The recommendation of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab can influence many emotions. This is your potential way out from addiction, on a reliable scale, likely promoting happy and emotional feelings. Yet, through this recommendation, it’s also understandable if you feel worried, anxious and even doubtful.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Somerset

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Committing to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is a significant step. If completed to its fullest, rehab can be life-changing, helping you learn how to control your future without the manipulation of drugs and alcohol.

For most clients, this will be the end goal, linked to rehab, which you can also work towards if you’re committed.

However, understandably, before you reach this point, it’s likely that you’ll experience emotional obstacles, it’s likely that you’ll hope to boost your awareness of rehab, and it’s likely that you’ll even doubt your capabilities to commit to rehab.

At Asana Lodge, standing as a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic, we are here to ease this highly emotional time for you. We’re here to offer insight into selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset, into residential care, and into expected experiences of rehab.

We’re also here to alleviate your worries, to help boost your acceptance of rehab, and to increase your comfort with drug and alcohol rehabilitation as a significant step. And finally, we’re here to facilitate your rehab journey, if suitable for your needs, offering reliable and personal forms of recovery.

Work towards your encounter of drug and alcohol rehabilitation by firstly considering your emotions, your needs and your questions around rehab.


Why am I so worried about Rehab?

Feeling worried about rehab is a common reaction to the unknowing and daunting steps of drug and alcohol withdrawal. Recovery experiences are different for everyone, so it’s understandable if you are anxious about what’s potentially ahead for you.

Worrying about rehab showcases your passion to get it right, to complete the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, and to combat your addiction.

While reasonable, you should however avoid letting your worries control your acceptance and response to professional support, recommendations and addiction treatment offerings.

Through boosting your awareness around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset, which you’re doing today, you can work through those worries, by increasing your expectations.

If you’re not worried about rehab, please do not see this as a sign that you lack passion. You may already have strong awareness of rehab, helping you see the good that it can offer, rather than the unknown.


Will it be harder to recover via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Somerset?

Depending on personal needs, outlooks and addiction history, localised recovery can boost the challenges of rehab, or can ease them. With this in mind, it will be difficult to recommend the exact route of rehab, ranking as suitable, prior to your pre-admission assessment.

However, there is a general consensus around rehab which can offer some insight into localised recovery. That consensus focuses on your ability to cope. Is your life fuelled by drugs and alcohol which influences your routine, your decisions, your relationships and your outlooks?

If this is the case, you may worry about disruptions, linked to your current lifestyle, making the selection of a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset a harder option. Through this likelihood, residential rehab at a distance will be beneficial, available here at Asana Lodge.

If you, however, believe that you can cope well through triggers or associations, localised recovery in Somerset may not be as hard for you, boasting the benefits of comfort and ease.

Down to fluctuating experiences, you should most definitely do your research around a range of rehab offerings, helping you select the one which meets your needs and expectations of addiction recovery the greatest.


Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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What’s Dual Diagnosis treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment is where treatment for two standalone conditions will be recommended in conjunction with each other. For example, those who abuse drugs and alcohol for the long-term are at greater risk of experiencing both addiction and mental health issues. If this is the case, a dual diagnosis will be present which will require two single streams of treatment services.

In the event of a dual diagnosis, treating both conditions are vital, as they will commonly intensify one another until intervention is accepted.

Through rehab, dual diagnosis treatment will be offered to those who require addiction and mental health support, treatment services and recovery steps, helping to promote holistic healing.

If you’re suffering with mental health issues, please be reassured that here at Asana Lodge, you will be provided with a dedicated team to alleviate your symptoms.


How will relapse prevention help?

Supporting your post-rehab transition, back to your life in Somerset, relapse prevention planning will direct you through the normalisation of sober living.

By leading a new lifestyle, without the presence of drugs and alcohol, there is a likelihood that you’ll encounter high-risk situations. Those situations will include drug and alcohol exposure, which if dealt with incorrectly may lead to relapse.

To avoid relapse, your relapse prevention plan will guide you, will uplift you and will remove you from that risk, helping you realign, helping you source support and helping you maintain a sober routine.

Throughout your rehab programme at Asana Lodge, in combination with our scientific approach to addiction treatment, you will prepare for sobriety through relapse prevention.

This will be a personal experience, ensuring that you can cope with your triggers, balance your new lifestyle, and work through any risks.


What changes will I need to make on a post-rehab basis?

On a post-rehab basis, while returning to Somerset, you will need to make some changes. Those changes will help to reduce your drug and alcohol exposure and divert you from your current lifestyle.

You should aim to change your environment, your routine, your health, your associations, your drug and alcohol exposure rates, your outlook and your schedule to fit in aftercare services.

Support with these changes will be available to you, helping to slowly ease you back into a sense of normality. Yet, to benefit your long-term recovery journey, all forms of drugs, alcohol and their controlling characteristics will be removed.

We at Asana Lodge hope that this insight has helped to form clear expectations of rehab for you. We hope that your emotions can now be digested and understood, helping you accept rehab on greater levels.

If you’re swaying towards our offering over a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset, you can commit by contacting our team today. Alternatively, if you’re still unsure of your next best steps, we can offer further confidential and free guidance on rehab.