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Everybody’s needs are different. There is not a single programme that works for every single person. Which is why our dedicated rehab team at Asana Lodge will tailor each treatment programmes specifically for the needs of each individual.

By focusing on you, we are able provide the most effective path to recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wolverhampton

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Asana Lodge is a new bespoke residential treatment centre which provides drug and alcohol rehab in Wolverhampton.

We’re passionate about giving every addiction sufferer the best chance of recovery at our dedicated 24/7 treatment centre.


Getting started with Drug and alcohol Rehab Wolverhampton

Perhaps the most important thing we do when you first contact us is this: listen. We really take the time to assess your needs and work out a programme which addresses all the different challenges you face.

Our initial conversation will establish some key information:

  • The nature and scale of your drug or alcohol addiction
  • Your current housing situation
  • You employment situation
  • Any psychological issues you may have
  • Any social problems that exist

There are many different services offering drug and alcohol rehab in Wolverhampton, but our professional team seeks to treat not just the symptoms, but also the root causes and other contributory factors that surround your substance dependency.

Our team of addiction treatment professionals will ensure that you receive the best treatment right from the start. To confirm the scale of your substance abuse, we may need to perform a saliva test or ask you to provide a urine sample.

A psychological assessment may also need to be made. This is performed in a relaxed atmosphere by one of our qualified psychiatrists. We really want to get to the root of your problem so we explore how your addiction may have started and how it’s affected your life.

By giving you the ability to discuss your problem in a confidential setting, this in itself, can provide a great sense of relief – particularly if you’ve never been able to have this conversation before.

From the outset, you will be assigned a key-worker who will be on-hand through your treatment programme and work with you to overcome your addiction problems.


How long is Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The length of treatment varies greatly depending on your individual circumstances, the extent of your addiction and the consequences it has had for your health. On average, the duration varies anywhere from a week to 28 days.

We offer drug and alcohol rehab in Wolverhampton which tackles the full range of factors involved in your dependency – and for that reason, it has to be a tailored programme with a schedule which we believe gives you the best chance of recovery.

One of the key elements of your treatment programme will be your carefully managed detox programme which gradually reduces the amount of the addictive substance you take, until you are free from it altogether. The process is known as tapering and it’s crucial for achieving a safe substance withdrawal.

As well as the process of gradual withdrawal, you will be catered for with a diet which helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms. At our residential setting, you will have meals prepared for you, so that food becomes one less thing you need to organise. Our treatment program is geared towards enabling you to focus your energies one-hundred per cent on recovery.

The detox may also be accompanied by vitamin supplements which – along with a healthy diet – can also help with withdrawal.

At Asana Lodge, we take a holistic approach to your recovery. That means using a variety of techniques and interventions to help with your recovery. Elements of your treatment programme may include:

  • Emotional and psychological therapy: Included in our treatment service is a range of talking therapies, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) that enable you to better understand your thoughts and feelings, and how they affect your behaviour. By talking with qualified professionals you can build greater resilience which will help both during and after your treatment programme.
  • Meditation and relaxation: Meditation is another means of building mental resilience. According to the Harvard Gazette, clients with depression, chronic pain and anxiety can benefit from well-designed mindfulness meditation programs.
  • Group therapy: Engaging in a group with fellow sufferers can help build a sense of purpose and help you to realise that you’re not alone. Being part of an encouraging community will help motivate you and provide solace during difficult times.
  • Substitute medication: If you’re among those dependent on drugs, then you may be prescribed medication as a safer alternative during your withdrawal programme. For example, a heroine addict may be offered methadone as an alternative until they are able to go without.
  • Professional assistance and guidance: throughout the course of your stay, you will be assisted by a multi-disciplinary team of treatment professionals, including psychologists and doctors.

We understand that even if you have successfully completed your rehab programme; your recovery continues long after you’ve left our residential treatment centre. That’s why we offer aftercare services so that you can continue to stay on track with the progress you’ve made.


Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wolverhampton

In 2017, Wolverhampton represented the area of the West Midlands with the highest proportion of its population admitted to hospital with drug poisoning. Today, it continues to have its fair share of social issues related to drugs and alcohol

It’s important that those seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Wolverhampton are able to access services which give them the best chance of a successful recovery. Our purpose-built facility provides a tranquil setting in which you can journey on the path to recovery.

With one-to-one assistance and a wide range of professional help; those people living in the Wolverhampton area can get the help they need to kick their substance addiction.

We treat the full spectrum of substance abuse disorders, including alcohol, cannabis, opiates, stimulants, benzodiazepines and all the related psychological and physical health issues related to them.

Contact us today to find out how the Asana Lodge residential rehab centre can help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction.



Harvard researchers study how mindfulness may change the brain in depressed patients