Here at Asana Lodge, we have a fantastic drug and alcohol rehab in Biddulph where we help countless people overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Biddulph

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We have an exceptional team of recovery workers who deliver industry leading therapies to help you live a life free from addiction. All of our treatment programmes are personalised to each individual to ensure maximum success for each of our clients.

We’re confident that we can help you win your battle against drug or alcohol addiction once and for all. Just call us today on 01908 489 421 or email to speak to a member of our admissions team.


What are the Benefits of a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

We appreciate that the word private may cause some concern around cost, however, we want to assure you that whilst our facilities and therapies are of the highest quality, we have a number of residential addiction treatment programmes to suit varying budgets.

Our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse is private in every sense of the word as you benefit from your own private room throughout the duration of your stay with us.

You’ll receive the utmost dedication and care at all times from our encouraging and hard-working team of addiction specialists. They’ll be there for you every step of the way ensuring you’re safe and secure whilst undergoing your addiction treatment.

One of the great benefits of residential private drug and alcohol rehab is that you have the opportunity to focus on achieving your long-term recovery without the distractions or temptations that could be present in your daily homelife.

It’s very difficult to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs whilst remaining in your comfort zone of home where you’re surrounded by people or stresses which could potentially influence you into relapsing.

Whilst staying with us, the only thing you have to focus on is recovering from alcohol or drugs, we take care of everything else.

If you were to opt for outpatient treatment or addiction treatment with the NHS, you’ll be added to a long waiting list to receive a generic treatment programme. Unfortunately, as the NHS is so overstretched, they’re unable to offer immediate addiction treatment when you need it most.

If you were lucky enough to receive treatment quickly, it would be a generic programme to follow as they don’t have the resources to personalise each treatment for every person. Following a generic programme is unlikely to be effective, leaving you feeling disheartened and possibly reluctant to try again.

We encourage you to join our drug and alcohol rehab in Biddulph straight away to avoid any disappointment whilst saving yourself time and effort.


What is the Admissions Process at our Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

The first step can be the most difficult, particularly if you’re struggling to admit to yourself that you need professional support from a recognised drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. Over the years, we’ve seen so many people in denial about their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

It’s extremely important to open up and first acknowledge to yourself that you have a condition which you need help with. Once you’ve accepted this, you can then take the courageous step of asking for support from a rehab centre.

Whilst this may seem daunting, we can assure you it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make for yourself and for your loved ones.

Our admissions team are very understanding and handle each case with the utmost discretion and compassion, so please don’t feel embarrassed to talk to us. After you’ve spoken with our admissions team either over the phone or via email, we can arrange a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health.

This assessment allows us to gain a much better insight into the nature of your condition which then helps us to design the most effective residential addiction treatment programme for you.

This is also a great opportunity for you to share anything further with us or ask any questions which you might have about our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

If you’re happy to proceed after your pre-screening assessment, we can set an admissions date for you to join us; this could be as soon as 48 hours after making your initial contact.

A member of our recovery team will take you through your induction into our rehab centre, ensuring you’re familiarised with your surroundings and have everything you need to feel as comfortable as possible.

Once you’re settled in, you can begin your treatment programme which normally starts with a drug and alcohol detoxification.


Do We Offer a Range of Addiction Therapies?

Each person’s journey behind their addiction to alcohol or drugs is completely unique, therefore we design a unique treatment programme for each individual.

All of our residential addiction treatment programmes are likely to begin with a drug and alcohol detoxification as it’s the most effective way to remove toxins from your body and cleanse your mind in preparation for your psychological therapies.

Whilst detoxing is highly recommended, it does pose some risk, particularly as you encounter withdrawal symptoms. Our recovery team will supervise the process 24/7 to ensure you’re safe throughout, administering prescribed medication if necessary to ease any discomfort.

In addition to our drug and alcohol detoxification, we make sure that every treatment programme includes a mix of psychological and well-being therapies, offering a holistic approach to addiction treatment which has proven to be most effective.

We deliver cognitive behavioural therapy, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, stress management, individual, group or family counselling, relaxation and sleep management, low level laser therapy, art therapy, and fitness therapy.

To finish your treatment with us, we offer all of our clients a free drug and alcohol aftercare programme for the first 12 months after leaving our rehab centre; this is a crucial aspect to achieving your long-term recovery goals.

Start your journey to recovery today by calling 01908 489 421 or send an email to