Choosing to recover, via a drug and alcohol rehab can result in significant query. Many of our clients, prior to their rehab admission here at Asana Lodge will reach out with questions about the experience of rehab.

There’s a high chance that you’ll also feel flooded with query. You may lack awareness of the steps of rehab, you may hope for more information around life after rehab, or you may feel in the dark when it comes to addiction treatment services and their intentions.

All forms of query are normal. Rehab may be an unapproachable service for you, where you lack experience of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is absolutely fine, as now will be the most suitable moment to in fact increase your awareness and the approachability of rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stroud

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Below are some common questions we receive around rehab, its expected steps and life after rehab. Relevant for you, such questions are linked to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Stroud to provide insight. While we’re outside of your local area, you can gain perspective and expectations of the type of rehab experience you can encounter.

Use your inquisitive moments to drive your passion, with the aim to make drug and alcohol rehabilitation, approachable.


What happens through a drug and alcohol detox?

Detox is one of the most commonly recommended addiction treatment services. It’s the process which works to safely remove the traces of drugs and alcohol from the body.

To overcome physical cravings of and connections to drugs and alcohol, a withdrawal process must be completed. This process will slowly reduce intake and exposure of drugs and alcohol, to help the body safely adjust to lower levels.

Detoxing should always be completed with medical guidance and observations, to ensure that your physical and psychological health can remain stable, while working through commonly encountered withdrawal symptoms.

While very important, at Asana Lodge, we place emphasis on psychological healing, and how such results can naturally help to promote withdrawal. Yet, completing a detox indefinitely offers efficiency, and also re-stabilises the body, ready for additional treatment services.


What happens throughout the entirety of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Stroud?

Our rehab clinic is just outside of the local area, yet by selecting our services, you can expect a comprehensive process of recovery via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stroud. Such efforts may be accessible if you do stay in your local area. Yet our services offer even greater assurance and the capabilities of all-round recovery, down to the platform that you can experience.

Through such platform, you can expect to complete a range of addiction treatment services, steps to improve your mental health, wellbeing sessions, relapse prevention planning and lifestyle management.

Your rehab programme will likely last around the 28-day mark, where you’ll experience support, where you’ll be guided towards recovery, and where you’ll have your own personal plan to follow.

Rehab is intended to motivate change, which benefits those with unhealthy, ingrained habits. Through your own take, you can make adaptations to your life which decreases the desirability of drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy, as a filler or as whatever role they currently play for you.

Such intentions may be offered via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stroud. Yet with our quality, personalisation and evidence-based recommendations, the true intentions of rehab can shine through.


Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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What happens throughout therapy?

Therapy, helping to promote psychological healing is a prevalent treatment service, similarly to detoxification. It can be experienced in many different formats, yet its objective is to rationalise emotions and restore such responses.

You can look to complete anything from cognitive behavioural therapy and art therapy to NAD+ therapy, to family therapy and to exposure therapy. All offering insight into emotional responses, while faced with drug and alcohol exposure, the aim of therapy is to change responses, improve outlooks and offer logical steps when considering relapse prevention.

The type of therapy that you complete will all depend on your personal needs, your mental health and your outlook on drugs and alcohol. If you suffer with mental health issues, you may require the assistance of therapy through dual diagnosis treatment.

Ultimately, therapy will be recommended to you, yet in different formats, through your own personalised treatment programme.


What happens after rehab?

Life after rehab will carry both positives and negatives. The positives will help you enjoy sober living, yet the negatives will place focus on your desires to remain sober. Balancing both can be tough, as you’ll of course be passionate about remaining drug and alcohol-free.

To ease your transition to life in Stroud, you can expect the support of aftercare, again available here at Asana Lodge on a personal level. You can access anything from virtual therapy, to support groups and further forms of addiction treatment.

Aftercare services will offer a touchpoint to normalise and become accountable for sobriety. With such efforts, relapse prevention planning will work to help you independently work through your recovery journey.


What happens to my drug and alcohol cravings?

Treatment will work through your drug and alcohol cravings. Detoxing will help to suppress your physical cravings, while therapy will work to increase the unattractiveness of such consumption on a psychological level.

While treatment can be effective when completed with suitability in mind, you will need to continue your efforts to maintain a lifestyle which disallows such cravings. This may understandable be tough at first to adjust to. You will need to make some sacrifices throughout your lifestyle to pave the way for disabled drug and alcohol exposure.

It’s also important to remember that some degree of cravings may reside. Yet it’s how you deal with them through relapse prevention which will dictate your long-term recovery capabilities. Aim for a proactive response by truly immersing yourself into your post-rehab journey.

At Asana Lodge, we’re here to offer the greatest experience of rehab. Select our offering when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Stroud with the knowledge of a comprehensive rehabilitation service, ready and accessible to you.