You must know that it is never too late to seek help for your addiction. There are people out there that can help you. All you need to do is take the first step in your journey to long-term recovery to find them. If you are living with addiction in Dursley, options available can help you one day achieve long-term recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dursley

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 Options for Addiction Treatment Near Dursley

When you have a drug and alcohol addiction, it is easy to feel like you have no options. You have decided upon your life path now, and it is too late to change it for the better.

The first option available to you is also open to everyone in the country. That is getting alcohol and drug rehabilitation services from the NHS. The NHS can provide you with free treatment for your addiction so long as you can put up with the system’s drawbacks.

While NHS rehabilitation services will undoubtedly help you achieve long-term recovery for free, they are limited in who they can help. By this, we mean that addiction rehab is part of the mental health sector, which is significantly underfunded and needed now more than ever.

Unfortunately, this leaves the NHS with no choice but to prioritise the most severe and vulnerable addiction cases. So if you wanted to access their services, you would need to book in and wait for an appointment. After waiting, you will be expected to prove you are struggling enough to warrant professional help and then be placed on another waiting list to hope a spot will open up.

The NHS does what it can with its limited resources, but that doesn’t make it right how they can make you feel. Your recovery and your health are just as important as anyone else. Still, they will leave you to wait and hope you will eventually get treatment because they have no other choice.

We don’t tell you this to put you off getting help from the NHS. If you have no other option, they will be able to help you. It just may be difficult to access this help.

This brings us to the next option you have, which is recommended to act as a precursor and a way for you to have your progress monitored before and after your treatments. This option is to join local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, where you can work with others who share your goal of dealing with their addictions.

This option does not offer medical treatments but a supportive environment that can help you while you wait on the NHS to provide treatments or after you have received your treatments to make sure you don’t relapse.

The final option is to seek help from a private drug and alcohol rehab facility such as us at Asana Lodge, which has years of experience providing nothing but the best possible care.

With private rehab, you start your treatments as soon as possible in a comfortable and welcoming environment that doesn’t force you to jump through various hoops to access the help you need.


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What Happens at Private Rehab?

In private rehab in the Dursley area, you will be given access to addiction treatments designed to help you deal with your addiction. All these treatments are carried out by fully qualified staff and medical teams who will ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible at every step.

Private rehab has been designed to be as easily accessed as possible as we know that speed plays a significant role in if your recovery journey is successful or not.

When you try to book into a private rehab, you will have to complete a short twenty-minute pre-admissions assessment where you will speak with an admissions team member so they can be sure that you are in the right place for your specific needs. Following this, you will simply pay your deposit for the treatments you will have, and then you can book in when convenient.

At a private rehab, you will be given treatments as everyone should by well-staffed medical teams that are not overworked so they can give you the one-to-one attention you deserve.

You will be able to work with a therapist to understand your own mental health. Together you will be able to identify the cause of your addiction and any related triggers that can cause you to experience your cravings.

You will also learn how to manage your cravings with healthier coping mechanisms, from avoiding to relapsing your substance abuse.

Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Medically Assisted Detox

For most addictions, you can’t just stop using; instead, you need a drug and alcohol detox to help you safely wean your body off all drugs and alcohol. This is done over a ten-day period, during which the centre’s medical team will constantly monitor you to ensure that your withdrawal symptoms never progress to the point of danger.

This allows you to safely carry on with your recovery journey without the distraction of the worst of your cravings, with the remaining addiction being mental.


Is Private Rehab Worth it?

It has been proven repeatedly that private drug and alcohol rehab is more likely to result in a successful journey to long-term recovery. It gives you the rare opportunity to put yourself first and to take a break away from the stresses of everyday life.


Support After Rehab in Dursley

It can be challenging to transition from rehab to everyday life, but you won’t be alone. You can join a local support group or take advantage of the aftercare services offered at the rehab centre.

These services tend to include follow-up therapy sessions that will allow you to monitor your progress with your addiction and your mental health with a professional. If you are ready to start your journey, our team at Asana Lodge is ready to help you. All you need to do now is call us at 01908 489 421 and let us handle the rest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rehab Work?

Yes, rehab does work. Completing treatments such as detoxification, psychological therapy, and well-being therapy ensures that dependencies, cravings, and side effects can be managed and mitigated. However, it is important to remember that you must be committed to your recovery and sobriety for rehab to work. If you are not committed to your recovery, you will find yourself at greater risk of relapsing upon leaving our residential rehab and returning home.

How long does it take to complete treatment?

The average treatment programme takes 28 days to complete at our inpatient rehab. However, some of our clients remain in our rehab for up to 90 days. Although this may seem alarming, we encourage all of our clients to progress through addiction treatment at their own pace. Though many believe that treatment can be completed somewhat quickly and ceases when they leave rehab, it is important to remember that addiction recovery is a life-long progress. Upon completing an inpatient addiction treatment programme, you will be provided with additional treatment, such as relapse prevention and group therapy, as you return home to maximise your chance of sobriety.

How beneficial is residential rehab?

Extremely beneficial. The intensive short burst nature of residential rehab quickly gets you clean and starts you on the journey towards remaining sober. Through residential rehab you will live and breathe the recovery lifestyle, learning tools and techniques to help you cope afterwards to introduce you to a support network that could last for years. With residential rehab, you can see you are not alone on your journey – an aspect of recovery that cannot be emphasised enough.