In order to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction, there are a number of steps that you must take and fulfil. Starting with rehabilitation itself, visiting a rehab clinic and completing a range of addiction treatment services will be necessary.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tunbridge Wells

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Advancing from here, working towards your future, towards rebuild and towards relapse prevention will be key. The final step of addiction recovery focuses on change, on the change that can deter drug and alcohol exposure.

Are you ready to take such steps? At Asana Lodge we’re here to help you through the entire process, from your admission to your post-rehab steps, with the forecasts of sustainable long-term recovery.

Such steps will be accessible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells itself. However, many of our clients favour the escape of our residential rehab offering, allowing for physical and psychological distance through the healing process.

Learn how you can encounter our standards, our approach and our offering of private drug and alcohol rehabilitation, to benefit your now, your future, and your long-term relationship with your habits.

Standing as a necessary step, drug and alcohol rehab can offer transformational results, more than you’d ever imagine with our backing.


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells

The steps of addiction recovery can be completed through localised recovery. By that, we mean that you can select to recover from an alcohol and drug rehab in Tunbridge Wells, moving through addiction treatment and continuing with long-term maintenance.

However, the results of such process will differ for every individual, depending on how suitable and positive the drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience is. With this in mind, it’s vital to secure suitability and positivity before investing into your rehab encounter.

You can secure such measures by opting for a rehab clinic which promotes residential, private and personal takes of rehab. You can also ensure such standards by prioritising your needs and ensuring that they can be met through the entirety of rehab.

Some rehab clinics will be able to do just that, while others will not be able to provide the assurance of such security, which we encourage you to overlook. Instead, by investing into a suitable degree of rehab, you can ensure that the steps you take can be worthwhile.

Unfortunately, many of our clients find it challenging to secure positivity through localised recovery, as they continue to attach their drug and alcohol issues and emotional responses to familiarity. Instead, residential rehab offers a detachment process, offering thriving steps through rehab. Consider this when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells to recover from.


Expected addiction treatment here at Asana Lodge

Treatment services are very important here at Asana Lodge. We however do things differently, by completing a thorough assessment of your needs, your influences and your cognitive functionality, to provide accurate and safe recommendations of treatment.

We also make use of a wide variety of treatments, some which are expected through generic drug and alcohol rehab, and some which are holistically designed. You can expect to complete the usual detox process, therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management. Yet you should also be open to the likes of NAD+ therapy, art therapy and satori chair therapy.

Each treatment recommendation will be unique to you, will be safe and will combine to offer progression. That’s our aim, to ensure that our clients can be safe while benefiting from addiction treatment.

Our approach, combined with the service, the environment and the distance we offer can truly enhance your rehab experience, while securely moving you through the initial steps of recovery.


Planning for the future through relapse prevention

Whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells, or ours, you will plan for the future. Such planning will be a natural advancement after treatment, to help you preserve your efforts.

Relapse prevention is the process of planning which offers steppingstones to reduce the risk of relapse. It also provides guidance in the event of a relapse, to quickly revert sobriety.

Making use of such planning is very important, as your plan will be different to the next person’s. Your plan will include helplines, will promote motivational steps, will enhance your why, will offer direction away from drug and alcohol exposure, and will direct you towards a safe place.

This planning will take place throughout your active rehab journey, to ensure that you’re prepared for life back in Tunbridge Wells. As relapse risks, are expected to some degree for every individual, planning is essential, making your efforts via rehab worthwhile.


Making changes ready for sobriety

Once you’ve completed rehab, once you’ve reached the foundation of sobriety, and once you’ve planned for life after rehab, this is the time to make changes and stick to those changes.

Your current lifestyle, routine and outlook may be enabling your drug and alcohol habits. In order to avoid relapse risks, change must therefore be experienced, to diminish such connection. This may mean that you’ll need to change your routine, you may need to distance yourself from certain people, you may need to reconsider your environment, and you will most definitely need to be understanding over your causation.

Rehab itself will assist with such change, by promoting lifestyle management, stress management and of course relapse prevention. Yet you must be willing to change and sustain such changes in order to maintain sobriety.

Along the way, support will be available, as you’ll have ongoing aftercare here at Asana Lodge. Offering guidance, you’ll learn to become accountable for such change, while making time to invest into your ongoing recovery journey.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, addiction treatment, relapse prevention, and change must all be fulfilled in order to recover from addiction. As we’ve shared above, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells, you will be able to experience such process. However, for the best chance, for personalisation, for peace and for privacy, we encourage you to look further for residential rehab.

Contact our team to understand how the accumulation of small yet impactful steps can help you through drug and alcohol rehab.