Here at Asana Lodge, we have an excellent team of recovery workers combined with the highest quality facilities and addiction treatments, to support you through drug and alcohol rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northfleet

Whether you’ve recently started to notice the signs of addiction or you’ve felt the impact of alcohol or drugs for a long time now, we’re here to help at our drug rehab in Northfleet.

There’s a wide range of addiction treatments available around the U.K, with a mix of ineffective, low-cost rehab services and highly effective rehab programmes which are great value for money but more importantly, have excellent success rates for recoveries.

We’re so delighted that we can offer industry leading methods in drug or alcohol addiction treatment with a dedicated team of specialists by your side.

We’ve helped so many people achieve their long-term recovery from drug addiction or alcohol addiction, we want to help you next.

If you have made any attempts in the past to overcome your addiction without the support of a recognised rehabilitation centre, then it’s likely you weren’t successful. Trying to recover from such a complex condition on your own is a very difficult task.

You won’t be able to address your psychological connection to the substance leaving much more to be done when it comes to achieving your long-term recovery. Any attempts at rehabilitation without professional support are also very risky.

In order to have an effective drug or alcohol rehab experience, you must be prepared to change your behaviours and to commit to our addiction treatment therapies which doesn’t come easily for some.

We encourage you to put your trust in us and let us guide you along your journey to long-term recovery.


How do you know if you need Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

It’s only human nature to try to hide what we think are our weaknesses. As the stigma surrounding addiction remains in the UK, many people who are struggling to overcome their battle with substance abuse, find it very difficult to come forward and ask for help.

Some people believe that their addiction isn’t severe enough to warrant professional support or some are attempting to recover at home without any support whatsoever. In any case, there’s no situation where anyone’s addiction is too trivial or should be overlooked.

It’s crucial that you seek help as soon as you begin to notice any signs of dependency or side effects which commonly arise from drug or alcohol addiction.

Have you felt a craving towards alcohol or drugs when you’re not consuming them? Have you suffered a damaging impact on your physical and psychological health as a result of substance abuse? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then please get in touch with our rehab in Northfleet immediately.

We strongly believe that a drug or alcohol addiction can’t be treated with medication alone due its complexity. If you want to achieve a long-term recovery, you need a psychological and a physical change to make a real difference.

Of course, the longer your substance abuse continues, the more damage you will cause yourself making it even more difficult to recover. We’re confident that we can help you overcome your addiction, as we’ve done with so many other people before.

When addiction treatment has been overlooked or left too late, it’s possible that you could suffer a life-altering illness or in extreme circumstances, even death. Please don’t let addiction control you and take over your life, we’re here to help.


What could cause an Addiction to Alcohol or Drugs?

There’s rarely just one reason as to why someone becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs, it’s more often than not a number of factors which has led someone down this road. There are, however, a few common causes which we frequently see including:

  • Mental health plays a big part in drug or alcohol addiction. Sometimes people can become addicted to their prescribed medication or sometimes substance abuse is used as a way to cope with their psychological pain.
  • If you’ve been raised in an environment where your family and friends are regularly abusing drugs or alcohol, then it will seem as though this is the norm, leaving you much more likely to develop an addiction.
  • It’s possible that some people are more genetically inclined to developing addictions, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be treated.
  • If your social group and your peers are using drugs or drinking alcohol recreationally or more seriously, you’re put in a position where you’re more likely to take part in these activities out of peer pressure.


How are Addiction and Mental Health connected?

We’re so proud to help as many people as we possibly can overcome their drug or alcohol addiction and go on to live happy, healthy lives. More often than not, we see poor mental health and addiction come together.

It’s fairly common for people to self-medicate a mental health issue, which has the potential to quickly develop into an addiction. We use the term dual diagnosis for people who are suffering with poor mental health and a drug or alcohol addiction.

There’s no need to worry if this is what’s happening in your case, we’re very experienced in helping those suffering with these co-occurring disorders and have a wide variety of therapees available to support you through your rehabilitation journey.

If you’ve started to become concerned that a loved one is struggling with addiction, we have a family and friend referral service available to use which has produced great success rates in helping people recover.

It’s crucial that you try to convince them to listen or to seek help before their addiction causes some irreversible problems.


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