Are you abusing drugs and alcohol consistently? Are you however unsure how severe your addictive behaviours may be? Are you unaware of the associated signs and symptoms of an addiction?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Seeing an addiction for what it is can be very challenging, especially with many circulating myths and the blurred reality caused by substance abuse.

However, although it is challenging, it is important that you are aware of your relationship with drugs and alcohol, the damages that you are unknowingly experiencing, and how this is also changing who you are as a person

Alongside personal impacts, it’s important that you understand the withdrawal process from drugs and alcohol, how long-term abuse can aggravate this process, and how sustainable recovery is achievable with professional support with a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bristol.

Here at Asana Lodge, we are passionate about increasing awareness of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We also advocate for sustainable recovery through holistic rehab programmes.

To increase your awareness, here’s a breakdown on visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, along with its capacity, followed by the benefits of residential care, here at our Towcester rehab centre.

Although visiting a local rehab centre may currently sit at the top of your list, for long-term recovery, residential rehab is a safer option, carrying credibility.


How severe is your Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

In order to understand the urgency of rehabilitating, it’s important to gauge the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction. This will also help you see the value of each recovery option, along with our professional recommendations.

With this in mind, if you are experiencing mild symptoms associated with drug and alcohol abuse, there is a likelihood that you will be suffering from substance abuse. Here is where physical symptoms predominantly impact your livelihood, known as a controlled addiction for some.

Through this experience, milder forms of addiction treatment can be completed, down to reduced associations.

If you are however experiencing a mix of physical and psychological symptoms, if you’re struggling to stop or reduce your consumption, if your life is unfortunately deteriorating around you, a drug and alcohol addiction could be forming.

Through this diagnosis, structured, private and consistent addiction recovery will be recommended; available through residential rehab.

It is vital to remember that uncontrolled substance abuse can lead to an addiction. The longer you enable an addiction for, by continuing drug and alcohol consumption, the harder withdrawal and rehabilitation will be. With this in mind, as soon as you can see the value of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab, for a depth of treatment, the better.


Recovering via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bristol

As mentioned above, we are sure that visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol is your favoured option. We understand how the convenience of location can increase traction.

However, it is important that you experience the correct delivery of rehab, along with a suitable level of addiction treatment to diminish your addiction.

As addictions do differ, as their severity and associated side effects do fluctuate, it is important that you keep an open mind, opting for the most effective route for your personal needs.

Visiting a local rehab centre, in your case, a treatment centre in Bristol, can carry many benefits. There’s commonly great flexibility, independence and convenience associated with localised care. Also, pre and post-rehab transitions are smoother.

However, this level of personal control will only be recommended for those who suffer from substance abuse. For addicts, this level of independence can hinder the entire recovery process.

If you are experiencing a drug and alcohol addiction, residential rehab will be recommended to you. Although set away from your home comforts, a greater scope of treatment is available, along with comforting, welcoming and recovery designed environments.


Residential rehab here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we fully back residential rehab for addicts. We understand the difficulties of overcoming social or environmental triggers while recovering from a Bristol based treatment centre.

In order to recover sustainably from a drug and alcohol addiction, a structured, consistent and personalised rehab programme must be available. Likewise, a positive environment, known to promote development, growth and rehabilitation is necessary.

Both of these factors will be difficult to receive from a localised rehab centre. If they are available, it is however likely that your progression will be disrupted by psychological cravings/influences.

To overcome the risk of disruptions or delays, completing a residential rehab programme will be beneficial, offering all necessary processes to recover. Again, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol may be set in your sights. Yet, unfortunately, localised recovery may not be suited to your degree of drug and alcohol addiction.

For the bets results, investing into a specialist rehab centre, following our unique approach here at Asana Lodge will be encouraged.


Specialist addiction treatment

One of the biggest benefits of visiting our rehab centre is the specialist addiction treatment, available to all clients. Down to great experience, we are a rehab centre which follows the evidence on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We understand how some individuals have a greater susceptibility to addiction, before consumption even begins. We appreciate how drugs and alcohol impact all individuals differently, with a focus on cognitive adaptations. We also realise that addiction recovery begins in the brain, soon followed by holistic healing.

Down to our mission, we provide personalised treatment programmes. Yet, within that programme, we deviate from generic drug and alcohol treatment centres. We mix both traditional and contemporary addiction treatment options, along with focusing heavily on mental health support.

We offer detox programmes, therapy sessions and relapse prevention plans, but we also promote NAD+ therapy, virtual reality therapy and art therapy.

Through this mix, we are positioned sturdily to motivate withdrawal, cognitive restoration, and in turn long-term recovery.


Sustainable recovery can start here

Understandably, the initial stages of recovery can only be achieved through a 28-day rehab programme. However, through our approach, through the steps we promote, sustainable recovery can begin at our rehab centre, serving our clients into the future.

To experience this recovery opportunity, we ask you to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, we encourage you to consider all rehab options before investing. Here you will experience the type and intensity of treatment you require for your addiction level.

Reach out for more information on getting started here at Asana Lodge.