Knowing what to expect from drug and alcohol rehab, if it is your first encounter can be difficult. This is one reason why many individuals avoid the idea of professional rehabilitation, by either attempting lone detoxification or suffer from untreated addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wednesbury

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Yet, by visiting our website here at Asana Lodge, we will assume that you’re hoping to experience the value of rehabilitation, even if it is an unfamiliar process.

If this is the case, we must acknowledge the positive step that you’re in the process of taking, which can alleviate great suffering that you may be experiencing.

It will also alleviate a lifetime of suffering which is highly probable through the ongoing enablement of drug and alcohol abuse.

While a positive step to take, we understand that many obstacles are also in the way for you, such as anxiety, such as fear, such as misconceptions and such as a lack of awareness of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wednesbury.

Through this understanding, not only do we want to ease this time for you, but we also hope to facilitate your drug and alcohol rehab experience, ensuring that you encounter the greatest care possible, on a specialist scale.

Boost your awareness around what to expect from localised recovery, from drug and alcohol rehab, and from the commitment of long-term recovery you’re about to make. If you have any personal obstacles, getting in the way of your rehab admission, contact our team today.


What’s the expected process of rehab?

Knowing what to expect of rehab can help you value it’s process greater, along with easing your acceptance of that exact process. With this in mind, it is wise to keep on reading if you are hoping to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Wednesbury.

Through our admission process, once the suitability of our services has been accepted, you will be provided with a personal rehab programme. This programme will be formed by combining your needs, which we will gauge through your pre-admission assessment.

Our assessment process will consider general factors such as your health, the drug that you’re abusing, and the severity of your addiction. Yet, we will also delve deeper to understand how your brain responds to drugs and alcohol, and why for that matter.

Through a clear view of your addiction makeup, your rehab programme will be formed, marking the start of your rehabilitation process here in Towcester. Rehab will commonly start with a detoxification programme, helping to promote withdrawal and ease cravings as soon as possible.

Yet, great emphasis is placed on starting psychological restoration as soon as possible.

The majority of your rehab programme will focus on psychological repair, on changing your outlooks, on strengthening your mental health, on relapse prevention planning, and on exposure therapy. This focus will influence psychological recovery, which will organically motivate physical recovery.

Each rehab encounter will be different. Yet, you can expect a reliable rehab stay which has been formed through evidence, a comfortable stay through a fit for purpose residential clinic, and a worthwhile stay through probable success rates.

Once you’ve advanced through physical and psychological recovery, return home to Wednesbury will be recommended, helping you pave the way towards long-term recovery.


What are the benefits of picking a drug and alcohol rehab in Wednesbury?

There are many benefits, which you may currently be unaware of, linked to picking a drug and alcohol rehab in Wednesbury. Localised recovery provides convenience, comfort and a degree of familiarity.

It offers easier transitions into rehab, and easier transitions from rehab. It provides reassurance when considering long-term experiences of aftercare services. All of these assets make your experience within rehab worthwhile.

Yet, the greatest benefit will be your accessibility to our local rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge.

While we’re set away from Wednesbury itself, we are a popular choice for locals, by providing a safe haven from drug and alcohol influences, experienced at home. Our specialities also set us apart, making the distance bearable for many, with the knowledge that a short sacrifice will result in long-term gain.

You can encounter these benefits by investing yourself in residential rehab here in Towcester.


Can you help me through my mental health crisis?

Yes, our rehab clinic is equipped for mental health recovery processes, with a large focus on dual diagnosis treatment.

Through the high correlation between drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues and psychological impairment, we are prepared with the tools, the treatments and the specialists to support you through mental health crises.

Our aim is to promote holistic healing, which also focuses on your mental health and wellbeing. Working through dual diagnosis treatment is very important, helping you live with clarity, with positive outlooks, and with the undesirable feeling of abusing drugs and alcohol in the future.


What will impact my withdrawal process?

Drug and alcohol withdrawal, for any individual, will influence some challenges. After all, withdrawal is the process of slowly removing addictive drugs from the body. With this in mind, it is common to experience physical and psychological shock, identifying itself as withdrawal symptoms.

While it’s important to prepare for potential difficulties, it’s also important to remember that your withdrawal process will vary from the next individual. Your metabolism, your physical and psychological health, the level and length of your addiction, the drug that you’re abusing, your inclination to recover, and your internal strength will all impact the difficulty of your withdrawal process.

Although some of those factors cannot be changed, by preparing for rehab, and by understanding the necessity of withdrawal, you can ease your withdrawal process from drugs and alcohol.

Down to the risks present through drug and alcohol withdrawal, professional support should always be accepted. This is why visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wednesbury, with a focus on our rehab clinic is recommended, ensuring that your health and safety can be looked after throughout withdrawal.

Withdrawal is an important part of recovery. Yet the most important part of rehab will include the psychological changes and repair that you encounter through our specialist treatment services.

Make use of them, with the opportunity to sustain sober living by warming to the idea of visiting Asana Lodge.