Rehab is an unfamiliar process to experience. At Asana Lodge, we completely appreciate this, understanding why many of our clients feel fearful or anxious about what’s ahead. Down to the fact that drug and alcohol rehabilitation services are new to most people, we feel a duty to provide insight into our rehab offering.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gravesend

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Through sharing some of our most commonly asked questions, around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravesend, we hope to ease your admission period for you, along with helping you overcome any anxieties you may have. Remember, if you are struggling on a pre-rehab basis, this is normal.

However, such a struggle doesn’t need to continue, by increasing your awareness and expectations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation as a private, residential and personal offering.

Understandably, some of the below questions or worries, around rehab may not resonate with you. Yet, if you are experiencing feelings of vulnerability, you can contact our team confidentially, to share your worries.

While rehab is an unfamiliar step to take, it’s an invaluable offering to make use of if you are struggling with drug and alcohol problems. Learn why by reading on here at Asana Lodge.


What type of treatment is on offer through rehab?

Treatment services are recommended on a personal basis through our rehab clinic. By that, we mean that we assess your needs, your addiction type, your health, and your brain response rate to substance abuse, to form the most fitting treatment programme.

Through our approach, recommendations will therefore differ between clients, meaning we cannot provide accurate insight here today.

However, there are common treatment options that are heavily utilised to promote the milestones of addiction recovery, on physical and psychological levels.

Commonly experienced treatment services include detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, virtual reality therapy, NAD+ therapy and exposure therapy.

Some of our addiction treatment services are out there, are innovative and are unfamiliar. However, they are safe, they are effective, and they are suitable to treat the underlying causation of addiction, rather than mere surface-level side effects.

If you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravesend, addiction treatment services and their recommendations may differ. Yet this is how we work at Asana Lodge, which is a proven approach down to the addiction recovery journeys we’ve witnessed.


Do you have a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravesend?

We at Asana Lodge are based in Towcester, offering residential rehab programmes to our clients. In short, we therefore do not have a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravesend. However, our residential offering is highly sought-after, helping you look beyond localised recovery.

We appreciate that remaining in Gravesend may seem like the easiest option. Comfort is a highly favoured asset of localised recovery. However, for many, once that comfort wears off, the familiarity of localised recovery can act as a hindrance.

Residential rehab can however provide you with respite from your current lifestyle, influence and potential drug and alcohol triggers.

This, in tandem with the wealth of benefits linked to both residential care and our approach, can elevate and enhance your recovery journey.

Of course, you can look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravesend. Yet for initial addiction recovery efforts, residential rehab is a recommended option, down to the structure, the standards and the sustainability it offers.


Will I need to prepare for rehab?

It is recommended that you do prepare for rehab. This will likely be a recommendation whether you visit our treatment centre, or a private drug and alcohol rehab in Gravesend.

Preparations are encouraged as they help you ease to and accept rehab at greater levels. Down to the unknown, it can be difficult to naturally accept professional support. You may feel wary of drug and alcohol rehabilitation as a process.

By preparing, which will include physical and psychological planning, you’ll soon know what to expect of rehab, providing insight into what’s ahead through your addiction recovery journey.

Here are some areas you can plan to prepare for drug and alcohol rehab:

  • Plan out your time, to ensure you have enough downtime to focus on drug and alcohol rehab.
  • Plan your budget, to ensure you have enough resources to invest.
  • Do your research, as you are today, to find the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinic.
  • Ask questions, to gain greater understanding and to feel at ease with what’s ahead.
  • Reach out to your loved ones for emotional support.
  • Look to avoid ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, if possible.
  • Tie up any loose ends, as rehab can last up to 28 days.
  • Reach a recovery driven mindset, with acceptance of long-term recovery efforts.
  • Let go of any preconceived ideas, ready to accept rehab.

Through the above planning, you’ll soon reach a point where drug and alcohol rehab are desirable, longed for step to help you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.


Is rehab a necessity?

Ultimately, to attend and complete rehab, or not, is your decision. However, with the goal to overcome an addiction, and maintain sober living, visiting rehab will be a necessary step.

An addiction is such a complex and strenuous illness to overcome that medical and professional guidance, supervision and recommendations are required. A structure of addiction treatment services, personalised to your needs are also essential to work through the causation of addiction, to promote withdrawal, to motivate restoring efforts, and to reassure with relapse prevention.

It’s also important to consider how environments can influence behaviours and actions, which if you’re attempting to recover from home, could be the reason why you’re here today.

Lone or localised recovery can be challenging, down to toxic or influential settings. Yet rehab, especially on a residential basis will offer a controlled, calming, compassionate and comfortable environment to recover from, making rehab an essential step for many.

Ultimately, rehab will offer results that cannot be experienced elsewhere, down to the intentions and contents of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is why we encourage you to familiarise yourself and accept rehab, as it will likely be a stepping stone for you, at some point.

If you favour our offering and location, over a drug and alcohol rehab in Gravesend, contact our team at Asana Lodge. Our admission process is confidential, personal and realistic, to help you feel comfortable and ready for addiction recovery.