In order to overcome an addiction, consider drug and alcohol rehab in Kent for a full physical and psychological recovery here at Asana Lodge, find out what to expect and what we offer below.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kent

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Why Choose Asana Lodge’s Kent Rehabilitation Centre?

Recovering via a specialist rehab clinic is going to be the answer to finding coping strategies that truly work not only within rehab recovery but once you’re discharged too.

It is important to remember that recovery is much more than reaching a sober status physically, the root of addiction goes much deeper and at Asana Lodge, as we strive to address just that.

A lot of addictions are psychologically driven, wherein social or environmental triggers fuel substance abuse. These triggered responses can be escaped with you physically taking yourself out of your familiar location. It is for this reason that many people purposefully choose to become an in-patient at a rehab that is away from their home.

We understand that this is an overwhelming process, but by looking beyond your familiar area, you are less likely to crave what is so near and instead focus on what is right, which is the prospect of your recovery.

Located away from Kent, but still close enough that you’re not feeling too estranged, we can provide you with privacy, distance and luxury while progressing through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, starting with the mind, soon followed by physical healing.


The Admission Process at Asana Lodge

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You can begin your admission by contacting our team with your enquiries and please feel reassured that our service is confidential, offering discretion throughout your rehab admission. Once initial contact has been made, a pre-admission assessment will be conducted.

During this assessment, we will measure your overall physical and psychological health, simply getting to know you and the addiction you’re suffering from some more.

Once collated, your assessment results will provide our team with a clear understanding of your needs and what you require from our drug and alcohol rehab programme.

After this, your admission date will be arranged, helping to transport you from Kent to a comfortable, friendly and personal environment. This is the moment your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey will begin here at Asana Lodge.

The aim here is to promote physical addiction recovery, soon followed by cognitive repair. This is achievable through a range of addiction treatment options, such as CBT, brain restoration, art therapy, virtual reality therapy and detoxification.

Yet, ultimately, each asset of our residential rehab programme, unite, to form a recovery driven rehab programme; soon normalising sober living.

Understandably, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent may offer greater convenience. Yet, the key driving force of your decision should be based around your recovery experience and results.

Encounter a positive, reliable addiction recovery journey here at Asana Lodge, fulfilling the necessity of physical and psychological rehabilitation.


What is Detoxification at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kent?

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Detox is simply the process of removing drugs and alcohol from your body so you’re able to start the process of working on yourself with sober clarity.

The detoxification process when you arrive at rehab is difficult, but it is the most manageable way of doing it. Detoxing at home can be dangerous, even fatal if your addiction is advanced, that being said having medical professionals around you is the best way to recover and avoid relapsing in the process.

Since withdrawal can be challenging, having not only a safe place to recover in but also medication to make it more manageable, makes the process ‘easier’. By no means is it an easy hurdle, but we will pledge to make it as comfortable as we can.


The Importance of Psychological Recovery After Addiction

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Addiction is commonly classified as a physical illness. This is reasonable, down to the fact that the physical consumption of drugs and alcohol takes place, enabling the illness. However, addiction is often motivated by psychological associations.

Said associations can be anything from pre-existing mental health issues to the causation of emotion, memory or distressing episode. The brain is where a behavioural habit truly materialises, where cravings of drugs and alcohol are developed, and where the ongoing association continues to heighten.

As a result of both physical consumption, and psychological associations, the body and brain must be treated through a variety of addiction treatment options. Without this step, there is a strong likelihood that cravings may reside, that triggers may fester, causing future drug and alcohol relapse.

It’s also important to note that overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction entails so much more than reaching recovery. By this, we mean that the normalisation of sober living must be made and maintained, again in the mind. As without this normalisation, the pre-recovery reality of drug and alcohol abuse will resurface, making long-term recovery a little harder.


What Substances are Treated in Addiction Centres, Kent?

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In short, most common addictions will be treated within in-patient rehab, but for clarity, you can see below what is typically treated and what bracket they fall under.

Psychological Addictions

  • Cannabis
  • Inhalants
  • Hallucinogenic drugs (LSD)
  • Stimulants (cocaine)
  • Psychotropic medications (e.g.antidepressants)

Physical Addictions

  • Nicotine
  • Morphine
  • Heroin
  • Amfetamine
  • Alcohol

Behavioural Addictions

  • Sex
  • Gambling
  • Porn
  • Internet
  • Food

If we can’t treat your addiction here at Asana, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we have multiple partner rehabs and referral services in which we can help you find the perfect fit for your recovery.


How Much is Rehab in Kent?

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The price of rehab ranges from rehab to rehab and place to place, however at Asana Lodge, you can expect to pay around £5,475 for a 1 week stay.

However, if this isn’t fitting of your budget, please do get in touch and we can find a place for you to recover in a place that suits what you want from rehab and your budget.

There are multiple routes to recovery in terms of private rehab, for instance, if you have private health insurance check if they offer cover for addiction treatment in private rehab facilities. Don’t wait for help even if private rehab isn’t for you, don’t forget that you can contact your GP.

You can find some free substance abuse facilities below in Kent.


Free Rehab Help in Kent

There are many different avenues you can take when you’re recovering from any sort of substance addiction, but so long as you receive some level of help you’re taking a step in the right direction.

While you can always get help from us here at Asana Lodge and our partner rehabs, there is always free support in your area that can help you address your addiction as soon as possible and who are always there even when you’ve completed your time in a rehabilitation centre, Kent.

If you’re in an emergency and you think you or someone you know has suffered or is suffering an overdose call 999 for emergency help.


Get in Touch

Whether you’re needing immediate drug rehab, or a solution to an ongoing alcoholism bout, allow us to take the weight of addiction off your shoulders and grant you the help you need to get back on the road to sobriety.

Talk to us today by calling 01908 489 421 or filling out one of our contact forms.