Anyone can become an addict, but once formed an addiction is extremely difficult to overcome. Without professional help, it can feel nearly impossible to break an addiction.

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You may have already tried and failed to detox at home, which can leave you feeling full of despair. However, in reality trying to treat your addiction at home, alone, and without the right medical support, it’s highly likely that relapse will occur.

Here are Asana Lodge, we understand that addiction is a highly personal experience and requires a holistic approach to treatment. Both physical and psychological implications of an addiction must be treated to sustain long term recovery.

With UK leading, scientific and evidence based treatments set in a tranquil and supportive environment, Asana Lodge can provide you with a safe haven where you can start the healing process.

Contact our friendly and supportive team today to find out what treatments we can offer you.


When to seek help for an Addiction

The term addiction has linguistic roots in the notion of enslavement, which aptly defines the effect of an addiction. Once an addiction has been formed it has a powerful influence on the brain, as cravings increase control withers, even when it becomes harmful to yourself.

Anyone can become an addict, as addiction doesn’t discriminate against geography, social standing or any other prejudices. Despite common stereotypes, addicts can have a seemingly stable life. The key point is that addiction can stem from a variety of reasons, making it difficult to spot and control.

It’s never too late to seek help for an addiction, even if you’ve hit rock bottom, we can still help you turn your life around. However, you’ll only be able to sustain long-term recovery if you’re ready to commit to your own recovery.

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms then you may want to think about seeking help for your addiction:

  • Lack of control over substance use – can you 24 hours without consuming?
  • Increased isolation from friends and family
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut down or stop
  • Changes in your personality such as, mood swings, increased secrecy, irritation, lack of interest in hobbies.
  • Change in sleeping habits
  • Breakdown of relationships
  • Missing obligations such as work
  • Deterioration of health, such as; bloodshot or glazed eyes, sudden change in weight, memory loss and changes in speech
  • Deterioration of mental health; aggression, anxiety, depression


Rehab in Coleshill

If you’re already searching for “rehab near me”, chances are you’ve overcome your denial and are ready to turn your life around. However, when you start looking for rehab in Coleshill you may feel daunted by the amount of treatment options there are.

Figuring out the right course of treatment for yourself can seem like a minefield. You may think that outpatient treatment, which can be completed locally, whilst you live at home, seems like a convenient option. However, receiving addiction treatment, whilst you’re surrounded by the negative influences that drive your addiction is extremely challenging.

Residential rehab, although it costs more money, can provide you with the distance you need from the triggers and environment that drive your addiction and give you a chance to focus on recovery.

Here at Asana Lodge, we provide residential treatment programmes, with luxurious living quarters, round the clock care from expert staff and a safe and supportive environment for you to recover in.

Our treatment programmes are tailored specifically to your needs and treat both the physical and psychological impacts of addiction.


Our approach

Upon arrival at Asana Lodge, our medical team will conduct a full medical assessment of your physical and mental health. This assessment will allow our medical team to design a personalised treatment programme based specifically on your needs.



Every treatment programme starts with a detox. This process can last 3 -4 days or longer, during which our medical team will work with you to reduce your consumption levels until your body has no trace of the substance.

You’ll be medically supervised throughout your detox. Withdrawal symptoms are extremely common as your body readjusts to function without the substance its grown so dependant on.

The withdrawal symptoms you experience will depend on the length and severity of your addiction, but rest assured our team are on hand 24/7 to assist you and keep you comfortable throughout.


Therapy treatments

Therapy treatments will only begin once you’ve completed your detox. Cognitive Behavioural Theory (CBT) is the most effective therapy, when it comes to treating addiction. Through psychoeducation, CBT helps you to understand your addiction.

You’ll learn about the root causes of your addiction and, with help from the therapist, develop strategies to help you break negative habits and thought processes and replace them with a more positive outlook.

Alongside CBT, you’ll also get the opportunity to partake in various other therapy practices, such as; group therapy, art therapy, stress management, mindfulness therapy, fitness therapy, as well as leading practices like Satori Chair Therapy and Intravenous Brain Restoration.



Upon successful completion of your rehab in Coleshill, we’ll work with you to complete a relapse prevention plan for your return home. Since the first 12 month after rehab are the most challenging, we also provide all of our patients with 12 months free aftercare.

Depending on the level of support and guidance you require, we can assist in connecting you with local support groups who can provide great peer support in challenging times.

We can also offer counselling and therapy if you’re struggling or if your family are struggling to adapt to life post addiction. We can even offer financial and employment guidance to help you rebuild your life.


Where to start

If you’ve overcome your denial and admitted to your addiction and you’re ready to fully commit to a life of sustained long term recovery, then here at Asana Lodge, we can help you.

Time is of the essence when it comes to rehab, so it’s imperative that you don’t delay seeking for help. Our team will make it easy and comfortable for you to discuss your addiction with us and since a lot of our staff are recovering addicts themselves, there is no judgement here.

Pick up the phone today and turn your life around.