Admitting you have an addiction is often the hardest part of recovery. If you feel concerned that you or a loved one has a substance misuse problem we can help.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab South West

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Here at Asana Lodge, we provide holistic, scientific, evidence-based treatment across the whole of the UK.

Our treatment centres are luxurious and inviting with supportive staff on hand to help you through your recovery process.

Without professional help, it is likely that you will relapse into your old habits once the negative influences in your life overwhelm you.

At Asana Lodge, we use a combination of holistic treatment options designed to improve your physical and psychological health and give you back control over your life.

With rehab centres across the South West of England, you can find the ideal location for drug and alcohol rehabilitation today. Just give us a call, send us an email or start an online chat with us.


Rehab In South West England

At Asana Lodge, we have treatment centres across the whole of the UK. All of our centres offer residential rehab, as this is considered the most effective form of rehab.

If you’re looking for rehab in South West England to provide localised treatment for you, then we can help. Sometimes receiving treatment closer to home can allow for your support network to encourage your progress and instil motivation for completing your programme.

It can be hard to undergo rehab in an isolated environment, which is why we try to provide convenient treatment options to suit everyone.

During your initial free assessment we will discuss with you your local treatment options, so you can decide where in the UK you want to be placed.

Addiction can become extremely harmful, even life-threatening, leaving your life completely devastated, which is why you need professional help to overcome this.


Why Residential Rehab?

Residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation is considered to be one of the most effective types of rehab, as you’re able to isolate yourself from the negative influences in your day to day life that may trigger your addiction.

Most treatment programmes will last for 28 days during which time you will undergo detox, receive therapy and learn how to manage your addiction.

This time for reflection will also help you prepare for re-entry into your daily life and any broken relationships you may have left behind.

One of the main benefits of residential rehab is having 24-hour support from our highly qualified and dedicated team. You will be invited into a supportive and welcoming environment that will help to relax you and make you feel at home.

At our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres we provide holistic treatment, which means that we combine treatments to help treat and nurture your mind and body.


What Is Involved In Rehab?

We understand that every recovery is a personal journey, which is why we tailor each of our treatment programmes to suit you.

At Asana Lodge, we take a holistic approach to our treatment, which means that each program will follow the same structure.

Detox is always the first step taken in any treatment program. It is important to begin by ridding your body of the substance you have been consuming, but this must be completed at a steady and monitored rate.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur during detox and depending on the length and severity of your addiction, you may experience mild or severe withdrawal symptoms.

You will be under medical supervision throughout this process to ensure you do not experience any extreme reactions and that your withdrawal symptoms are kept under control.

Once you’ve detoxed you will focus on treating your mind. Through therapy, you will gain an understanding of your own thought processes and learn how to manage cravings and triggers.

The therapy you receive will be determined by your initial assessment and could involve; independent therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, group sessions or a combination. In some cases we will also include the use of the Satori Chair and/or Intravenous Brain Restoration.

We strongly believe that diet also plays a part in physical and psychological wellbeing, which is why we have a nutritionist who will work with you to develop a complimentary diet to your recovery program.

Once you have successfully completed your treatment we will provide you with an aftercare package to ensure that you settle back into your daily life.


What Happens When I Leave?

Leaving our centre might seem like a daunting step, but after successfully completing your rehab in South West England you will have all the tools required to re-enter your daily life and maintain your sobriety.

We will provide you with 12 months of free support and advise after your leave the centre, which might include introducing you to local support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or assisting with family therapy to help mend broken relationships.

Developing your own peer support networks can often be the most effective way to stay on track with your long term recovery and avoid a relapse. This shared experience can provide support as well as advise when temptations rise.

Our dedicated team will be on hand to provide you with guidance and support whilst you adjust to your life outside of the centre. The first 12 months are supposedly the most testing, which is why we will still provide you with the support you require.


How Do I Start?

Asking for help can often be the hardest step to take. We understand the courage it takes to make this step, which is why we are flexible with our communication approach.

Your long term road to recovery starts with a phone call, email or online chat, whereby we can discuss your addiction, lifestyle and medical history in a confidential manner and help guide you to the next step.

Before you are admitted to any of our centres in the UK, we will undertake a free initial assessment, whereby we will meet you to discuss in more detail the severity of your addiction and ensure that you are ready to commit to our treatment programmes.

Kick start your recovery today and contact us now.