Many individuals believe that admission to drug and alcohol rehab is merely in place to move them from A to B.

They see an admission as the process to make all arrangements for their impending drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. This is in fact correct; however, the admission process offers even greater value, far beyond making plans.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rowley Regis

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At Asana Lodge, we follow an extensive admission process, ensuring that our clients can soon visit our drug and alcohol rehab clinic. However, we also use this time to understand our clients and form the most fitting rehab programmes available.

Our admission process, ultimately, shares insight into your personal needs and expectations of drug and alcohol rehab. This will include your readiness to recover, your response to drugs and alcohol, and your physical and psychological health.

All details, personal and confidential to you will then be translated into directing your residential rehab programme, offering comfort, offering effective results, and offering safe rehabilitation steps.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for the most realistic approach to a drug and alcohol rehab in Rowley Regis, we encourage you to consider ours here at Asana Lodge. You can soon experience a personal admission, beginning your exposure to rehab.


Complete your Admission into a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rowley Regis

If you’re hoping to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Rowley Regis, although we are located outside of the local area, our Asana Lodge rehab clinic stands as a good option for you. This is down to the fact that you can benefit from both localised and residential forms of drug and alcohol rehab.

Localised rehab can provide comfort, highly sought-after while rehabilitating from addiction. Yet, alone, familiarity can result in drug and alcohol exposure, hindering rehabilitation rates. Residential rehab provides a home from home, an opportunity to complete an all-round rehab programme, and the ability to avoid drug and alcohol exposure.

Yet, alone, many individuals feel like they are miles from home, which for some can act as a trigger.

Yet, here at Asana Lodge, we merge both together through our local base to Rowley Regis, helping you recover at a distance, yet close enough to feel comfortable. By selecting our rehab clinic, you can advance through the below, invaluable admission process, helping you access the most fitting rehab programme and addiction treatment recommendations.

Reach out for our support
If you’re ready to embark on drug and alcohol rehab, you can share your interest by reaching out to our team. We will be here for you, from the offset, to support you emotionally, to help you acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction, and to help you make all arrangements for rehab.

Complete a pre-admission assessment
Once you’re comfortable, a pre-admission assessment will be activated, which is where we will learn to understand your relationship with drugs and alcohol. This will go way beyond merely asking questions about your physical and psychological health and your recovery goals.

We will look into your cognitive responses to drug and alcohol abuse, we will consider influential factors such as your environment, and we will look to identify the complexity of your addiction. Through this assessment, we will then have an accurate insight, ready to form your personal rehab programme.

Accept arrangements
By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Rowley Regis, you may believe that little arrangements will be necessary. However, we ensure that all of your needs are met through rehab, while providing a homely setting and a space you can relax into.

All arrangements will be made for your up-and-coming encounter with drug and alcohol rehab, which you’ll soon need to accept in order to advance your admission.

Embark on your admission date
If you’re happy with all rehab recommendations, your admission date will be set, where you’ll embark on your personal journey of rehab.

Please keep in mind that our services are in demand. Yet, we have the capabilities to offer an efficient turnaround, helping you access drug and alcohol rehab exactly when you need it.


Begin addiction Treatment Services

On your admission into rehab, a final assessment will be made to secure addiction treatment recommendations and to ensure that you are fit for drug and alcohol withdrawal.

If our medical team is happy, your rehab journey, with a focus on addiction treatment services, will commence, slowly but surely moving you one step closer, at a time, towards sober living.


Experience our Treatment Services at Asana Lodge

It’s easy to see our passion for personalised rehab programmes, especially when considering our extensive admission process. We, however, understand the necessity of personalisation, as rehab responses will differ from client to client.

With this in mind, we will ensure that your response can be positive and progressive by encountering suitable treatment services. We have a full range, from brain restoration, detoxification and CBT, to virtual reality therapy, stress management and relapse prevention.

We combine an effective mix of safe and medically accredited addiction treatment options, ideal for personal preferences and to motivate positive response rates. With this in mind, your personal programme will be shared on your admission.

However, please be reassured that you will have access to pioneering treatment services, known to drive success through drug and alcohol rehab.


Work towards long-term recovery through a Personal Programme

Working towards long-term recovery is prioritised here at Asana Lodge. We hope to ensure that all clients can bypass initial recovery, by normalising sober living back in Rowley Regis.

Through experience, we’ve witnessed how our personal programmes allow for this level of success, by matching suitable treatment services with certain characteristics of addiction. For example, those with mental health issues will require dual-diagnosis treatment, which can advance recovery rates.

Alongside our inpatient rehab programmes, our advice and guidance, ready for your post-rehab transition are invaluable, helping you remain confident through independent long-term recovery.

You can work towards long-term recovery by selecting a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Rowley Regis.

Although we may be outside of your local area, you can benefit from our specialist approach, our localised and residential offering of rehab, and our passion for united success.

Start your rehab experience with progression in mind by completing a personal, highly important admission.

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