If you live in Folkestone and have sadly become victim to the vicious cycle of addiction, you may well find yourself looking for a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Folkestone.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Folkestone

If this resonates with you, why not consider our residential drug and alcohol rehab?

Located in Towcester, our rehab is situated just over two hours away from Folkestone.  While attending a rehab away from your hometown may leave you feeling uneasy, various benefits come hand-in-hand with doing so.

At Asana Lodge, we have provided treatment to thousands of individuals from all walks of life who succumbed to drug and alcohol addictions.  With a 99% recovery rate, we are confident that we can provide you with the treatment and resources you need to overcome your addiction.

If you are ready to uncover what we can do for you, please contact us today.  Alternatively, we have provided a wealth of information below to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the rehab you attend.


How Will Attending Asana Lodge Help Me Overcome My Addiction?

As you turn your thoughts to attending rehab, you may find yourself wondering how attending our residential centre will help you overcome your addiction.

Although the treatment that a drug and alcohol rehab in Folkestone can offer will help you overcome your addiction, we genuinely believe that attending our rehab will provide you with much more promising results.

Below, we have outlined just a few ways that attending our rehab will help you overcome your addiction.


Asana Lodge Provides Residential Rehabilitation

Unlike drug and alcohol rehabs located in Folkestone, at Asana Lodge, we solely provide residential rehabilitation treatment to individuals struggling with addictions.  This means that you will be required to temporarily move into our centre as you undergo treatment.

Although, as touched on above, we understand that the thought of temporarily relocating and leaving your loved one’s behind may be daunting, removing yourself from your usual surroundings provides various benefits.

For example, attending our drug and alcohol rehab will enable you to avoid any triggers that may otherwise cause you to relapse during treatment.


Asana Lodge Focuses On Healing The Mind and Body

When an addiction impairs an individual’s life, it is imperative to ensure that treatment is provided to heal both the mind and the body.

Considering this, at Asana Lodge, we have developed various treatments that ensure our clients can mentally and physically recover from their addiction.

While many believe that addictions simply require detoxification, this is sadly not true.  Addictions are psychological disorders.  Failure to heal the mind from any pessimistic thoughts, feelings and behaviours will put you at greater risk of relapsing in the near and far future.


Asana Lodge Provides Tailored Treatment Programmes

In addition to the above, at Asana Lodge, we provide tailored treatment programmes to each of our clients.

We understand that no one addiction is the same, which is why we will take the time to understand your bespoke needs.

Although a drug and alcohol rehab in Folkestone will likely also cater to your individual needs, they may not be able to provide tailored treatment offerings, especially if they are public rehabs.


What Treatment Is Provided By Asana Lodge?

As briefly discussed above, at Asana Lodge, we provide tailored treatment programmes to each individual that requires addiction treatment.

Although the treatment that is incorporated into an individual’s programme will be entirely bespoke to their needs, we have provided insight into the treatment that we provide below.

  • Medically induced detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychological therapy
  • Well-being therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Satori Chair Therapy
  • Intravenous Brain Restoration (NAD+ Therapy)

It should be noted that not all of the treatments outlined above will be provided by a drug and alcohol rehab in Folkestone.  This is because we have specifically designed and created industry-leading treatments such as Satori Chair Therapy and Intravenous Brain Restoration (NAD+ Therapy), which are only available at our facility.

Please also be aware that you may not be subject to all of the treatments noted above.  If you would like to determine the treatment you will require to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, we would encourage you to call us directly.


Our Admissions Process

Should you decide that attending our drug and alcohol rehab in Towcester may be more beneficial than attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Folkestone, we welcome you to contact us today.  In doing so, you will be able to complete our admissions process, which will guarantee that you are able to secure a place at our rehab.

When you contact us, the first step in our admissions process consists of making an enquiry.  Doing so will provide you with the ability to discuss your addiction and find out more about the treatment that we provide, our facilities and our rehab.

To help us understand your addiction better, the next step in our admissions process will see us conduct a pre-admission assessment.  This assessment typically consists of an informal telephone call that will allow our admissions team to ask you various questions.

Carried out in strict confidence, upon comprehending the impact your addiction has had on your life and the physical and psychological symptoms you experience, our team will be able to determine what treatment you will likely require.

If you are happy to go ahead and secure a place at our rehab, you will be required to pay a deposit for your treatment.  Upon doing so, our team will arrange a suitable admissions date with you.


Contact Us Today

Irrespective of whether you are hoping to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Folkestone or would be happy to consider our residential rehab, please contact us today to discuss your addiction.

In doing so, we can ensure that you are provided with immediate support and guidance.  We can also help you understand the treatment that you may be subject to should you attend our rehab.