Loneliness is a key contributing factor towards the severity of drug and alcohol abuse. It can trigger initial consumption, it can aggravate consumption, and it can also make it very difficult to stop that consumption.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Atherstone

Naturally, feeling alone on an initial basis may not be as controllable. Yet, throughout the suffering of addiction, there are ways you can curb loneliness, helping to ease your battle with drugs and alcohol, and improve your recovery capabilities.

Support is undervalued when considering addiction struggles. Understandably, many individuals do hope to keep themselves to themselves. Yet, this can cause significant harm which can reduce self-worth, which can make substance abuse easier to mask and which can make it easier to feel consumed in the mind.

Ultimately, picking to be alone will continue to split you from others, intensify mental health side effects, and make a withdrawal that bit harder, all down to the control of drugs and alcohol.

You can work through feelings of loneliness by reaching out to professionals, helpful if you’re against family involvement or feel like it’s too much.

Our team at Asana Lodge are here for you, through situations like this, while prepared to guide you through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Decide to value support by investing in a personal programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Atherstone, helping to not only suppress your addiction but also change your relationships and support networks moving forward.


The Damaging Effects of loneliness through Addiction

As we’ve shared above, feeling alone can trigger the initial abuse of drugs and alcohol. Here’s where access to drugs and alcohol can provide an instant community of other addicts, along with offering psychological respite from the emotional struggles, linked to feeling alone.

Initially, drug and alcohol consumption will ease those feelings. However, as an addiction develops, as drugs and alcohol take priority, and as your life begins to change, loneliness can reside, as you detach yourself even further from those you care about.

This can be extremely damaging, causing a rift between you and your support network, along with aggravating mental health side effects; both linked to a greater reliance on drugs and alcohol.

Feeling disconnected from those you care about or from your old reality can be difficult to digest, which can commonly result in even greater aims of escapism, linked to even greater abuse of drugs and alcohol. It’s easy to see how loneliness can fuel the already robust addiction cycle.

Through the struggles of addiction, loneliness is damaging on physical and psychological levels. Yet, it is also an obstacle throughout withdrawal attempts, down to singular outlooks, down to reduced accountability, and down to the emotional tests of recovery.

This is exactly why support should be sourced, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Atherstone, not only available to ease addictive symptoms but also in place to alleviate the emptiness of recovering alone.


Curbing loneliness through visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Atherstone

On initial recommendation, it’s understandable if you push back on the idea of professional support. After all, you may have struggled alone for some time, where rehab may feel like an intrusive option.

However, this is far from the reality of rehab, where you’ll be treated with the greatest level of respect while maintaining personal discretion throughout.

Warming to the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Atherstone may therefore take some time. Yet, it will be a worthwhile step to take, by helping you on physical and psychological levels through addiction recovery.

In some cases, loneliness can add fuel to the fire when considering substance abuse. The empty feeling attached to drug and alcohol abuse may have resulted in mental health issues and deep-rooted problems, all linked to brain response.

This is why sourcing professional support is encouraged, as it will provide the care you require to work through the damages of both substance abuse and loneliness.

In tandem with emotional support, visiting a rehab clinic will offer the recovery steps to tackle even a chronic addiction, through streams of guidance, addiction treatment options and lifestyle recommendations.

Combined together, you can look to return home to Atherstone with a new outlook on drugs and alcohol, along with the desires to continue the embracement of support.


Opting for our approach at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, while we may be located outside of Atherstone, in the Towcester area, we are a strong option for you, to not only provide optimal levels of care but also here to strengthen your recovery capacity.

Our approach is very different from other rehab clinics within the local area. We of course utilise traditional, medically recommended addiction treatment services, we place emphasis on emotional support, and we also follow common milestones of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, our offering is even greater, as we work with leading medical and therapy teams who follow scientific evidence, focusing on brain responses.

Learning how the brain responds to drugs and alcohol, to initial causations of substance abuse, and to recovery steps is very important. It provides accurate insight which can result in safe and proactive recommendations of addiction treatment.

We prioritise this approach as it works, as it alleviates pressures in many different areas, and it provides holistic healing, offering results far beyond standalone addiction recovery.

Rebuilding yourself should be aimed for via drug and alcohol rehab, in many ways, including physical, psychological, spiritual and social levels.

This is possible by considering our clinic when weighing up the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Atherstone.


One-on-one, personal care

Support, care and encouragement are all positive offerings, available through rehab. They in fact have great weightage when boosting acceptance of care, when responding to addiction treatment, and when struggling through the tests of rehab.

Down to the positive effects of high-quality support, we focus heavily on one-on-one personal care, by forming personalised rehab programmes, boasting streams of suitable support resources and addiction treatment services.

Feeling respected, boosted, valued, comfortable and confident, all through supportive services can transform the way in which you respond to rehab. You can aim for positive responses by encountering those feelings, in conjunction with our personalised plans, catered around your needs.

Loneliness is a common association between drug and alcohol abuse. You can however overcome the feelings of loneliness, ultimately reducing your inclination to escape through substance abuse.

Do so, along with the potential to safely and sustainably withdraw from consumption by selecting Asana Lodge as your favoured drug and alcohol rehab in Atherstone.