If your life is being controlled by a drug or alcohol addiction, seeking treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Burntwood is highly advised.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Burntwood

If you have been unable to locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Burntwood, why not consider the treatment that we are able to provide you with here at Asana Lodge?


What Does A Typical Treatment Plan Look Like At Asana Lodge?

At Asana Lodge, we offer the very best in addiction recovery treatment.  Not only are our treatments world-class and industry leading, but our treatment plans and programmes are bespoke to each and every single individual that attends our residential rehab.

With this in mind, we are unable to uncover exactly what your personalised treatment programme will look like, however, we can offer insight into the basis of a treatment programme.


Clinical Assessment

As you enter our residential rehab, you will first be required to undergo a clinical assessment.  This assessment will allow our team of professionals to come to terms with the severity of your addiction and the physical and psychological effects that your addiction has.

In doing so, we can determine whether you will require any additional treatment, such as dual diagnosis treatment or stress or trauma treatment.



Irrespective of the substance that you have become addicted to, the first stage of treatment will consist of detoxification.  Detoxification will see you withdraw from the substance that you have become addicted to in a safe environment.

Although many attempt to withdraw from substances at home, this is extremely dangerous.  This is because withdrawing from a substance can cause an individual to feel somewhat unwell and relapse.  However, when carried out in rehab, you will be provided with medical assistance and around the clock care.


One-to-One Counselling

As you detox from drugs or alcohol, you will commence one-to-one counselling.  Initially, one-to-one counselling will provide you with the opportunity to discuss how you feel as you withdraw from a substance.

As you progress through your treatment programme, one-to-one counselling will see you come to terms with the factors that have caused your addiction to arise. You will then work with a recovery team to devise coping strategies that will ensure you are able to mitigate triggers and influencing factors in the future.



In addition to one-to-one counselling, you will encounter various forms of psychological therapy throughout your treatment.  The psychological therapy that you receive will depend upon the way in which your addiction has impaired your psychological health.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most common forms of therapies that we use as it encourages those in recovery to learn how to manage their thoughts and feelings.

As you commence psychotherapy, you will also encounter group therapy and well-being therapies such as art therapy.  Group therapy will enable you to share your recovery with your peers.  Group therapy will additionally offer you the opportunity to uncover how others manage their addictions and overcome pessimistic thoughts and feelings.

Well-being therapies such as art and music therapy will provide you with a further outlet to express how you feel.  Well-being therapies are particularly useful as they offer a wealth of coping strategies that can be employed beyond rehab.


Body and Brain Restoration

Throughout the rehabilitation stage of your treatment programme, you may well be introduced to a wealth of body and brain restoration treatments. At Asana Lodge, our body and brain restoration treatments are entirely unique.  We are one of the only rehabs in the country that offer said treatments.

Body and brain restoration treatments focus on restoring the body and brain, which in turn contribute to a long term recovery.  Similarly to psychotherapy, the body and brain restoration treatments that are recommended will depend on your personal circumstances.  However, they typically include Satori Chair Therapy and Intravenous Brain Restoration (NAD+ Therapy).


Aftercare Support Programme

As your time in rehab draws to a close, we will ensure that you continue to receive support as you return home and embark on your recovery by providing you with a bespoke aftercare support programme.  As we create your aftercare support programme, we will consider various aspects of your home life to ensure that we prepare you and offer sound advice should you come face-to-face with any triggers.

Offering you 12-months of free aftercare support, you will be welcome to join us for weekly-catch up sessions and group therapy.  You will find that these sessions will provide you with an additional outlet to voice any concerns that you have and share experiences and challenges that you face at home.

Please note, if you are looking to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Burntwood, we cannot guarantee that they will able to offer the treatment that we are able to provide you with.


How Long Will It Take Me To Complete My Treatment Programme?

Sadly, we are unable to tell you how long it will take you to complete your treatment programme without firstly discussing the impact your addiction has had on your life with you.

As we obtain the information needed, we will be able to provide an estimate of how long it will take you to complete treatment at our rehab.  However, we would encourage you to remain open-minded.

Your progress will be under constant review.  If we have reason to believe that you are not making progress at the rate that we initially expected you to, we will advise you to stay in our for a longer period of time.

Although this may not be desired, it truly is in your best interest.  Leaving our rehab prior to completing treatment will see you more prone to relapsing in the future.


Are You Ready To Overcome Your Addiction?

If you are ready to overcome your addiction and make the necessarily changes to secure a substance-free future, but have been unable to locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Burntwood, contact us today.

Our team are on hand to discuss your addiction with you, advise suitable treatment methods and answer any questions that you may have.

You can call us on 01908 489 421 or you can email info@asanalodge.com.