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A drug and alcohol addiction can materialise from innocent, social consumption. This is in fact how the majority of initial use will begin.

However, through the positive reinforcements, offered by drugs, alcohol and their euphoric feelings, misuse commonly follows as a coping strategy.

Down to the complexity of addiction and its development phase, it’s understandable if you feel like your addiction has come from nowhere.

It’s also understandable if you’ve felt like drugs and alcohol have supported you greatly through suffering, through mental health issues, or through the stress of reality.

While confusion may be present, it is however important that you look to understand your causation, work through it and aim to avoid further drug and alcohol abuse.

Addiction recovery, to any degree, will be possible by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, which will also rank as convenient for you. Y

et, to truly work on the psychological causation of your addiction, it’s time to consider residential rehab here at Asana Lodge.

While based in Towcester, we still stand as a rehab clinic, offering comfortable transitions, while providing sought-after distance from the accessibility of drugs and alcohol.

Learn more about addiction, about your potential recovery experience and about our offering, helping you unravel the materialisation of your addiction. Evidence-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be the best way forward, offering holistic long-term healing capabilities.


Why am I addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Developing a drug and alcohol addiction can be triggered by a range of factors. Yet, initial use must first be experienced, commonly through innocent outlooks.

Once the positives of substance abuse have been experienced, many individuals will continue to crave that positivity, helping to alleviate other areas of life.

Factors such as the environments that you reside within or visit regularly, the social situations that you involve yourself in, the psychological experiences that you are encountering, such as mental health issues, and the biological influences of genetics can influence addiction.

By considering influential factors, it’s easy to see how complex an addiction is as an illness. It’s also easy to see how varying initial causations are, making it difficult to pinpoint your exact influence of drug and alcohol abuse.

Yet, via our rehab clinic, we can work with you to first understand the initial stages of your consumption, along with completing assessments on your response system.

Both will provide insight into the gap that drug and alcohol use have filled, helping our team refill the gap with positive, healthy coping strategies.


Will I benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle-Under-Lyme?

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle-Under-Lyme will benefit you significantly greater than ongoing substance abuse or low-quality care. In fact, there are many valuable assets linked to remaining near home for rehab. Convenience is the greatest, which usually boosts acceptance of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, easier.

However, you must consider your personal ability to recover while situated close to your current drug and alcohol influences. Many individuals struggle through localised recovery, which is why we highly advocate residential rehab.

If you believe that challenges will arise, down to environmental, social or emotional influences, looking beyond the local area of Newcastle-Under-Lyme will be encouraged.

While currently, you may feel uneasy about leaving behind your loved ones and life, this is for a short period of time, which will benefit your post-rehab life much more. There are also significant benefits linked to residential rehab, which will not only offer the comfort of localised recovery but will also increase your chances of drug and alcohol withdrawal.


What’s expected from your rehab clinic?

Our rehab clinic at Asana Lodge is very different to others within the specialism of drug and alcohol addiction recovery. While we utilise similar addiction treatment services and programmes as other centres, we have our own unique approach to the overarching goal of addiction recovery.

Starting from your admission, we will complete thorough assessments of your connection to drugs and alcohol. Yet, we go way beyond health checks and behavioural issues. We in fact consider genetics, brain responses, psychological weaknesses and a number of other contributing factors, commonly associated with addiction.

We follow a thorough process as we understand that every addiction diagnosis, across the world will be influenced by different stimuli. With this in mind, we must understand the science behind individual diagnoses, before pushing ahead with addiction treatment recommendations.

Our use of treatment services also sets us apart, as we focus on traditional forms, such as detoxing and counselling. Yet, we also use innovative forms, such as art and satori chair therapy.

Through our rehab clinic, you can expect to complete a realistic and reliable rehab programme, which promotes reset, which promotes safer recovery routes, and which promotes personal experiences of rehab. Combined together, you’ll have a stronger chance at understanding your addiction and suppressing it through lifestyle changes back in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.


What’s important about Holistic Healing?

There’s significant importance behind holistic healing when considering a physical and psychological addiction. The definition of holistic ultimately highlights an all-round approach to recovery, which will not only target an addiction, but also physical and psychological wellbeing, and quality of life.

Holistic healing is very important as the multifaceted impacts of addiction can target different areas of life, of the body, and of the mind. In order to heal on a reliable scale, holistic healing must be aimed for, by implementing a comprehensive rehab programme.

On offer here at Asana Lodge, we not only provide opportunities of addiction recovery, but we work with our clients to boost the value of life, helping to reduce future desires of drug and alcohol abuse.

Our offering is especially accepted by those who have used drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy, as they learn to cope through life with healthier techniques.


How can I start Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Before starting rehab, it’s important that you do consider your options, and whether you’ll recover greater from a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, or via our rehab clinic. If you’re supportive of our approach, which can offer greater recovery rates, you can start your admission process by contacting our team.

From here, you’ll be in place to complete your pre-admission assessment, helping to provide insight into the causation of your addiction. Understand your addiction and learn ways to overcome and deter it via our residential rehab clinic here in Towcester.