Everyone in life has personal battles. Some will experience those battles around substance abuse and the consequences that addictive behaviours have.

If you’re experiencing this type of physical and psychological strain, it’s important that you do not feel ashamed. At Asana Lodge, we encourage you to feel empowered to overcome your personal battles with drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dover

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We appreciate that this is easier said than done. Yet, with the helping hand of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, such commitment can be made. You can acknowledge, work through, diminish and manage your physical and psychological side effects, worries, attachments and actions with our help.

By finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Dover, or the surrounding area when considering our offering, you’ll have the capacity, the backing and the platform to face up to your battles, reduce their influence and rise above, through a process of self-development.

We know that what’s ahead may be tough, we understand how challenging emotional struggles can be to conquer, and we recognise the fear that you may be experiencing when considering such intensive steps. However, we’re here to ease those times, we’re here to help you feel empowered over your struggles, and we’re here to offer a comfortable and safe form of rehab.

Reach out today for more information on residential alcohol and drug rehab, facilitated by a specialist drug and alcohol treatment centre with a compassionate and private approach.


Overcoming personal battles of substance abuse

Are you tied to drugs and alcohol for emotional respite? Are they your coping strategy through stress? Are you feeling controlled by both a toxic relationship and toxic substances? Are you hiding away from loved ones to protect them and your pride?

So many people around you will be experiencing similar battles with drugs and alcohol. Yet, standing as a taboo subject, it’s understandable as to why you may have distanced yourself from support. However, by doing so, those battles will not be subsidised.

Tackling personal and sensitive pain points can be tough. We understand the emotional, distressing or psychological wounds you may be dealing with, causing drug and alcohol consumption, or as a result of. This is why it’s wise to overcome and work through your battles with the support of professionals.

Your privacy, your emotions and your health should all be prioritised while you tackle rehabilitation and drug and alcohol detox steps. Through such efforts, the offering of rehab can help you do just that, by detaching from your physical fixation, and by working through the psychology behind your addiction.


Doing so via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dover

The best way you can overcome your battles, with maintenance and long-term recovery in mind will be through a private, specialist treatment centre. Through this recommendation, you may look for a drug and alcohol rehab in Dover itself. Ideal for some, if you are however struggling through an emotional battle, residential rehab here at Asana Lodge can help you in a multitude of ways.

Envision a private rehab clinic, set away from your life in Dover. Experience personalisation, safety and comfort as you relax, restore, recover and reset for sobriety.

With the backing of addiction specialists, you’ll have the capacity and recovery steps at your disposal to tackle your addiction from every angle. This is very important, to ensure that intensive, targeted treatment and care can be experienced, yet with sensitivity and humanisation in mind.

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dover may be too much for you, where you’ll crave physical and psychological distance from your triggers, wounds and memories. This can be resolved by selecting Asana Lodge, our Towcester based treatment centre.


Recovering on psychological levels

Psychological recovery will be the most important step for most. Emotional battles are the key causation of addiction, along with the common fuel which drives ongoing behaviours. In order to recover, the psychological intervention will be required.

Through our rehab clinic, this is our speciality, as we focus on brain restoration, responses and recovery. Through a range of addiction treatment services, some traditional, some contemporary and some holistic, we will help you recover and realign on a mental capacity.

Changing your outlook, adapting your emotional responses, forgiving your past, building up a growth mindset, and working on your mental health will all be possible through psychological streams of treatment.

You can expect to complete anything from art workshops to cognitive behavioural therapy, to exposure therapy and to group therapy throughout this stage.


Recovering on physical levels

Physical recovery opportunities are universal. By this, we mean that detoxing will also be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dover. However, it’s the combination of physical and psychological efforts which help to elevate recovery results.

With this in mind, detoxing will be essential, in tandem with therapeutic addiction treatment services. To improve physical recovery rates even greater, we will also offer wellbeing management and services which concern your health. Detoxing, NAD+ therapy, physical activity, yoga and nutritional sessions will be at your disposal.


Forgiving yourself for the long-term

Recovering on psychological and physical levels will help you overcome your battles. However, you must also learn to forgive yourself and accept your future to fully embody long-term recovery.

Right now, you may feel disappointed in yourself, you may blame yourself, and you may even hate yourself. Reverting such outlooks is very important, to improve your relationship with yourself.

Self-care will be promoted throughout your rehab programme and aftercare services to help you develop a positive outlook of yourself and your reality. By improving this outlook, a subsequent result will be to devalue drugs and alcohol, and their place in your life.

The right rehab programme and experience can help you in many different ways. You can overcome your battles and learn to manage them by experiencing the greatest form of self-development.

Contact our team with any questions or concerns about your transition from Dover to our residential rehab clinic. We’re here for you, no matter what, to help you regain control, presence and care for your life.