If you are based in Northam, with the hope to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, at Asana Lodge, we urge you to keep reading. By visiting our website, we will assume that you’ve heard of residential rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northam

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Yet, is this something you’ll consider? So far, you may have hoped to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Northam.

This is understandable, this may be the only recovery option you’ve been exposed to. Yet, residential rehab can offer an invaluable withdrawal and rehabilitation process for you, fitting to treat addictions.

As residential rehab may be a new concept for you, we’ve outlined what you can expect from visiting our Asana Lodge clinic. We’ve touched on the entire process and the benefits that you can experience by removing yourself from your current drug and alcohol influences.

Although this may feel like a big step to take, big changes, new experiences and bravery is required when working through addiction recovery. We can support and facilitate this for you, helping you comfortably advance through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Look beyond a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Northam

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Northam may be at the top of your list. Localised rehab clinics usually are for their convenience or familiarity.

However, by going with your first choice, you could be missing out on specialist approaches to drug and alcohol rehab, to a greater fitting process for you.

At Asana Lodge, we harness the value of residential rehab. Although we understand that many clients will initially favour local recovery, we also see the value of residing from a recovery designed and driven facility. Rehab has changed over time.

It no longer reflects a clinical, cold and testing environment. Although professionalism remains, although it is a tough process to complete, residential rehab is the optimal setting to recover from.

From around the clock care and access to recovery driven resources, to personalised addiction treatment programmes, mental health support and luxury facilities, you’ll have everything and more to recover while under our care.

Selecting residential rehab away from Northam may currently feel daunting. Yet, we will make all arrangements for you, we will welcome you into our friendly rehab clinic, and we will ensure that you experience the value of residential rehab; helping to fulfil your overarching long-term recovery goal.


Follow the evidence of addiction

At Asana Lodge, we differentiate ourselves to other drug and alcohol treatment centres; even those in Northam. We achieve this by following the evidence, linked to addiction recovery. Science classifies addiction as a brain illness, rather than a physical habit.

Down to this classification, it is very important that we look at cognitive responses when consuming drugs and alcohol.

Alongside cognitive assessments, it’s important that we evaluate further influential factors, before treating your drug and alcohol addiction.

As all addictions are different, stemming from varying triggers, it is imperative that we understand the causation of yours, leading our addiction treatment recommendations.

With this in mind, you will have a personal treatment programme throughout residential rehab. This will be formed by utilising the evidence provided from our confidential assessments.

From here, you’ll benefit from safe and effective recommendations when considering addiction treatments and their lengths.

Our approach sets us apart as it treats the causation, as it works to restore physical and psychological health and functionality. Many rehab clinics will unfortunately treat the side effects, they will work on coping strategies, rather than restoration.

To achieve long-term recovery, we will help you withdraw, restore and rehabilitate, returning to Northam with strong sobriety ratings.


Experience fitting Addiction Treatments

Once we’ve provided fitting addiction treatment recommendations, your rehabilitation journey will truly begin. As all rehab programmes will differ, an accurate representation will not be provided until after your assessment.

Yet, there is a common theme throughout rehab, where all clients will usually require both medical and psychological forms of addiction treatment.

Medical addiction treatments will usually include a drug and alcohol detox. This is very important to help the body withdraw from an excessive build-up of addictive substances.

Psychological addiction treatments will usually focus on psychotherapy, in place to help you change your views on drugs and alcohol, on their uses as coping strategies

A mix of traditional and new addiction treatments will be used throughout your stay. You’ll likely complete exposure therapy and brain restoration, helping you slowly revert back to your sober self.


Make the most of Mental Health support

Mental health support is also a priority here at Asana Lodge. Before you return to Northam, it is important that you’re in a strong and positive headspace. Initial drug and alcohol rehabilitation are tough. Yet, post-rehab can influence many challenges, many vulnerabilities.

Your mental health must be able to fight against those challenges, helping you maintain long-term recovery.

Please be reassured that you will have additional support after your residential rehab programme. Yet, to strengthen your opportunities of independent recovery, mental health support should be embraced.

It is also highly recommended for those with a dual diagnosis, helping to reduce drug and alcohol relapse risks moving forward.


Progress with Aftercare in Northam

As we’ve mentioned above, post-rehab is a new, exciting yet challenging time. To ensure that you can continue to cope without drugs and alcohol, aftercare services will be available.

Our passion is to free clients from addiction. This is only possible if you help yourself, if you follow our recommendations.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northam, you’ll have access to a schedule of addiction treatments, such as support groups and AA meetings. This schedule will fit into your new routine, helping you remain focused on your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

By valuing our approach to addiction recovery, you will experience all of the above benefits. Naturally, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Northam may be your first port of call.

Yet, residential rehab will help you recover easier by removing yourself from your current reality. Reach out today to begin the arrangements of your personal rehab programme here in Towcester.