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Are you based in Tamworth, considering the opportunity to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction? Do you have little knowledge of the next best steps to experience positive recovery rates?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tamworth

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With a large number of treatment centres and methods now available, some traditional and others non-traditional, it can be difficult to gauge the most proactive and effective steps.

It can also be challenging to see a life beyond drugs and alcohol, reducing the desirability of some rehabilitation programmes.

If you’re fully committed to recovering, select a drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth, offering non-invasive, yet leading addiction treatment options, combined to form a personalised programme; something we offer to all clients at Asana Lodge.  

However, by visiting our rehab facility, you’ll experience the most effective route to addiction treatment, while encountering the desirability of addiction recovery.

We can help you surpass your relationship with drugs and alcohol, while working on your mental health and coping strategies.  


Why opt for a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Tamworth? 

When looking to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction, there are a number of different treatment routes to consider. However, all individuals should be mindful of the varying success rates, all offering a degree, depending on the type and severity of a drug and alcohol addiction.  

Your first port of call may be the consideration of free treatment services, available via a Tamworth based health centre. It is understandable why this may be your first natural option, down to the potential of recovering without an investment.

However, it is important to note that if long-term addiction recovery is your goal, this treatment route will not offer reliability.

Great pressures are placed on our country’s health services, making addiction treatments sparse and low-quality. Delays are likely, also known to reduce recovery opportunities by disrupting the progressive process.  

A further treatment option which can offer success rates is outpatient treatment. Available through localised rehab clinics, a flexible, mild form of addiction treatment can be completed. This treatment option is ideal for clients who are living with substance abuse, requiring a milder form of care and consistency.  

However, for those who are living with an addiction and the expected mental health symptoms, visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth should be your next step.

Offering a residential approach to rehab, here you will have everything you need to recover, available within one package.

Leading addiction treatments, around the clock care, positive environments, relapse prevention planning and free aftercare services are available through a residential rehab programme.  

If you’re hoping to recover for the better from addiction, visiting our private rehab and completing a personalised treatment programme here at Asana Lodge will benefit you greatly.

Opting for a reduced degree of addiction treatment will not provide sustainable recovery opportunities. 


What are the treatment rehab programmes here at Asana Lodge? 

Here at Asana Lodge, we prioritise health and safety, while focusing on the personalised delivery of rehab programmes. This approach to rehab is very important, with a strong understanding that behavioural addictions, brain illnesses and mental health issues affect all individuals differently.  We offer treatment rehab for a variety of different drug addictions icluging.

By visiting a rehab facility that offers a standardised, one-fits-all approach to addiction treatment, your recovery rates will, unfortunately, measure as low.

This is down to the complex and varied root of addiction, differentiating side effects, withdrawal symptoms, impacts and ongoing triggers, untreated and unaccommodated for through standard programmes.  

With this in mind, when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth, personalisation should be prioritised when making a selection.

Not only will our approach increase your addiction recovery rates, but it will also ease your rehabilitation process, ensuring that you feel comfortable and at home throughout residential rehab.  


The importance of a pre-admission assessment 

To achieve personalisation, at Asana Lodge, we place great emphasis on pre-admission assessments. As there are a number of different factors which can trigger initial substance abuse, soon leading into a drug and alcohol addiction, assessments must be completed by all clients.

By measuring biological, social, psychological and spiritual factors, in conjunction with a SPECT scan, clearer insights will be provided. Insights will lead the way when forming a personalised treatment programme, working around an individual’s cognitive functionality and response.  

Assessments will also be completed throughout rehab to ensure that progress can be maintained and continued post-rehab.

As a result of this, please keep an open mind when considering residential rehab. With this outlook, you’ll be fully committed to rehab, soon returning to Tamworth with all the skills to stay sober.  


What Addiction Treatment Options do we provide?

Although treatment programmes are personalised, a group of commonly utilised addiction treatment options are present. This is down to the necessity of treating both physical and psychological impacts of addiction, no matter the underlying causation. 

Addiction treatment programmes will usually include a drug and alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, brain and body restoration, individual therapy and group therapy.

In tandem with treating the body and mind, social treatment options will commonly be completed to alleviate emotional or social triggers. 


What drug and alcohol treatment aftercare is available?

Throughout a residential rehab programme, coping strategies will be taught and implemented. Likewise, a relapse prevention plan will be formed to support the client’s post-rehab. However, it is understandable that concerns are present when mentioning life, post-rehab.  

To ease this transition, free aftercare services are readily available through a drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth. Convenient treatment options, such as support groups will be encouraged, helping you translate your rehab efforts into your reality.  

By visiting a private drug and alcohol facility, offering residential and personalised programmes, soon followed by localised aftercare services, you will have the chance to reach and maintain long-term recovery.

Although further options, requiring a reduced investment may seem appealing, personalisation must be offered to promote recovery.   

Experience this level of care and treatment through our holistic and evidence-based approach here at Asana Lodge.

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth can be straightforward by understanding the value on offer through our residential, luxury rehab facility.  

How long will Addiction treatment rehab take?

Attending a rehab treatment centre is a personal experience and each individual with have their own journey. Various factors such as severity of addiction will determine the appropriate time you will need treatment for in order to give yourself the best chance of recovery. A typical stay at a rehab treatment centre is around 28 days but can be longer or shorter depending on your individual needs. To access further information contact our team today for all the support you need.

Inpatient vs Outpatient treatment. Whats the difference?

Most addiction treatment rehabs offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment options depending on the specific needs of an individual. The main difference between the two types are that with Inpatient rehab, the individual remains at the rehab centre for their entire stay meaning they will escape potential triggers of their home life. This type of intense treatment can really make a difference in long term recovery. With outpatient addiction rehab, the individual attends the treatment centre at allocated times to undergo their treatment programme and continues to go about their usual day to day life in their home environment.