Working through feelings of anxiety can be tough when suffering with a drug and alcohol addiction. Accepting professional support can also feel harder than it should. Having negative outlooks on rehab, on recovery and on your own capabilities to withdraw can be consuming.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Glastonbury

The message here is, is that challenges are linked to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. At some point, you will be faced with a test, which will make you question the viability of rehab, doubt your capabilities to reach long-term recovery, and make you distrust your next steps.

However, the significance of such a message is how you respond. By responding proactively, learning to accept addiction support, overcoming negative thoughts and managing your anxiety, you can tackle those challenges.

Leading a life consumed by drugs, alcohol and toxic traits shouldn’t be the case for anyone. You can avoid this by selecting a rehab experience that will benefit you personally while helping you manage your expectations and challenges.

If you’re questioning how, especially if you’re worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury, through residential rehab, here at Asana Lodge, this is possible.

Understand, accept and work through your emotions, proactively, to benefit from alcohol and drug rehabilitation.


Why am I struggling to accept any form of support?

Accepting addiction support, whether that’s personal or professional can be one of the biggest hurdles. This may be down to living in denial, down to the fear of feeling judged, or down to the efforts to uphold your self-worth.

As addiction is a taboo subject, many individuals link support with weakness. However, reaching out for and accepting support is one of the strongest steps you can take, to regain control, avoid future judgment and recover from your self-worth.

By visiting our website today, it’s clear that you’re considering some degree of support, yet feel distanced from committing. We encourage you to continue with your research, consider offloading on a personal basis, and in time, reaching out for a confidential, free chat with our team.

Addiction support can feel daunting to experience. Yet it is necessary to guide you through the steps of drug and alcohol rehab. Finding the right support can do exactly that for you.


I feel anxious about selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury

It’s important to consider your anxiety and why this may have stemmed. Are you feeling anxious about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury down to how local this is for you? Are you feeling anxious on an overall basis down to the effects of drugs and alcohol? Do you have any pre-existing mental health issues which may be fuelling such feelings?

Understanding the cause of your anxiety will then help you to decide on the next best steps. If you are worried about the potential consequences of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury, this can be resolved by selecting Asana Lodge. If you’re instead struggling down to your addiction, again we can support you through dual diagnosis treatment.


I have negative outlooks on rehab

Many individuals enter rehab with negative outlooks of its offering, usually down to preconceived ideas or the opinions of others. This is unfortunately out of our control. However, we hope to increase the value that rehab stands for, to change your outlook.

The right rehab experience, where specialisms are present can be life-changing. If you’re wanting change, by detaching from drugs and alcohol, rehab will serve you well if you invest in adequate support.

Remember, you may feel negative about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury, down to your anxieties. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that not all rehab clinics, programmes and experiences will be the same. Yours will be different to your peers or from a story you’ve heard about.

By changing your outlook and mindset, you’ll in fact attract and experience a positive drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detox journey.


Why will I need to complete a comprehensive recovery?

An addiction is a complex condition, which influences a range of changes, emotions and impacts. To recover from an addiction, a comprehensive focus must be experienced.

The intentions of comprehensive recovery will be to target addiction from every area in which influence, causations or effects are experienced. This is a sustainable and effective way to recover, ensuring that long-term recovery can be experienced.

Comprehensive recovery means that you’ll complete addiction treatment services to help with your habit, wellbeing management to improve your health and quality of life, and relapse prevention to pave the way for your future in Glastonbury.

Recovering through this approach, through residential rehab, through the level of personalisation we offer, and through our strong evidential outlooks will benefit your ability to recover efficiently and strongly.


What type of experience should I expect?

By selecting our rehab clinic, you should expect a positive and progressive recovery encounter. We cannot speak for a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury, yet you may again benefit from such support.

As it can be difficult to gauge, this is why it is recommended that you do your research and consider your needs to experience your expectations of drug and alcohol rehab.

We do our utmost to promote comfort, safety and all-around recovery experiences. You can expect a programme which is backed by professionals, where you’ll be supported on a 24/7 basis. Your experience will be personal, ensuring that recovery can be achieved, by considering the impacts and consequences of your addiction.

We understand that committing to rehab, the unknown and the unpredictable can be daunting. This may be the causation of your anxieties. Yet with the right support, on a specialist basis, those anxieties can be reduced. Feel reassured through our standards here at Asana Lodge, by ensuring you’re safe, comfortable and capable of recovering.

It is important to remember that challenge is ahead. However, how you respond and work through challenges will dictate your experience of rehab.

Work with our team to overcome both challenges and your drug and alcohol addiction.