Whilst outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment options are both recommended and sought-after services, through addiction recovery, one will offer greater suitability.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sandbanks

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Finding out which option is most suitable is very important before embarking on the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Outpatient treatment commonly carries suitability across milder symptoms of addiction. It’s less effective due to its inconsistent and uncontrolled approach to recovery.

Inpatient treatment is highly correlated with addiction recovery, carrying greater effects for its pace, scope of personalisation and all-round offering.

Both are strong options, rightly encouraged through drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation. However, such strength will depend on personal needs and addiction type, assessed here at Asana Lodge.

For addiction recovery, see how visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Sandbanks, and encountering inpatient treatment will benefit you, facilitated from our specialist centre.

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Expectations of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a flexible, relaxed approach, available mainly through the NHS, but also carried out through local support groups and charities.

A range of addiction treatment services can be expected through outpatient rehab, yet sessions will be arranged across a longer schedule, and separated across a month-by-month plan.

The timeline of outpatient addiction treatment will usually finalise after 6 to 12 months of sessions, delivering sustainable recovery.

However, due to the mapped-out approach of rehab, effectiveness throughout addiction recovery is low, making it difficult to remain on track in between sessions.

The offering of outpatient treatment in Sandbanks is expected to support individuals who are encountering signs of a substance use disorder, which primarily includes physical cravings and effects. As psychological control will be present, managing the timeline will be likely, making it a feasible and safe process.


Expectations of Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment can be completed through a 28-to-30-day programme, carrying the benefits of consistent and medically observed treatment sessions. Recognised as an advancing process, it’s suitable to treat addiction diagnoses which require structure, care, and guidance throughout rehabilitation.

The offering of inpatient treatment can be completed efficiently as every touchpoint of rehab is designed to promote recovery, improve mental health, and contribute towards sobriety. Its timeline is therefore realistic, by combining together necessary treatment services, coping strategy sessions and planning, to meet recovery goals.

Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sandbanks, inpatient care will be provided by a dedicated team who specialise in addiction recovery, ensuring that wellbeing and safety can be maintained throughout the process. Also continuing with post-rehab care, through aftercare, such level of support and assurance can be felt.

As an addiction is fuelled by physical and psychological changes and impacts, inpatient rehab is the ideal environment to recover from, to focus on the end goal of sobriety. Distraction-free, comfortable, and personalised to individual needs, it’s a sought-after recommendation through addiction recovery.


Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sandbanks

Expectations of inpatient rehab can be experienced via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sandbanks. By finding a suitable rehab clinic, completing the admissions process, and preparing for a dedicated time of recovery, starting the process is possible.

At Asana Lodge, we offer inpatient programmes which are personally formed to ensure that the timeline of recovery can be achieved whilst also treating needs and histories.

We also follow an approach which focuses heavily on psychological recovery and restoration, to filter down through comprehensive efforts. Through our offering, physical and psychological change, recovery, and strengthening is expected, alongside experiencing the beneficial process of inpatient treatment.

Comparing our offering against a drug and alcohol rehab in Sandbanks will be encouraged, to find the most suitable for your needs.

Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Available Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Whilst experiencing the symptoms of addiction, it’s also very common to encounter mental health issues alongside it. This is classed as a dual diagnosis, where drugs and alcohol can influence negative thoughts and low feelings, or vice versa, where such feelings can induce consistent substance abuse.

Due to this commonality, dual diagnosis treatment options are available here at Asana Lodge, focusing on healing the mind holistically, to benefit the whole body.

Addiction treatment options regularly recommended include drug and alcohol detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, stress management, virtual reality therapy and brain restoration.

Talking therapies, individual bouts of therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, and group therapy are also used to help mental health.

Combined together, treating a dual diagnosis of any degree is possible, again through inpatient programmes. Please be reassured that treatment is also available for independent conditions, as a dual diagnosis isn’t present across all addiction histories.

All safe, all effective, all evidence-based and all suitably recommended, personalisation will drive our rehabilitation programmes.


Post-rehab Aftercare and Planning

Aftercare and planning are a natural advancement after rehab, to maintain an offering of support and control. Conducted through weekly Zoom meetings with members of our team, aftercare support is available for residents who successfully completed their 28-day treatment.

Support through crises will also be available through a 24/7 helpline, highly useful through the initial stages of sobriety.

Planning for life after rehab will include relapse prevention efforts, to understand relapse, to control influences, to prevent relapse and to reduce possible impacts. With a plan, confidently working through sobriety will be expected.

Expectations of inpatient rehab are deliverable here at Asana Lodge. Reach out to experience the benefits of a 30-day rehab programme.

Does Rehab work?

Rehab is a beneficial service which guides clients towards sobriety. With commitment and suitability, rehab does work, offering the skills and outlooks to advance through sobriety. Aftercare and planning will however need to follow to sustain such advancements.

How long are Rehab Programmes?

Inpatient programmes of drug and alcohol rehabilitation are offered over a 30-day timeframe. Yet they can differ to suit individual needs and the level of treatment that’s required. 12 months of aftercare will follow to continue recovery efforts.

Can Addicts be cured?

A cure is unavailable, similarly to other complex conditions. However, treating an addiction to the point of management is possible, setting sobriety as a realistic goal. Work towards sober living here at Asana Lodge, offering inpatient programmes followed by long-term recovery services.