In most cases, physical recovery is associated with addiction. A simple detox, following a cold turkey approach, is seen as enough by some to overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

Luckily, for a small proportion of individuals, physical withdrawal is enough to overcome substance abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kent

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a whole other story. In order to overcome an addiction, physical and psychological recovery must be a necessity.

This is down to the impacts both drugs and alcohol have on the body and mind throughout consumption. Initially, short-term, positive effects are experienced.

But, over the long-term, those positives soon turn into negatives, into weaknesses, into difficult to revert adaptations.

Down to this necessity, if you are hoping to diminish your addiction, your next best step will be to source professional addiction support.

This is down to the fact that professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation services will offer addiction treatment options to tackle the entirety of addiction.

Whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent, or our specialist treatment centre, working to treat the brain, soon followed by the body, you will be better off than going cold turkey.

Reach out to Asana Lodge for more information on physical and psychological treatment services.


The necessity of Physical and Psychological Recovery

Reasonably, addiction is commonly classified as a physical illness. This is reasonable, down to the fact that the physical consumption of drugs and alcohol takes place, enabling the illness. However, addiction is in fact a brain illness, motivated by psychological associations.

Those associations can be anything from pre-existing mental health issues and existing weaknesses in the brain, to the causation of emotion, memory or distressing episode. The brain is where a behavioural habit truly materialises, where cravings of drugs and alcohol are developed, and where the ongoing association continues to heighten.

As a result of both physical consumption, and psychological associations, the body and brain must be treated through a variety of addiction treatment options. Without this step, there is a strong likelihood that cravings may reside, that triggers may fester, causing future drug and alcohol relapse.

It’s also important to note that overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction entails so much more than reaching recovery. By this, we mean that the normalisation of sober living must be made and maintained, again in the mind. As without this normalisation, the pre-recovery reality of drug and alcohol abuse will resurface, making long-term recovery a little harder.

By digesting the above, it is, therefore, necessary that physical and psychological addiction recovery is aimed for, ideally via a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic.


Recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent

As suggested above, if you are aiming to work through your addiction, your best bet will be to source professional addiction support. While this may feel like a serious step to take, it is necessary, ensuring that you can work through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Not only this, recovering via a specialist rehab clinic will help you learn coping strategies to exist with drugs and alcohol, while also benefiting your quality of life. It is important to remember that recovery is much more than reaching a sober status. It is about growing away from the necessity of substance abuse.

This can be achieved by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent. Selecting a local rehabilitation centre is a favoured option for many individuals at face value. This will be down to the comfort and convenience experienced through a Kent based treatment centre.

While we back the need for those benefits, it is however important that clients can focus on the intention of drug and alcohol rehab.

With this in mind, if your addiction is psychologically driven, where, for example, social or environmental triggers fuel substance abuse, looking beyond Kent will be recommended.

As this will feel like an overwhelming process, by looking beyond your familiar area, you’ll be best working with rehab specialists; exactly what we offer at Asana Lodge.

Located away from Kent, we can provide you with privacy, distance and luxury while progressing through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, starting with the mind, soon followed by physical healing.


Our admission process at Asana Lodge

In order to live up to our reputation, at Asana Lodge, we offer an invaluable admission process. This focuses on thorough assessments, ensuring that correct forms of addiction treatments, that safe options are selected, and that physical and psychological recovery can be met.

You can begin your admission by contacting our team with your enquiries. Please feel reassured that our service is confidential, offering discretion throughout your rehab admission. Once initial contact has been made, a pre-admission assessment will be required.

This assessment will measure your overall physical and psychological health, along with your current side effects, linked to addiction.

Through your assessment, significant evaluations will be made around brain activity and its response to drug and alcohol abuse. This is very important to understand whether any pre-existing weaknesses are causing initial substance abuse.

Once collated, your assessment results will provide our team with a clear understanding of your needs via our drug and alcohol rehab. This will act as accurate data to combine and form a personal rehab programme, including addiction treatment endorsements.

Your admission date will soon be arranged, helping to transport you from Kent to a comfortable, friendly and personal environment. This is the moment your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey will begin here at Asana Lodge, activating addiction treatment options.

The aim here is to promote cognitive repair, soon followed by physical addiction recovery. This is achievable through a range of addiction treatment options, such as CBT, brain restoration, art therapy, virtual reality therapy and detoxification.

Yet, ultimately, each asset of our residential rehab programme, unite, to form a recovery driven rehab programme; soon normalising sober living.

Understandably, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent may offer greater convenience. Yet, the key driving force of your decision should be based around your recovery experience and results.

Encounter a positive, reliable addiction recovery journey here at Asana Lodge, fulfilling the necessity of physical and psychological rehabilitation.