Withdrawal symptoms are commonly expected through the detoxification process. They are a sign that both the body and mind are experiencing shock, as drug and alcohol levels reduce.

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Encountering withdrawal symptoms, yet outside of the detoxification process is however a different indication, a clear sign of addiction, where tolerance has been built up and unfulfilled. This may be a shock to the system, as you may be unaware of your drug and alcohol addiction. Yet, encountering such shock, in between regular consumption shows how your body and brain are slowly relying on your tolerance levels, which without detoxification and treatment, will result in an addiction.

You can however turn this around, by completing the detoxification process through a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorchester or anywhere that you feel comfortable, for that matter. You’ll also need to complete addiction treatments to focus on psychological withdrawal and repair, which again can be found through residential rehab.

We at Asana Lodge specialise in comprehensive addiction recovery programmes, which can move you away from such risks while providing you with a sustainable platform to recover from.

Avoid further consumption to mask the withdrawal symptoms. Instead, break the cycle with drug and alcohol treatment services.


Why am I already suffering from withdrawal symptoms?

If you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms, while consuming drugs and alcohol, this is a reliable indication of addiction. To be sure, it’s recommended that you do seek help, to complete an assessment and understand why symptoms are residing.

Withdrawal symptoms, in between consumption, surface as tolerances are unfulfilled through the effects of addiction. Envision that you’ve started to consume alcohol, which through the addiction cycle starts to become even more consistent and even stronger. Your body and brain will accommodate those rapid and high exposures to alcohol, which will increase their reliance to function.

As exposure reduces post-consumption, withdrawal symptoms are an indication that your body and brain feel unfulfilled, lacking the regular presence of alcohol. This is a sign that you’ve built up a tolerance that will need to be fulfilled, to avoid cravings, withdrawal symptoms and sobriety.

Ongoing consumption will likely be pushing you through your withdrawal symptoms. Yet this will continue to spin the addiction cycle. Instead, look towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation steps to detox and encounter indefinite withdrawal.


Can I detox via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorchester?

You can complete the detoxification process via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorchester. This will be much safer than attempting to tackle your drug and alcohol tolerances, alone. However, if you are feeling constantly influenced, to consume drugs and alcohol and deter withdrawal symptoms, such familiarity may be tough to work through.

By instead opting for residential rehab, which we offer here at Asana Lodge, you can place distance between yourself and your current ways of coping. This will make it easier for you to commit to detoxification, to comfortably work through withdrawal symptoms, and to reach the other side of sobriety.

The detoxification process can be challenging. Yet it’s worthwhile, to deter future development and damage of drug and alcohol addiction. Your withdrawal symptoms may also be very difficult to live with currently, as you’re heavily exposed to drugs and alcohol. Through residential rehab, you can comfortably tackle your symptoms, through safe and medically assisted detoxification.

If you are worried about being close to home via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorchester, our Towcester based rehab clinic will be ideal for you.

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Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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What will I need to do to withdraw mentally?

Physical withdrawal is attached to detoxification. However, mental withdrawal must also be aimed for, to disconnect from the cravings and desires of drug and alcohol abuse.

Mental withdrawal will be achievable through a range of therapeutic addiction treatment services. This is our area of expertise here at Asana Lodge, by focusing on psychological recovery, which will naturally impact physical recovery.

To withdraw in your mind, talking therapies will be recommended, to help you digest your emotions and break down your connections. Deterring the positive reinforcement that drug and alcohol abuse offer will also be the aim of addiction treatment.

A personal programme will be offered to help you personally withdraw, rebuild, and restore on a psychological level. You can however look to complete support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy, lifestyle management, stress management and exposure therapy.


How can I stop future exposure to drugs and alcohol?

Whether you visit our residential clinic or a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorchester, sobriety will be a strong goal to aim for. However, your active experience, along with your post-rehab outlook can impact your future with drugs and alcohol.

There are some steps that you’ll need to take to reduce/stop future exposure to drugs and alcohol. It’s expected that at some point, you will be faced with such substances, as you cannot control those around you. However, you can control how you approach such exposure, through relapse prevention planning.

Your lifestyle will disregard drug and alcohol exposure. Yet your relapse prevention plan will work to prevent the effect of any exposure. You’ll have a plan to confidently bypass any cravings or triggers, to reduce the risk of drug and alcohol abuse.

It is important to remember that relapse can happen on an initial basis. Yet how you deal with it will benefit your ongoing ability to remain sober.


Can I source local aftercare?

Yes, aftercare will be available to you through our offering. However, it’s also understandable that you’ll hope to complete weekly sessions of support groups and therapy, within your local area.

Working with a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorchester will make this possible, to ensure that you feel supported and motivated through your post-rehab efforts.

If your withdrawal symptoms and potential addiction diagnosis are new to you, it’s normal to feel worried and scared. We at Asana Lodge are here for you, to offer guidance, compassion, and opportunities to recover. Withdraw for good from drugs and alcohol through residential rehabilitation efforts.

Does cognitive behavioural therapy work?

Yes, CBT is a heavily recommended addiction treatment service, due to its ability to adapt outlooks. It offers rationalisation and helps clients form new coping strategies and digest their emotions, instead of remaining within a habitual sphere. This is a treatment we advocate here at Asana Lodge, which highly benefits psychological addiction recovery.

How to help someone who is addicted to drugs?

If you’re witnessing someone you care about deteriorate through drugs, you can help them. Understanding addiction and building up an empathetic outlook is important. Approaching your concerns sensitively is also vital. By sharing your concerns, you can help to motivate the rehab process, while also offering a trustworthy and reliable view on how bad their problems are becoming.

To truly help them, you can opt for a family and friend referral through our services, which we can offer a wealth of advice.

How does addiction affect family and friends?

Addiction can impact loved ones through the emotional turmoil that it induces. It can damage relationships, it can place pressure on loved ones to support and enable addiction, it can induce a significant concern, it can cause money problems and an imbalance of responsibility.

Ultimately, an addiction impacts everyone who’s witnessing and experiencing substance abuse. Yet, reasonably, the most suffering will be encountered by the user.

If you’re that person, we urge you to reach out, to understand the cause of your withdrawal symptoms and to work towards rehabilitation. Selecting Asana Lodge will benefit you over a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorchester, here to offer a private and personal experience.