Living with and acknowledging a drug or alcohol addiction, or a dependence on both can be tough. Completing the initial stages of recovery can also be challenging, with a focus on sourcing and reaching out for addiction treatment and support.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gloucester

It is understandable why this process can be overwhelming, especially with an excessive amount of self-help tips, addiction treatment options and drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres, across areas like Gloucester.

Are you experiencing this overwhelming feeling? Do you have so many questions about rehab, your expectations and your recovery rates? 

Please be reassured that the process that you’re experiencing is normal. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation are new to most, as is visiting a treatment centre.

Making large decisions which carry an investment is daunting, sometimes diminishing the value of long-term recovery.  

Here at Asana Lodge, we are here to help you. Through our most commonly asked questions, we can help you understand the rehabilitation process greater, while hopefully easing your rehab selection.

Below is what you can expect from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, a breakdown of our approach to addiction treatment, and the capabilities of long-term recovery.  

If you do have any personal questions regarding drug and alcohol rehabilitation, our team is here for you through this whirlwind time.  


Can I Detox from home? 

Home detox programmes are available through some treatment centres. Although they offer flexibility and comfort, known to motivate recovery for some clients, lone detoxification isn’t recommended.  

Detoxing from excessive drug and alcohol consumption can be challenging. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to show, down to the reliance both the body and mind encounter. By reducing those optimal levels, built up to a reliance, physical and psychological shock will be experienced.  

In order to manage shock, while prioritising health and safety, a detox programme should always be completed with medical assistance. Without medical support, withdrawal symptoms can become unbearable, resulting in further substance abuse and/or health problems.  

With this in mind, reducing or stopping your drug and alcohol consumption should be completed via a treatment centre. Here you will have the knowledge that withdrawal is likely, through safe, productive and effective methods.  


What help can I receive through a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester? 

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, you can receive a wealth of addiction support. However, the value of this support will depend on your selected treatment centre. 

Although we’re located in Towcester, convenience for Gloucester locals is still present. Our distance will in fact benefit our clients, promoting residential rehab programmes.

Through our approach to rehab, great value is available, through a range of leading and evidence-based addiction treatments, luxury environments and life-changing post-rehab preparations.  

If you select Asana Lodge as your alcohol and drug rehab clinic, to reside from, you will receive help to withdraw from addictive substances. You will be provided with mental health services and dedicated therapy sessions.

You will also have great potential to advance your long-term recovery rates through contemporary exposure therapies. All in all, your efforts will combine, helping you return to Gloucester, with a new perception and disassociation of drugs and alcohol.  

The help you can receive by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, over free or cheap rehab programmes will serve you well. Yet, through our residential rehab offering, your chances to rehabilitate will boost, providing sustainable drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 


Do you offer Mental Health Support? 

Mental health support services are a large part of our rehab offering here at Asana Lodge. Our specialities lie with evaluating cognitive responses from excessive drug and alcohol abuse. We understand the common link between addiction and mental health issues, with proactive treatments in place to disassociate both.  

To understand the exact level of care you personally require, we will first complete a comprehensive assessment of your addiction upon admission. We will measure influential factors, known to increase the response of an addiction, including social, spiritual, biological and psychological factors.  

From here, we can help you work through the psychological association you have to drugs and alcohol, and any mental health issues, in a personal and accurate form.

This level of personalisation will ensure that cognitive changes experienced through addiction can be repaired and realigned, helping you heal psychologically, soon leading to physical recovery.  


What type of Treatment will I need?  

The type of treatment options you complete will depend on your personal requirements, the strength of your drug and alcohol addiction, and the results from your psychological evaluation.  

It is however common that all clients will require both physical and psychological treatment methods, via traditional and innovative treatment options.

With this in mind, commonly utilised addiction treatments include a detox programme, cognitive behavioural therapy, brain restoration, virtual reality therapy, NAD+ therapy, group counselling and relapse prevention planning.   

Please be reassured that you will be provided with a personalised treatment programme, encouraging the safest, most effective and suitable addiction treatment options.

Combined, they will influence initial withdrawal, while also activating steps for future long-term recovery.   


How long will my Treatment Programme last for? 

Through either a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester itself or our treatment centre, the timescale of your rehab programme will vary depending on your personal needs.

However, through reputable rehab clinics, you’ll likely complete 28 days of primary treatment, helping eliminate your old addictive habits, followed by aftercare.  


Will I remain sober After Rehab? 

Visiting drug and alcohol treatment centres can influence sobriety. By completing a comprehensive treatment programme, you’ll be set up for addiction recovery. However, if you’re aiming for future sober living, you must maintain your recovery efforts.  

The initial process of rehab will educate you for your post-rehab reality. You’ll develop personal coping strategies, relapse prevention plans and healthy lifestyle routines. You’ll experience physical and psychological preparations for sobriety.

Yet, to maintain this back in Gloucester, you must actively uphold your new outlook on drugs and alcohol. With this commitment, throughout rehab and beyond, you will have the chance to remain sober.  

Picking a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester to recover from can be overwhelming. We hope this breakdown has provided you with a clear insight into our treatment service here at Asana Lodge.

For immediate support or to ask further questions, reach out today.