The effects of drug and alcohol abuse can result in many physical and psychological consequences, one of which being extreme feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and fear. Throughout such a habit, it’s understandable that you may worry, question what’s ahead and have concerns around your future, with or without drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Margate

If you’re aiming for the latter, it’s also reasonable if you’re wondering ‘why you?’, ‘why will rehab benefit?’, and ‘why is professional support necessary?’.

While a natural reaction to again an unknown step, defined at drug and alcohol rehab, it is however important that you aim to source answers to avoid significant mental pressures, to avoid worrying yourself sick, and to avoid the possible devalue of rehab as a recovery step.

It’s time to combat the small but impactful concern of why. It’s time to prepare yourself through opening up, ready to embrace drug and alcohol rehab. It’s time to value yourself, greater, to showcase your deserving of sober living.

See some of our most commonly shared worries, of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, to questions around one’s mental health. We hope to reassure you that emotional responses are normal, questioning your why through drug and alcohol rehab.

Yet, we also hope to show you the most effective form of rehab here at Asana Lodge, to help you truly overcome the uncertainty of your future.


Why do I feel so low?

Feeling low is very common through the fixation of drug and alcohol abuse. In the moment, drugs and alcohol can cause extreme highs.

However, commonly only for the short-term, those highs will follow with plummeting, long-lasting lows. This is one reason why many individuals do continue to abuse drugs and alcohol, heightening the risk of addiction, down to chasing the positive feelings, over the wide-spread negatives of substance abuse.

With this in mind, it is normal if you do feel low, as substance abuse will mess with your emotions, as drugs and alcohol will adapt your ability to produce happy chemicals, and as the consequences of such a habit can be significant.

You may be feeling low for a number of different reasons, where you’re disappointed in yourself, where you’re worried about your health, where you’re doubting your long-term recovery opportunities.

To a degree, negative and suppressing emotions are part and parcel of an addiction diagnosis. However, if you focus on those emotions, there’s a risk of a potential dual diagnosis, making your situation even harder.

Turn your lows into positive emotions, outlooks and encounters by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, if suitable, or if not, our specialist treatment centre.


Why am I worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate?

Worries around your rehab selection are again normal, as your choices can have a significant impact on your recovery experience. With this in mind, this may explain why you’re worried about what’s ahead.

Another reason you may be worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate may fall on the pressures of localised recovery. Remaining close to home for rehab can be tough on the mind. You may already be envisaging the tests of localised recovery, putting you off the commitment of drug and alcohol rehab.

If you are severely worried about localised recovery and feel like your emotions are holding you back, there is another way, through residential rehab. Select Asana Lodge, set away from Margate, offering reassurance and great confidence in drug and alcohol rehabilitation capabilities.


Why is it important that I have the motivation to drive me forward?

Rehab can be a tough process to complete, where many personal obstacles can arise. A few common obstacles include withdrawal symptoms, emotional barriers, revisiting old wounds and letting go of drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy.

However, with motivation in hand, those obstacles can be minimised, can be observed rationally and can be worked through, of course with our help. With this in mind, having a motivation will help you through the physical and psychological challenges linked to drug and alcohol withdrawal and restoration.

For example, your why, known as your motivator may be your family, may be the chance to restart your career, may be your health or may be knowing that your future in Margate can be a sober one.


Why will I need to complete a 28-day rehab programme?

28 days is the average rehab timescale, promoting enough opportunity to recover, yet not too much that interest begins to dwindle.

The aim of rehab is to facilitate withdrawal, restoration, rebuild and relapse prevention. A four-week programme can provide the capacity, the degree of addiction treatment services and additional recovery steps, prior to the support of aftercare.

There is a high chance that a similar timescale will be recommended via a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, standing as an essential commitment. Overcoming an addiction can take some time, especially if you are emotionally drained or carry great worry. However, 28 days will advance by quickly, helping you enjoy sober living for the future.


Why am I feeling closed off to emotional support?

Feeling closed off, on an emotional level, may be linked to your addiction causation, may be linked to self-awareness and confidence, may be linked to old wounds, or may be linked to the worry of judgment. After all, you will be working with strangers through rehab.

Yet those strangers are here to elevate your addiction recovery capabilities, are here to ease your time at rehab, and are here to help you heal emotionally. By taking baby steps, you’ll soon feel ready to open up and accept emotional support.

Support is necessary when embarking on the tests of drug and alcohol rehab. Make use of our quality, compassionate and confidential support system here at Asana Lodge. If you are worried about judgment or stigmatisation through a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, please be reassured that this isn’t the case here.

Worries and anxieties are natural responses to the whirlwind process of drug and alcohol rehab. While common, it is however important that you look to work through your reservations.

We can offer the reassurance to see rehab for what it is, a beneficial, invaluable step in the right direction.