If you’re struggling in your battle against alcohol or drug addiction, then our private drug and alcohol rehab in Stourbridge can help you win this fight once and for all.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stourbridge

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Living with addiction is extremely draining and debilitating. You’ll likely find your physical and psychological health deteriorating, in addition to your once cherished relationships beginning to break down.

Drug and alcohol abuse have a significant negative impact on many aspects of your life, and on the lives of your loved ones. Put an end to your addiction by getting in touch with our rehab centre today; we can put you on the right track to a long-term recovery.

There’s not enough open discussion around drug addiction or alcohol addiction. It affects thousands of people in the UK, yet there’s still a stigma attached to it.

With so few discussions and little awareness about this disease, people are feeling isolated and embarrassed to admit that they need professional support. Taking the first step in asking for help is an extremely commendable thing to do.

Here at our drug and alcohol rehab in Stourbridge, we’ll reward your bravery with an exceptional residential addiction treatment programme.


What is it like at our Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Many people have the wrong idea of what it’s really like at rehab places for drugs and alcohol. For some reason, rehab has been portrayed either as a cold, hospital like environment, or as an unattainable, luxurious centre which only welcomes celebrities.

Whilst there may be rehab centres like this, ours in Stourbridge certainly isn’t.  We’re very proud of the warm and welcoming atmosphere we’ve created at our private drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Each client is embraced with open arms and friendly faces as they begin their journey to long-term recovery.

Our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse is more like a hotel than a hospital. Each of our clients receives their own private room with en-suite and all of the home comforts they could ask for.

We take care of your laundry, housekeeping, and provide you with home-cooked, nutritious meals every day. We do all of this to make you feel as comfortable as possible whilst undergoing your residential addiction treatment.

After you’ve originally contacted us, we’ll invite you to a pre-screening assessment where we can find out a bit more about the nature of your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

This information helps us to design a bespoke treatment programme which is suited specifically to your needs, giving you the greatest chance of a successful recovery.

Once you’ve joined our rehab centre, you’ll likely begin with a drug and alcohol detoxification to cleanse your body of the harmful toxins put there as a result of substance abuse.

You may experience withdrawals symptoms as you gradually reduce your consumption of alcohol or drugs. If managed correctly, drug and alcohol detoxification is a highly effective way to alleviate your dependency on the substance.

However, if you were to attempt a detox without the support of an expert team, you’d be putting yourself at great risk.

Some withdrawal symptoms can be quite serious, so it’s essential that you undergo a drug and alcohol detoxification in a safe and controlled environment like at our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.


Are you ready for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

It’s very common for those who are suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs to believe that they don’t need help, or even that they don’t have a problem at all.

Whatever phase you’re at, whether you’ve only recently started noticing the effects of drug and alcohol abuse or if you’ve been dependent on the substance for a prolonged period of time, now is the time to seek support from a recognised drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

These are a few common signs to look out for which could indicate that you need professional support:

  • You’re experiencing extensive family or relationship conflicts as a result of your substance abuse
  • You feel lost without alcohol or drugs and unable to get through the day without using
  • You’re dealing with physical and psychological health issues due to excessive drug and alcohol abuse
  • Your behaviours have changed, you’ve become more irresponsible by gambling or driving under the influence for example
  • You’re under-performing at work, abusing alcohol or drugs at work, or you’ve lost your job altogether
  • You’re avoiding social activities as they’ll get in the way of your drug and alcohol abuse
  • You’re feeling anxious or agitated that you don’t have enough alcohol or drugs to get you through the week

If you’re experiencing any of the above, it could be a strong indicator that you require urgent support at our drug and alcohol rehab in Stourbridge.

The longer you leave your drug and alcohol abuse untreated, the worse it will get. You could be causing irreversible, life-changing damage to your physical and psychological well-being; get in touch with us before it’s too late.

In order for our residential addiction treatment to be as effective as it can be, you must be fully prepared to take on this challenge of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Unless you’re completely committed to changing your behaviours and giving up substance abuse indefinitely, then our treatment programme is unlikely to be effective long-term.


Drug and alcohol aftercare programme

All of our clients receive a free, 12-month aftercare programme upon completion of their 28-day residential addiction treatment.

This is an integral aspect of your recovery journey, as our dedicated aftercare team will help you to maintain your motivation to recover and deliver additional drug and alcohol relapse prevention sessions as required.

If you’re ready to take on this challenging, yet highly rewarding experience, contact our friendly admissions team today on 01908 489 421 or email at info@asanalodge.com. We can help you to achieve your long-term recovery goals and live a life free from alcohol or drugs.

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