If you’re considering rehab as an escape from addiction, it’s highly understandable if you have a number of questions or concerns that you hope to address. There’s a high chance that the answers that you receive will dictate your next steps, on whether to invest in a drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford or not.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dartford

Down to the fact that such answers may either help or hinder your acceptance of professional rehabilitation support, we at Asana Lodge urge you to share your concerns with specialists. It’s natural if you turn to loved ones at this time, for their opinions on rehab.

It’s also common for users to turn to their peers, who’ve potentially experienced rehab themselves. It’s also likely that online searches and forums will be delved into, surrounding the expectations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Ultimately, any degree of research will be supportive. However, some will be credible, and other forms will be worthless, however dictating your acceptance of drug and alcohol rehab. Down to such risks, it’s time to reach out to our team for transparent insight into rehab expectations.

While we’re set outside of Dartford, we stand as a strong option for locals, down to our specialist residential treatment centre offering. Yet more than that, we’re a credible team, here to provide you with personal reassurance, guidance and addiction recovery steps.

If your questions or concerns deviate from the below, contact our team on a confidential basis. Otherwise, see some of our most commonly asked questions to grasp some insight into drug and alcohol rehab as a necessary next step.


Do you have a drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford that I can select?

Unfortunately, we do not have a drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford itself. Our treatment centre is located in Towcester. However, as we are still within close proximity, our Asana Lodge offering can stand as a realistic and convenient option for you.

In fact, there are benefits linked to selecting our residential rehab clinic over one in Dartford itself. Along with the fact that you can experience our specialist approach to addiction recovery, you can provide yourself with something which you’re likely currently struggling with, peace and rest.

Residential rehab offers reassurance of standards, quality, safety and advancement. Yet it also provides respite from drug and alcohol influences, responsibilities, stresses and triggers.

You can benefit from distancing yourself from your current life, which we presume is influenced by drugs and alcohol, helping you experience a focused and productive rehab encounter.

Our rehab clinic is however close enough to benefit from family therapy sessions, from the idea of comfort and from accessible post-rehab aftercare offerings. You in fact can experience the best of both worlds through our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge.


How does the rehab admission process work?

The admission process here at our treatment centre will begin with an assessment. This assessment will work to understand your expectations of rehab, along with your drug and alcohol addiction history.

Your history will include details such as your side effects, your physical and psychological wellbeing, your influences, and your cognitive responses.

The assessment process is very important to our offering, as we place emphasis on how your brain responds to drugs and alcohol, which then subsequently influences the body and its actions. Through such understanding, your admission can advance, where a personal treatment programme will be formed, ready for your admission date.

Our approach to rehab will work on detaching your mind from the influences of drugs and alcohol and restore its organic functioning to then positively affect your body, slowly reducing the need for substance abuse. Our aim is fully reflected through the admission process, to ensure that a suitable rehab programme can be formed and recommended for you.

Once we’re in a position where your programme is set, your physical admission into our rehab clinic can commence. This process may differ if you do select a drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford. With this in mind, it will be wise to complete research into all of your recovery options.


How does rehab itself work?

Rehab is a significant offering within the addiction recovery step, offering a service that facilitates every angle of rehabilitation. It works by combining a range of addiction treatment services, wellbeing services, restorative steps and relapse prevention plans.

You can expect this from our offering of drug and alcohol rehab. Yet as we’ve highlighted above, every rehab experience at our clinic will be different, down to personalisation.

You’ll experience a mixture of treatment services, to meet your needs, you’ll experience holistic healing to elevate your health, and you’ll experience personal plans of relapse prevention to strengthen your recovery capabilities back in Dartford.

Rehab at our centre is recommended to enhance the quality of life on a comprehensive basis, all around addiction recovery. You can work towards such a life-changing goal by working through the milestones of drug and alcohol rehab.


Can I expect to recover from addiction?

You can look to recover from addiction. There are many recovering addicts out there, managing positive lifestyles, sustaining sober living. However, there isn’t a guarantee when considering your future.

Rehab is a steppingstone that provides you with initial recovery capabilities, along with sustainable recovery tools. It prepares you for life back in Dartford, from aftercare services, to lifestyle recommendations and personal relapse prevention planning.

By committing to drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll have the confidence, the knowledge and the skills to normalise sobriety. Yet, your post-rehab actions can control and diminish such efforts.

With this in mind, if you are expecting to recover, and hope for the results of rehab, to last, it’s important that you also take long-term recovery, seriously.

There’s a wealth of guidance that you’ll receive through our rehab services, even on a post-rehab basis. We urge you to commit and take this transition seriously, as if you do, yes you can expect to recover.

We must remind you that relapse risks are real and are common. Yet with control, you can work through drug and alcohol exposure, with the potential to overcome such risks.

If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford to recover from, it’s time to take your search, and your next steps seriously and contact our team at Asana Lodge.