The physical actions, side effects, withdrawal symptoms and impacts of a drug and alcohol addiction are commonly focused on, especially once recovery is mentioned. Reasonably, such a habit is driven by the physical action of drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Canterbury

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However, placing such an emphasis on the physical stream of recovery efforts, dims the light on the necessity of psychological restoration, in fact, the most important part of the rehabilitation process.

Naturally, detoxing from drugs and alcohol is usually the perceived way out of addiction. Yet what about the streams of therapeutic addiction treatment services, required to treat and heal the mind?

Here at Asana Lodge, we’re extremely passionate about cognitive restoration, down to the essential goal of both physical and psychological recovery. While overcoming physical withdrawal symptoms and reduced consumption is viewed as hard, psychological recovery can be tough, can carry the most weight and can take the most time. Yet is the pinnacle milestone in addiction recovery.

As both forms of recovery are required to avoid future drug and alcohol exposure, this is why professional support is required, to ease the necessary treatment of addiction.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury, in this instance will improve your recovery rates. Yet, by leaning on our team of specialists, you’ll be in safe hands when considering comprehensive recovery.


Recovering on physical and psychological levels

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is commonly associated with addiction recovery. Going through the motions and withdrawal symptoms of getting clean are usually spoken about.

While this step is imperative, to remove remaining toxins from the body, ready for a restart, the necessity of psychological recovery has been forgotten about.

Standing as a serious, deeply ingrained, physical and psychological illness, an addiction can be challenging to overcome, as once drugs and alcohol are abused, their presence does not go unnoticed.

Adaptations to internal functions, greater pressures are placed on the brain, artificial chemicals are produced, and a heightened dependence on their presence is formed.

In order to reverse such adaptations, cognitive restoration will need to be achieved, which will ensure that physical and psychological recovery can be aimed for. Through a range of therapeutic treatment services, including therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, in tandem with detoxing, this degree of recovery can be experienced.

The recommendation of specialist support is therefore made, via a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, to ensure that you can access the care, addiction treatments and progressive steps, necessary to diminish an addiction.


Doing so via a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury

Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury may feel like your natural next step. In fact, this step can benefit you if a suitable rehab clinic can be found and secured, with your needs in mind.

However, down to the psychological impacts of addiction, where triggers usually surround emotions, influential environments and social pressures, many individuals do struggle with local recovery.

If you’re therefore struggling with your mental health, or feel heavily influenced by your current lifestyle, routine or associations, considering residential rehab will be your next best step.

We appreciate how this may be an overwhelming recommendation for you. However, overcoming the physical and psychological attachments of addiction are very important, which can be hard to do while distracted by influential factors.

By removing yourself from Canterbury, for a peaceful, comfortable and personal experience of residential rehab, you’ll have the chance to harness the focus and mindset to work through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Recovery designed addiction treatment services

At Asana Lodge, alongside our residential rehab services, we promote recovery designed addiction treatment options, yet with a difference. We start the process of your admission by getting to know you, by listening and by evaluating your attachment to drugs and alcohol.

We will consider your influences, we will consider your side effects, we will consider your physical and psychological health, and we will also consider your brain reactivity to drugs and alcohol.

Through such evaluations, we will have a strong idea of the type and level of support you need from addiction treatments. This is the safest and most productive way to ensure that you will have a suitable recovery programme waiting for you.

Our treatments are different to other rehab clinics, as we focus on combining the benefits of both traditional and innovative forms. You can therefore expect to detox, for physical recovery aims, you can expect to complete therapy and CBT, for psychological recovery aims, yet you can also expect to complete the likes of art therapy and NAD+ therapy.

Our offering of addiction treatment focuses on holistic recovery, to help promote restoring results on a 360 approach. With this in mind, you can expect to withdraw and restore, yet you can also look towards improving your health, your wellbeing, your stress management, your coping strategies and your relapse prevention.

Treatment recommendations will also continue on a post-rehab basis, once an intensive programme has been completed, to ensure that you can continue your progression on an aftercare basis. When returning to Canterbury, you’ll have access to ongoing support groups and therapy sessions to help strengthen your motivation and determination.


Your admission into Asana Lodge

Once you’re sure of our offering, over a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury, you can begin your admission into residential rehab. As we’ve highlighted above, the process will begin with an evaluation period, to ensure that we are fully aware of your needs and desires.

Moving forward, we will form a personal rehab programme, which will span for your entire stay, to ensure that you can recover safely yet effectively. Once you’re happy, an admission date can be set, with efficiency in mind, to help you act on your readiness to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

Soon your admission date will be here, where all arrangements will be made to ease your transition into rehab, helping you receive the care and treatment you deserve.

Recovering on physical and psychological levels are both necessary to achieve the overarching goal of long-term recovery. If you’re aiming for sustainable rehabilitation, we at Asana Lodge can guide you.

Consider our residential rehab offer, over the options of a drug and alcohol rehab in Canterbury, to fully experience the benefits of private and specialist care.