Are you suffering from an addiction, with the hope to remain local for addiction treatment? If so, please be reassured that this is in fact a viable recovery option, which commonly has misconceptions linked to it.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stafford

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Many believe that selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Stafford will cause more harm than gone when considering the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Now, for some, this is a realistic outlook to have, as remaining close to home, to any degree will make withdrawing that much harder.

However, for some individuals, through suitably selected rehab clinics, on a residential basis, localised recovery can help them thrive even more so than distanced rehab.

Yet, before we guarantee that a Stafford based rehab clinic will work for you, it’s imperative that an assessment is completed, helping to understand the causation and influence of your initial use and ongoing abuse of drugs and alcohol.

At Asana Lodge, although we are located outside of Stafford, we still rank as a local option for you, by providing straightforward admissions and returns, handiness and familiarity.

Yet, alongside the benefits of our location, alongside the fact that we offer residential rehab as a standard, we also secure greater recovery rates through our evidence-based rehabilitation approach.

With this in mind, it is important to consider what is a priority for you. Is it the location that you recover from, which in this case being Stafford, or is it your ability to lead a drug and alcohol-free life in Stafford?

If it’s the latter, a short sacrifice through residential rehab will be worth it.


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stafford

As we’ve shared above, if your location is the most important factor of your rehab programme, influencing your experience and ability to recover, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Stafford will be recommended.

Ultimately, it is important that you select the most fitting option which will promote greater acceptance of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, if your priority is around recovering, with longevity in mind, searching beyond your local area of Stafford will be beneficial, which is where our rehab clinic becomes accessible.

Through our Towcester based private treatment centre, we offer residential rehab programmes which carry common benefits of localised recovery, which carry common benefits of 24/7 inpatient addiction treatment, and which carry the common benefits of professional guidance.

However, we are different from other rehab clinics, especially within the local area, by offering reliable, evidential forms of addiction recovery.

You can experience this, alongside a personal rehab programme, and the ability to heal holistically, all by looking elsewhere beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Stafford.


Our admission process at Asana Lodge

If you’re keen to experience our unique offering at Asana Lodge, your admission will begin as soon as you reach out. This will be the ideal time to share any questions or concerns you have, along with sharing your expectations around drug and alcohol rehab.

At this point, we will also run through our treatment services, how we can support you, and the expected progression of your rehab stay.

Moving forward, a pre-admission assessment will be necessary, in place to understand your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

This step is mandatory, ensuring that we can gauge the key stimuli, influencing your habit of drug and alcohol consumption, with the aim to recommend fitting treatment services.

Post-assessment, here’s where we will run through your expected experience, including your own personal programme of addiction treatment options, along with taking your deposit and arranging your admission date.

Once your admission into our rehab clinic has been activated, where we will help you transition from life in Stafford, we will then provide you with an overview of your residential stay, providing a comfortable and welcoming feel.

At this point, your exposure to drug and alcohol rehab will be in full swing, where addiction treatment recommendations will begin.

The key part of our admission process is that we make it personal to you.

Our step of assessing your dynamic with substance abuse truly guides the way, helping our team understand your physical and psychological response to drugs and alcohol.

Assessments to this extent are commonly unheard of, which is another reason to select our care over a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Stafford.


Overcome addiction the best way through holistic treatment services

On the surface, drug and alcohol abuse is seen to cause physical, tangible damage. Yet, the greatest damage is internal, with a focus on cognitive functioning.

Down to the multifaceted dynamic of addiction, it is therefore imperative that holistic treatment services are utilised.

Through our rehab clinic, we not only advocate personal rehab programmes, but we use the most ethical, most effective and the most comprehensive forms, helping to promote physical, psychological and spiritual healing.

Through a general rehab clinic, you’ll likely be welcomed with a detox programme, a range of talking therapies and accountability sessions. While all have definite parts to play in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we also use treatment services which carry greater effectiveness when considering realism.

We do make use of traditional addiction treatment services, especially when considering physical withdrawal and psychological repair.

Yet, we also place emphasis on treatment services including brain restoration, exposure therapy and virtual reality therapy. The aim of this combination is to tackle addiction, to elevate wellbeing, to secure sober living and to change reactions to drug and alcohol exposure.

Our approach to treatment will also prepare you greatly for your transition back to Stafford as we utilise real-life exposure settings, in place to measure your progress.

All in all, holistic healing is possible through evidential recommendations, all based around your addiction diagnosis.

Ultimately, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Stafford may be a deal-breaker for you. Yet, if you’re happy to look further afield, you will benefit by accepting access to our offering of rehab.

For more information on the expected benefits that you can encounter, on the support we offer, and on how we can arrange your admission from Stafford, reach out today.