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Mental health issues are taboo themes, meaning that they are a challenging talking point for many individuals. Down to such branding, it’s therefore difficult for individuals to believe, accept and acknowledge mental struggles.

However, while carrying understandable challenges, it’s also essential to remember that it can be exhausting and excessively emotional to live with an addiction, justifying such feelings.

It is extremely natural to feel low through drug and alcohol abuse, whether caused by their direct effects, all the way to the consequences that such habit can influence.

Down to how common such mental health struggles are, while experiencing an addiction diagnosis, at Asana Lodge, we feel a duty to support, to guide and to educate our clients, along with boosting the awareness of dual diagnosis treatment and the benefits it can have.

Treatment for mental health issues is also beneficial for those without definite diagnoses. Alleviating emotional and mental strain is just as important as detoxing from drugs and alcohol, fully backing our approach to rehab.

With this in mind, if you’re already open to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ramsgate for addiction support, we encourage you to keep reading, to learn about an effective form of rehab, suitable for comprehensive recovery.


Mental health support throughout addiction recovery

Are you currently feeling low in mood? Are you experiencing the signs of depression or anxiety? Are you continuously feeling negative no matter whether drugs and alcohol are in your system?

Unfortunately, many individuals with pre-existing mental health issues do use drugs and alcohol as an escape. Yet such escape is short-lived, where symptoms overpower such substances.

At the other end of the scale, individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol, no matter whether voluntarily or involuntarily can also experience symptoms of mental health issues, down to a number of factors.

Drugs and alcohol themselves are suppressants, are toxic and are catalysts for internal adaptations, meaning that the production of happy chemicals, in an organic state can become dysfunctional.

The consequences of such habit are also commonly negative, which is linked to the formation of deeper emotional issues, heightening the risk of depression.

As such results are common, mental health support, even for those without a diagnosis is invaluable while recovering from addiction.

As both go hand in hand, completing mutually beneficial therapy sessions, understanding emotional responses and digesting such responses will be advantageous for all-round therapy.

Whether you’re feeling low or display clear signs of a mental health condition, stabilising your mental wellbeing will be recommended and should be accepted, to recover psychologically from trauma, from distress and from addiction.


Sourcing support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ramsgate

For both addiction and mental health issues, you may be able to source support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ramsgate. It’s understandable if this is the first place you search, as recovering locally through rehab can offer many benefits, including ease and comfort.

However, no matter how mild your negative thoughts or feelings may be, it’s very important that you source support which is suitable for a dual diagnosis. Not all rehab clinics will specialise in such approach, where focus will mainly be placed on addiction recovery.

While for some, this level of treatment and support may be enough, depending on the route of negative emotions, to secure sustainable recovery and a growth mindset, opting for the greatest care possible will be wise.

When searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Ramsgate, it’s therefore recommended that you not only aim for suitability around your budget and your needs, but also look out for support which focuses on personal and comprehensive forms of recovery.


Dual diagnosis treatment here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we can offer you just that, yet without the locality of Ramsgate. While this may come across as a downfall, it can in fact benefit your rehab journey, by offering space from your current reality.

Many of our clients favour the time they get away, to fully immerse themselves into drug and alcohol rehab.

If you can look beyond our location, all other assets can be fulfilled, from offering the structure of residential rehab, to following a personalised approach, and to advocating the completion of dual diagnosis treatment.

We of course focus on addiction recovery. Through that, you can expect to detox, to experience therapy and to plan ahead for relapse prevention. Yet, you can also look to complete innovative forms of addiction treatment, you can look to boost your wellbeing, and you can look to work on your mental health.

Dual diagnosis treatment will work in unison yet will benefit both sets of symptoms and experiences independently. By this, a session of cognitive behavioural therapy may benefit your addiction and uncover the cause of such behaviour.

Next up, dialectical behavioural therapy and stress management may target your symptoms of depression and acute stress.

We work around your needs, we assess and recommend what’s best for you, and we offer a structure which promotes physical and psychological recovery through a range of habitual and obsessive behaviours.

Our approach will be different to one of a drug and alcohol rehab in Ramsgate as we focus significantly on scientific evidence. If you’re happy to reside from our rehab clinic, you can experience such standards of recovery.


Healing the mind to heal the body

Healing the mind will ultimately heal the body. Our outlooks, thoughts and behaviours are fuelled and enabled in our minds, which soon reflects on how our body responds. By treating the mind, an organic positive impact will follow, to recover on physical levels.

We of course promote treatment such as detoxification. Yet our focus places value on the restoring effects that you can achieve through psychological and dual diagnosis treatment. Experience this here at Asana Lodge to secure even greater recovery probabilities.

If you’re feeling low, please do not feel ashamed. This is a common reaction for those living with addiction, where support will be beneficial. Accept our support to work through both your addiction and low moments, to benefit your future quality of life in Ramsgate.