Page Last Updated: 22/08/2023

An addiction is a complex condition to understand, to experience and to recover from. Down to stereotypes and broad diagnoses, addiction is seen as a universal, categorised brain illness.

Yet, unpeeling the layers, the side effects, the causations and the experiences of addiction, those initial encounters, along with drug and alcohol rehabilitation processes in fact differ on a significant scale.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Barnstaple

In relation to the complexities of addiction, if you’re looking to recover, it’s therefore important that you personally select a rehabilitation route which meets your needs.

It’s understandable that you may hope to experience ease via a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple. It’s usual if you’re looking for a similar encounter to a friends’ exposure to rehab. It’s natural if you’re aiming for a straightforward, quick rehab experience.

However, while those feelings may be part and parcel of living with and hoping to suppress an addiction, you must remember that your journey will be different from the stereotype of addiction recovery.

Gauge the type of rehab experience you can personally benefit from, along with expectations of our services at Asana Lodge.

Experience the right rehab journey for your needs, for your type of addiction and for your degree of complexity when considering triggers, influences and reactions, linked to drug and alcohol abuse.


How easy will it be to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple?

Firstly, while experiences will differ, please do not believe that there is an easy way out from addiction. Of course, some steps of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process will be easier than others.

However, down to the strength and controlling characteristics of drugs and alcohol, you should expect a degree of challenge. Yet, with that being said, the challenge will be worthwhile, providing an easier future, deviating from your drug and alcohol-controlled reality.

Secondly, localised recovery will result in varying experiences for each individual. For some, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple will be seen as the easiest option, down to locality and comfort.

However, for others, this will be seen as the hardest route of rehab, down to the familiarity of drug and alcohol exposure.

Finally, you must consider your needs, and whether you’ll thrive by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple or not. This is the time to consider the realism of localised recovery, and whether you’ll benefit greater from privacy, from distance and from the structure of residential rehab, available at Asana Lodge.


Why is my addiction different from my friends?

The condition of an addiction impacts individuals from every walk of life. This alone showcases the multifaceted makeup of addiction, along with how varying lifestyles, triggers and mental health states can be linked to the susceptibility of addiction.

This is why your addiction is different from your friends, as experiences vary, as causations and internal responses will differ, and as coping strategies, mental health states and genetics fluctuate.

Even if you’ve abused the same drug, for the same reason and for the same amount of time, your experience with addiction will reflect a different encounter to a peer.

With this in mind, you should always follow personal recommendations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, which should also be the case when selecting to recover in Barnstaple or not. Your experience of rehab will not benefit another individual and vice versa.


What happens through the detox process?

The detox process, no matter the makeup of addiction will commonly mark the beginning of drug and alcohol rehab. This is down to the fact that drugs and alcohol must be safely removed from the body in order to progress with recovery.

With this in mind, whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple or our rehab clinic, detoxification will be one of the first milestones you work through.

Detoxification is the physical withdrawal process, where the removal of toxins will take place. The aim is to revert the body back to its optimal, organic state, without the presence and control of drugs and alcohol.

This process should always be observed by medical professionals and should always be completed slowly to prioritise physical and psychological wellbeing.


What is cognitive behavioural therapy?

Alongside a detox process, therapeutic addiction treatment services will need to be completed. We at Asana Lodge place emphasis on restoring efforts of the brain, which is where the majority of addiction development takes place. With this in mind, the focus is placed on your personal response to drugs and alcohol, to ultimately revert that response on a sustainable level.

Here’s where cognitive behavioural therapy is utilised, to work on changing outlooks, to understand fixations on drugs and alcohol, and to restore the value of sobriety.

Habits will be worked through, coping strategies will be changed, and emotional restoration will be aimed at, combining cognitive behavioural therapy with alternative addiction treatment services.

At Asana Lodge we follow a unique approach to treatment by combining traditional and innovative forms, with the intentions to heal the mind, soon followed by the body. A personal mix will be aimed to cater to your exact addiction makeup.


How beneficial is private rehab?

Private rehab is the most beneficial and valuable form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You’ll experience this standard whether you select a private drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple or our clinic here in Towcester.

Private rehabilitation offers personalisation, offers consideration, offers prioritisation, and offers the greatest level of care from specialists.

However, through our service, you can expect even greater reliability, helping you personally recover, with the reassurance that your experiences, side effects and triggers can be worked through.

As an addiction deviates significantly from its stereotype, it’s very important that you do select the most fitting form of rehab. Secure it here at Asana Lodge, while also boosting your recovery opportunities through our scientific and realistic recovery process.

Reach out today if you have any questions or concerns around drug and alcohol. Rehabilitation, around your expectations, or around the complexity of addiction when considering long-term recovery.

We’re here for you, from those questions, straight through to sustainable addiction recovery efforts.