chair therapy helps to realign the balance in your brains chemistry which is likely to have been affected by excessive drug or alcohol abuse.

In addition to the sensory lighting, specific sound frequencies are projected through your body using vibration therapy offering a range of benefits, particularly for sleep.

We may offer this as a standalone therapy within your residential addiction treatment programme, but it’ll also be available to you at all times if you wanted to use it to unwind.

It’s a great way to take your mind off things and create space for happier, healthier behaviours.


What happens once you’ve completed our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme?

Upon completion of your residential addiction treatment, you’ll return home with the added support of our dedicated aftercare team.

We will provide you with a drug and alcohol aftercare programme to aid your adjustment into life back at home and to also encourage motivation to continue your journey to long-term recovery.

An important part of your aftercare will be ongoing drug and alcohol relapse prevention. As you’re back at home, you’ll be faced with more distractions and possible temptations which could lead you to relapse.

We can spend some time with your friends and family to educate them on the triggers and signs to look out for, this will help significantly in preventing any drug or alcohol relapses.

Are you ready to take on this challenging, yet highly rewarding experience? Turn your life around and create a future free from alcohol or drugs. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 01908 489 421 or email at

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