Sadly, there are a lot of individuals who are of the belief that drug or alcohol addiction is simply a physical issue. For people who have this outlook, you will often see that these people think that a single drug and alcohol detox program will be all that they need to experience to forget a long-term recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Staffordshire

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Although, thanks to extensive experience and thorough scientific research, we completely understand just how spurious those assertions are — as in order to truly overcome drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction, both a psychological and physical healing needs to be experienced.

In fact, it is imperative that a psychological recovery is also focussed on, as the psychological side-effects of addiction may have the largest impact in terms of achieving long-term recovery.

Due to this, it is very important that you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire that takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery — such as the drug and alcohol treatment centres offered by Asana Lodge.

At Asana Lodge, you will be able to experience a convenient rehab option for your needs and requirements, perfectly prepared to ease your transition to a life free from drugs and alcohol.

All you need to do is reach out to us today so that you can begin a safe, reliable, and luxurious pathway leading to long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


You Will Be Treated As An Individual At Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire, we pride in ourselves in the fact that we treat every person who reaches out to us as an individual, rather than simply as a patient or number on a spreadsheet.

Here at Asana Lodge, we’re extremely passionate about ensuring that what our clients experience through drug and alcohol rehabilitation is safe, comfortable, and successful.

To make sure that we achieve this goal, Asana Lodge offers personally-tailored addiction treatment programs to each and every client.

These specifically personalised programs will focus heavily upon a mixture of both physical and psychological health, on safety, on recovery techniques that will aid relapse prevention, all while taking into consideration your personal needs.

By experiencing our unique and successful approach to addiction treatment, you will reap the benefits of a personal program full of various addiction treatment services, all of which together will inspire a positive response to sobriety from your brain and body.

We can help you to get to this point by overcoming various assessments during your stay with us, which will help you to learn how to evaluate your current and future environmental, social, mental, and philosophical associations with drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

During your stay with us, we will rock closely with you to look for any weaknesses in your brain, such as negative behaviours and unresolved issues which have contributed to your development of a substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder.

This will help our team understand your needs through drug and alcohol rehab, while also help you to forge the healthiest and most-effective recovery possible.


Detoxification Can Be A Safe And Easy Process At Our Detox Clinic

Drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal can cause a person to present with a variety of potentially very severe side-effects. A lot of people think that simply stopping consuming drugs or alcohol in their own home will be the best way to getting clean long-term.

However, if you simply suddenly starve your body of a substance that you have become addicted to, then your body can develop some very serious side-effects as it struggles to adapt to the lack of the substance.

This is the reason why we cannot advise that people try to detox on their own, without the help of our trained professionals in our detox clinic. The medical staff at our detox clinic will be able to help monitor and manage any alcohol withdrawal symptoms or drug withdrawal symptoms that your body begins to exhibit.

Our detox clinic’s medically-assisted detoxification is one of the safest and healthiest ways for you to get through this potentially difficult process.

Having experienced the detoxification process with the help of our detox specialists, you will then be ready to begin the rest of your treatment plan.


The Key To Curing Your Brain Of Addiction

While on the one hand it visibly impacts a person’s physical health, addiction is primarily a psychological affliction which impacts alterations in a person’s brain. These alterations are often identified by looking at how blood flow causes brain activity, and in turn, increase the likelihood of an addiction or mental health issue manifesting.

So that we can ensure a successful recovery for the people who walk through our doors, the way that we analyse your brain helps us, and you, to notice risks and other contributing factors.

At the same time, appropriate addiction treatment avenues will be advised throughout your stay at our rehab, which will help you to tackle both your addiction and any other mental health conditions which may be underlying without your prior knowledge.

In tandem, we also employ organic and wellness treatment avenues, which ensures that health and safety will be maintained throughout your stay at our rehab.

Alcohol and/or drug detoxification programs, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), individual/one-to-one therapy are amongst our most popular and useful traditional methods of addiction treatment, and these are coupled with the likes of art therapy, NAD+ therapy, and other non-traditional addiction treatment therapies.

If you do not spend your recovery looking at your cognitive functionality, the mental health side-effects of addiction can only get worse over time, further worsening the chances of long-term recovery.

Therefore, should you really be ready to start taking overcoming your addiction seriously, then you should waste no time in contacting Asana Lodge.

Our specialist staff are ready and waiting to get you on the journey towards a successful and long-lasting recovery. Call 01908 489 421 today for a free consultation.