Both excessive and long-term drug and alcohol abuse can cause the body and brain to significantly change. Physical and psychological health problems and weaknesses are likely, in association with addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wombourne

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Down to the sometimes-invisible impacts of addiction, resetting on physical and psychological levels is a must. With this in mind, a standalone detox programme will not offer full recovery capabilities, as the important factor of brain restoration will be missing.

This is why visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wombourne or the surrounding area, specialising in holistic addiction recovery should be prioritised, which we offer here at Asana Lodge.

Without resetting via rehab, there’s a likelihood that cravings will reside, that drugs and alcohol will be required to function properly, and that the addiction cycle will be even harder to break down to an ingrained habit.

If you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol, at any degree, this is exactly why you should look to rehabilitate, sooner than later. Appreciated as a sensitive topic, we are here to support you emotionally, while offering the greatest form of reset, via scientifically driven rehab programmes.


The Importance of Resetting through Rehab

Many individuals believe that physical recovery will offer full withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. While detoxing will benefit the body, even greater focus is necessary on the brain. Over time, drug and alcohol abuse can cause detrimental impacts to functionality, on physical and psychological levels.

Removing the presence of drugs and alcohol will, of course, alleviate side effects, and over time, if consumption can be kept at bay, cravings will reduce. Yet, habitual behaviours will remain, as will weaknesses caused by the toxicity of drugs and alcohol, meaning that relapse risks will persist.

To overcome long-term relapse risks, resetting through rehab is necessary. Through different forms of addiction treatment and wellbeing services, the aim is to revert the body to its optimal state, while working on cognitive repair and restoration.

After all, through addiction, your quality of life will take a significant hit. Through resetting your health, other areas of your life will have the opportunity to also heal, all connected to addiction recovery. Possible through a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Wombourne, or within the area of, you can look to rest, to reset and to recover from the damages of addiction.


Recovering from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wombourne

To truly suppress the control and presence of drug and alcohol abuse, recovering with the backing of specialist care and forms of addiction treatment will be recommended. Brought together, this service can be found via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wombourne.

However, to truly benefit from the value of rehab, selecting a residential rehab programme will be encouraged, allowing for a holistic, all-round recovery focus to be activated.

At Asana Lodge, we offer high-quality, comprehensive programmes, focusing on healing the mind, soon followed by 360 recovery capabilities. While located outside of Wombourne, we offer residential rehab programmes, offering an ideal stay, away from your drug and alcohol influences.

Understandably, you may prefer to select a Wombourne based rehab clinic, right on your doorstep. Yet, along with the benefits of distance, we stand as a stronger option, down to our classification as the only private rehab clinic, promoting the use of science.

Through our approach, through our focus on evidence, greater recovery rates will be available to you, helping you return to Wombourne reset for sober living.


General Rehab vs Scientific Rehab Programmes

If you’re searching through local rehab clinics, there’s a likelihood that although they may specialise in drug and alcohol addiction recovery, that they will follow a general approach. Here’s where your needs will be taken into consideration, yet standard addiction treatment services will be recommended.

Here at Asana Lodge, we focus on drug and alcohol addiction recovery through a scientific approach. By that, we mean that we look into the evidence behind individual addiction makeup, which allows the formation of reliable and personal rehab programmes.

Not only that, through truly understanding individual brain responses, to drugs and alcohol, and to addiction treatments we can use some of the most innovative treatment services out, increasing safety and the capacity of recovery.

For some, the general approach available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wombourne may work. Yet, through our offering, complex addiction makeups can be worked through, helping to unravel chronic addiction diagnosis.

Our aim is to heal the mind, which in turn will impact behaviours and actions, helping to heal the body from substance abuse. This is possible through our use of science, placing emphasis on psychological recovery, soon followed by physical.


Our Treatment Services at Asana Lodge

As mentioned above, we go way beyond the standalone use of traditional treatment services. Detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and support groups will play a part in your rehab programme.

Yet, through our leading range of treatment options, you can also expect to complete services such as art therapy, brain restoration, biofeedback stress reduction and virtual reality therapy.

This approach focuses on how the brain responds to stress, to drug and alcohol abuse, and to certain environments. We then aim to change that response, by utilising the effective tools that we have to promote sustainable long-term recovery.

Exact treatment recommendations will be made on your admission as we will complete a pre-admission assessment to fully understand how you respond to drugs and alcohol. This will then lead the way when combining traditional and contemporary forms of addiction treatment, allowing for the evidence to speak for itself.

Naturally, you may warm to a general programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wombourne. This will likely be down to convenience and the favoured option of local recovery.

Yet, to truly reset from addiction, ultimately improving your long-term recovery rates, considering our specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic, in Towcester will be encouraged. By doing so, we can make all arrangements for you for a residential rehab stay.

Reach out today for more information on our unique yet highly effective approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.