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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Taunton

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Have you been living with a drug addiction for some time now? Perhaps you’re tormented by a cocaine addiction or alcohol addiction?

It may seem as though there’s no way out of this vicious cycle of substance abuse, but here at our drug and alcohol rehab Taunton, we can guide you along a new path towards creating a happier and healthier future to look forward to.

It’s natural to feel alone in your suffering. An addiction to alcohol or drugs can severely damage your physical and mental health leaving you much more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, anxiety, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, and even suicide.

There are no positive outcomes when it comes to drug addiction; it will quickly deteriorate every aspect of your life and will only get worse if left untreated. It’s imperative that you seek immediate support at a drug and alcohol rehab.

You can do this by searching online for ‘rehab near me’ or ‘rehab UK’ where you’ll likely be presented with a number of options including our rehab in Taunton; here we offer a personalised addiction treatment programme to suit each individuals’ unique needs.


How to find the right Rehab Treatment for you

There’s such a wide variety of rehab centres available to you, it’s important to know what each one can offer you for your rehabilitation from drug or alcohol addiction.

Firstly, it’s possible to receive addiction treatment from free local health services like the NHS. We understand that free treatment can sound appealing, particularly as you remain in the comfort of your own home as an outpatient.

However, this is actually the most ineffective way to treat your drug or alcohol addiction. This is primarily because the NHS sadly doesn’t have the resources or funding to personalise their drug and alcohol rehab treatments, meaning each person will receive the exact same generic addiction treatment programme to follow, regardless of their condition.

It’s an option to receive outpatient addiction treatment from a private drug and alcohol rehab as well as from the NHS. Again, this option may appeal to you as you get to remain at home for the duration of your treatment, but again, this isn’t a highly effective way to treat drug or alcohol addiction.

In order to completely break your physical and psychological connections to the substance, you must receive the support of trained addiction specialists.

By returning home each night after your therapies, you’re putting yourself at an unnecessary risk of being influenced by negative people at home or becoming distracted by the normal stresses of daily life.

If you truly want to give up your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all, you must take yourself out of your comfort zone and commit 100% to your rehab treatment.

Demonstrate your full dedication for rehabilitation by joining our residential drug and alcohol rehab Taunton. You will stay in our luxurious accommodation for the duration of your addiction treatment, receiving 24/7 care and support from our excellent team of recovery workers.

We personalise each rehab treatment programme to suit the individual, incorporating our evidence-based well-being, physical and psychological therapies into each programme.

We will monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments before continuing your recovery journey at home with the added support of our free aftercare plan.

Our rehab in Taunton really is the best place for you to successfully achieve a long-term recovery. We take care of everything, from your laundry to your meals, ensuring you have no distractions.

This enables you to focus on one thing only – recovering from your addiction to alcohol or drugs.


What are the signs of Addiction?

Some people are unsure of the difference between drug or alcohol abuse and drug or alcohol addiction. Put simply, if you’re consuming drugs or alcohol on an irregular basis, possibly only at social events, then it’s likely this is substance abuse.

Commonly resulting in a physical dependence, you’ll be craving the substance which can be very dangerous. If this consumption becomes more regular and you’re taking drugs or alcohol alone as well as in social situations over a long period of time, this abuse can quickly turn into an addiction which is much more difficult to recover from.

An addiction is a physical and a psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol, this is why expert rehabilitation support is essential.


What kind of Therapies do we offer?

At our rehabilitation centre, we offer a wide variety of therapies which focus on addressing the emotional, social, physical, and mental connections to drug or alcohol addiction.

Although each addiction treatment programme is personalised, it’s fairly likely that we’ll recommend you begin your stay with a visit to our detox clinic.

By undergoing a drug or alcohol detoxification, you’re giving yourself the best chance of safely removing the harmful toxins from your system, thus removing that physical connection to the substance.

A drug or alcohol detoxification is the most effective way to gradually reduce your consumption of alcohol or drugs in a safe environment where the whole process can be overseen by our dedicated team of recovery workers.

This will cleanse your body and mind in preparation for your well-being and psychological therapies. These could include cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, individual, group or family counselling, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and sleep management, low level laser therapy, art therapy, music therapy, fitness therapy, and nutritional supplement therapy.

By following a tailored addiction treatment programme, featuring a carefully selected combination of the above therapies will give you the greatest opportunity of achieving your long-term recovery at our drug and alcohol rehab Taunton.


How do you start your Rehab Treatment?

All you have to do is get in touch with our admissions team on 01908 489 421 or at

They can discuss our therapies in further detail and answer any additional queries you may have about our rehab in Taunton.